Green Addie x Brown Arbus

Flight - 23rd June 2010/Late winter, T4, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - 14th September 2010/Mid summer, T5, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Addie
Sire: Brown Arbus
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

The Aku Ichimonji Brown Umber to B'lants (Rhee)
Color: Brown (chocolate SVG #993300)
Description: Long and lean, this brown will probably never have that much meat on his bones. It’s anyone’s guess, then, where he gets his stamina – he can hold his own in a Flight as well as any of his bulkier brown brothers. With a hide that’s a rich shade of chocolate-brown, he cuts something of a dashing figure even with his beanpole build; or he would, were it not for the oddly spiky neck and back ridges he sports proudly and the odd reddish streak that circles the top of his head and runs down to the middle of his back on either side of his spine.

Bold and brash, this is one brown who plainly thinks he should’ve been born bronze. He wasn’t, however, so now he has to make do with what he has. Fiery and always up for a scrap, his version of playing is more akin to a wrestling match than it is a game of tag; still, it’s all in fun and no one gets hurt…much. For all his rough exterior, though, he’s a friendly soul at heart and loves meeting new folks. He doesn’t see the point in keeping his thoughts to himself, so can often come off as a loudmouth – why should he keep quiet when something obviously needs to be said? Even if it’s just a bugle of joy or a reassuring croon, you can bet he’ll voice it. And don’t try to keep him from doing what he wants; a more stubborn brown you’ll probably never find. Hah, what do those bronzes know? He’s just as good as any of them and he’ll prove it, one of these days!

Length: 15 inches, Wingspan 24 inches

Notes: I based this boy on Sagara Sanosuke. He's hot-tempered, rough, a loudmouth, a scrappy devil and one of my favorite characters in the series. The name Aku Ichimonji comes from the fact that on the back of Sano's shirt he has the character for Aku, which means Bad. Aku Ichimonji is basically Japanese for "The Character of Aku", so it's like us saying "The letter B, for Bad." He's also known for his incredibly spiky hair and his insane toughness and stamina. Sano got chocolate brown because, when you get right down to it, he's a sweetheart and I wanted something warm and light for his coloring. The spiky ridges go without saying :P

The Baka Brown Akios to Belia (Hikari)
Color: Brown (coolcopper #D98719)
Description: At first glance, as this little guy comes tumbling out covered in egg fluid, the shine belies his true color. Don’t mistake it; he may have the size but as he dries off it will become apparent he’s no small bronze but a big, bulky brown with hide just pale enough to pass. The pale, cool copper-toned hide is marred only in two places, twin socks on his forelimbs almost like gauntlets, beginning at his elbows and ending at the base of his claws with a strip of the pale copper at his wrist like a gap in the gauntlets, all in a darker shade of brown that reveals his true color and place in the ranks – not that he seems to care. Indeed, he is proud to the point of vanity of his hide, always managing to find just the right spot for the light to gleam off him at just the right angle.

This little brown is only small in stature, though. It’s apparent from day one that he has enough ego for every bronze in the Weyr put together, with some to spare. It’s almost impossible for this boy to move in a way that doesn’t imply an arrogant strut, even when he’s airborne. He is, put simply, the single best thing in the Weyr, if not in all of Pern – if he knew about the rest of Pern, he’d surely think he was the best thing in all of creation. Even the Weyrleader’s bronze is no match for him; if he was big enough, he’d surely try to fly one of the gold dragons. As it is, he has to settle for the firelizards – being physically small has its drawbacks, you see. Not that he lets that stop him. This brown has more than enough moxie to tell off a full-grown dragon to his or her face, and enough of a sarcastic tone to his body language and flit-speak that it’s probably a blessing he can’t actually talk. It’s rather fortunate that he’s something of a loner, since that attitude is unlikely to make him many friends.

Length: 16 inches, Wingspan 27 inches

Notes: This guy is based on Hiko Seijuurou, and the color name is from an inside joke between myself and Kari: Baka is Japanese for idiot, basically, and Hiko is so ridiculous that we often refer to him as Hiko-baka (Stupid Hiko, though Silly would work as well.) Hiko Seijuurou is Kenshin's old teacher who taught him Hiten Mitsurugi. He is, frankly, huge, being taller than Sano (Who, at 5'9" is very tall for a Japanese man back then) and extremely muscular. He is also unashamedly full of himself, which basically defines his character. Especially since he can back it up. He ended up with the color he did because it would honestly be a crime to make Hiko just plain brown. Plus it's funny because he has the size, ego and attitude of a bronze and he's almost got the coloring, but he's not a bronze. He just thinks he is.

