Impressed to Green Zaeth

Name: A'en (Riaden)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T185
Rank: Wingrider

Formerly Riaden. Dark hair framing a somber face, he can often be over looks due to his lack of outward emotion. He's not exciting by any means, he always seems to be serious and never does anything unless he either is made to, or it has meaning. Because of his outward nature he doesn't make many friends, because he seems to put everyone off for some reason. He can't take a joke, everything is either literal or true to him. He will not put up with rumour mongering of any kind, making his opinion known when he does hear people spreading rumours. Despite his seeming lack of any happy or excited emotion, he isn't one to just sit there and let people talk about things around him. He'll add his part, even if it isn't wanted. Deep down though he's a nervous person. He has a thing for making sure everything is where he left it, and everything is neat. A'en is tall and lanky with dark green eyes.
Searched at the Weyr, he has lived there all his life. His mother is a drudge and his father a dragonrider he was relatively unknown by most people but the kitchen staff. Raised by a foster mother in the Weyr and introduced to his mother when he was twelve.
Former PC Profile.

Mini-Biography Credit: NA


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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