Impressed to green Tangirth

Name: A'styre (Andelstyre)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T195
Birth Place: Unnamed Northern Hold
Rank: AWLM
Former Rank: Handyman

The youngest child of an infamously fertile Northern Lord, Andelstyre never had any real hope of inheriting his father’s Hold. This fact never particularly bothered him, and while his older brothers jockeyed for influence and power, he enjoyed a life of sport and leisure. Tired of supporting a layabout with expensive tastes, his father arranged a politically useful marriage for his youngest son in the hopes that a family would spur Andelstyre’s sense of responsibility. The plan might have worked if not for the unfortunate appearance of the poor bride-to-be. One look at his incredibly homely betrothed and Andelstyre did what any respectable young Lord would do - fake his death in a hunting accident and flee the continent. Andelstyre - going by the name “Del” - made his way to the Southern Continent with the hopes that he would be able to establish himself in Ver. While he lacked many practical skills, his startlingly good looks and incredible charisma have managed to carry him fairly far. Although he began his adventure with enthusiasm, this soon faded as Del realized how much work it would take to bring Ver back to proper standards for a Hold. Just has he began contemplating returning North to beg his father for forgiveness, he was chosen by a Searchrider as a potential Candidate. Having never been eligible to Stand before due to his birth status, Andelstyre could not resist the urge to try for a dragon of his own. After all, if he manages to impress, he would never need to worry about having an ugly bride ever again!

Mini-Biography Credit: noto

Relatives: None

Availability: Not available - adopted by Shelacula. PC Profile Here

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