The Okashira Blue Ansel to Khourey (Vandelay)
Color: Blue (lightsteelblue2 #BCD2EE)
Description: A perfect, pale grey-blue colors this flit’s hide, a shade that would be metallic but for the lack of sheen seen in the bronzes and golds. It calls to mind the color of steel forged by a Master Smith at his height, and this flit’s long, narrow build just emphasizes the comparison to a blade. No markings can be seen on his entire length unless the light is right, whereupon faint lines, just a shade or two lighter than the main blue, can be seen cris-crossing his entire body.

This blue seems to have gotten his attitude from the same cool place he got his coloring. Intelligent and quiet for a blue, he watches everything around him from whatever perch he sees fit to use. Don’t let his calm exterior fool you, however; he’s just as inquisitive as his blue brethren, he’s just more careful about it. Rather than immediately pounce on a mysterious package he’ll prefer to find an out-of-the-way perch on which to observe its opening – or he’ll open it himself once his pet seems to have forgotten about it. Highly loyal to those close to him - which will likely amount to his pet plus two or three others - he has no trouble at all helping in whatever plots or plans are being put into action at the moment.

Length: 13 inches, Wingspan 20 inches

Notes: This flit was based on the character of Shinomori Aoshi. He is the leader (Okashira, in Japanese, thus the name) of the Oniwabanshu, the band of ninja that used to guard the Shogun's palace and to which Misao belongs. This is the guy Misao fangirls over. He is quiet and cool almost to a fault, and is extremely loyal to his men to the point that he seeks out Kenshin to try and take the title of "strongest" from him to give to his men (who are dead by that point, so he's also kind of messed up). I used steel blue for him because Aoshi is pretty much defined by his weapon of choice, a kodachi. It's a sword that's slightly shorter than a katana and is great for defence. The criss-crossing lines are because the character is pretty much covered in battle scars.

The Shizoku Shounen Blue Goss to Ildriss (Emma)
Color: Blue (topaz #0198E1)
Description: Small for a blue, this little lad stands out nonetheless with his vibrant, almost jewel-like coloring. Not quite sapphire, the shade more resembles the blue agate and topaz stones occasionally found by Miners and beachcombers, and covers him from nose to tailtip without a sign of marring. On the rare occasions he actually holds still, it can sometimes seem as though he was carved out of the very stone his color resembles.

This little blue has quite a big attitude, occasionally trying to act like his bigger brown and bronze brothers – sometimes with comical results, especially on the rare occasion he decides to try his hand at flying a gold. He is very loyal to his pet, to the point of yelling at any who insult the person in question within his hearing. Always wanting to be involved, getting the blue to stay at home when necessary is an art that requires perfecting; he hates being left out of anything his pet is involved in and will, if not perfectly convinced the best thing to do is stay put, follow his pet to wherever they’re going. You never know, after all, they might need his help!

Length: 10 inches, Wingspan 15 inches

Notes: I based this little guy off of Myoujin Yahiko. The youngest of the central cast, he's a boy from a samurai family who ended up an orphan on the streets. Shizoku was the Japanese term for a samurai family in the Meiji period, and Shounen just means boy, so that's why I named him that. He hates being treated like a kid and insists that he's just as much a member of "Team Kenshin" as everyone else is. While he can be a brat, he's a good kid deep down. I gave him topaz blue as a color because I wanted something that was opposite Aoshi-flit's pale blue and Yahiko is a very lively, vibrant boy so he needed a color that would match that.

The Kitsune Green Kusuri to T'rin (Maiden)
Color: Green (Bottle Green #55AE3A)
Description: This slender little green truly is a beauty. Her hide glistens to rival a gold’s in a lovely vibrant shade of bottle-green all over, save her underbelly. Here the vivid shade gives way to a paler, more grayish underbelly which, in its own way, just emphasizes her innate charm. Not too big, not too small, this little green seems almost perfectly proportioned, and holds herself in a way that gives no doubts as to whether or not she knows it.

By the way she acts, one might almost think this little green is a gold in disguise. Bossy and irritating at times, she believes she knows best; indeed, sometimes she can seem almost eerily intelligent for a color that is often flighty and scatterbrained. Even when she lives up to that stereotype, however, she will hear no arguments against her actions or thoughts; not that she’ll really remember any arguments that occur, especially if she’s distracted by a handsome blue or brown. This green is an incurable flirt, even when she’s not proddy, and will always be able to find a male or two with whom to spend her seemingly endless free time. Still, she will always return to her pet, regardless of the circumstances, ready for a cuddle and some praise for how good she’s been or how pretty she is.

