Impressed to Blue Gnoryoth

Name: A'nok (Arinok)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T197
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Former Rank: Apprentice Smith
Rank: Weyrling

Arinok is the second child of two Ketrin Harpers, born quite a few Turns after his oldest brother. His parents took Arinok's arrival as a sign to settle down to raise their family. Despite being the youngest, Arinok never felt he was the "baby" of the family, and always saw it as his parents favouring the clever Arkipol more, because he did everything first. Arinok is incredibly competitive, especially with his older brother. He absolutely hates to lose at anything, and will never willing to concede a loss even on the slightest technicality. Arinok is naturally athletic with an easy aptitude for many things, and is outgoing and daring. He is a very tidy and organised individual who has to have everything in its place, and is very detail oriented. Arinok is tall (but shorter than his older brother) and gangly thin, with sharp features, dark brown eyes, shoulder length black hair and a light tan.

Mini-Biography Credit: Jey


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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