Length: 11 inches; Wingspan 17 inches

Notes: Kitsune means Fox in Japanese, and this flit was based on the character Takani Megumi, who is often called Kitsune-onna, or "Fox-woman" (Vixen in the english translation). She is an older character, the oldest aside from the main character out of the central cast, and she's fairly down-to-earth. She's also flirty and can be bossy and irritating, but she's a dear soul at heart. She's also a doctor, which is what makes her name of Kusuri (Japanese for "Medicine") rather fitting. It's also why her color is bottle-green, because of the green bottles medicine used to come in. The grey-green on her belly is because the character often wears what amounts to an apron, though it covers her kimono like a smock.

The Kunoichi Green Trouble to S'kon (Hikari)
Color: Green (wasabi sauce #AEBB51)
Description: This little green looks like a handful just coming out of the egg, with her hide a clear, vivid shade of pale yellow-green, the same color as the spicy spread some folk eat with fish or dried peas. The only mark on her is a dark green streak that runs from her head all the way down her spine to her hindquarters, as if someone dipped a pen in green ink and let it drag from head to tailbase. Though on the small side, her lithe form and energetic nature will make her more than a match for any silly males when she takes Flight.

She also has quite the attitude, as hyper and flighty as any green could be. This little flit will get into anything and everything that she possibly can. A closed door? She has to see what’s on the other side. A closed pot or bottle? She will not rest until she sees what’s in there, even if that means she has to break it to find out. As for her pet, she simply must know what he’s up to all the time; it borders on the obsessive, if not clingy, and she is more than persistent enough to get her way. Fortunately, she’s also one of the friendliest little things you will ever see, and very vocal about it…well, about everything, truth be told. It’s kind of hard to get her to shut up.

Length: 9 inches; Wingspan 15 inches

Notes: The word Kunoichi is the term for a female ninja, which is why I chose it for this green. She's based off the character Makimachi Misao, a young, bouncy, extremely tomboyish and outspoken girl ninja who is a great source of comic relief and helps out the main character of the anime. She's kind of obsessed with (read: head-over-heels for) the leader of her ninja group and is kind of scarily fangirlish for a while in the series. Her color is Wasabi green because I thought something spicy would be a good match for her.

The Mitsurugi Green Sweetie to Kadience (Maiden)
Color: Green (garden hose #138F6A)
Description: Moderately sized for a green, this little flit is possibly the most unassuming creature you will ever see. Her hide, a rich shade of bluish-green, is smooth and unmarked, giving her a rather plain appearance. Even her build, slender and nothing very special, seems made to help her blend into the background rather than take center stage. The one thing that might make her stand out from her green sisters is a pale marking comprised of two thin, intersecting lines on her chest, just below her neck, forming an x-shape.

Her personality seems to fit right in with her unassuming, mild exterior. This is possibly the calmest green anyone could ever meet. Just as content hitching a ride on her pet’s shoulder as she is relaxing in a spot of sun somewhere, she doesn’t quite seem as flighty and scattered as most of the other greens out there. Cross her pet, however, and she will show you a more fiery side. Intensely protective of her pet and those friends that her mild exterior will gain her, she might not go so far as to bite unless extremely pressed but she will certainly give you a piece of her mind. This feisty side, in addition to a surprisingly fast speed for a firelizard of her build, will also come out in flights; at least until she’s several Turns older, this is one green that will have to be caught.

Length: 10 inches; Wingspan 16 inches.

Notes: This flit is based off of Himura Kenshin, the main character. He - yes, he - is a small, slight man, and rather effeminate in appearance, which is why I made him a green. He's quiet and soft-spoken, but he was once known as Hitokiri Battousai (Man-slayer Battousai [Master of Unsheathing…it's a long story, PM me if you want details »;]) and was regarded as the strongest, and possibly fiercest, warrior of the Meiji rebellion. His most distinguishing features are his red hair and the cross-shaped scar on his left cheek. The name Mitsurugi comes from the sword-style he uses, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu, which translates to something approaching "Flying Heaven Honorable Sword style". I used garden-hose green because I wanted something soothing and cool and calming for her.

Notes: The clutch was based on characters from the anime Rurouni Kenshin.

Credits: All Raine's work!

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