Green Addie x Bronze Varn

Flight - 8th July 2011/Early Spring, T6, 8th Pass
Clutching - 14th August 2011/Late Spring, T6, 8th Pass
Hatching - Eggs handed out

Dam: Green Addie (Sh'sui)
Sire: Bronze Varn (Lianne)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 1
Blue: 3
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
Sunset Dreams Bronze #FF5E00
Great White Egg

This bronze is middling in size, but nonetheless spectacular for all that. His hide is that perfect honey-bronze shade of sunset, dappled with reddish highlights like the sun reflecting on a sunset-bronze sea. His proportions are such that he looks like almost an exact copy of one of the bronze dragons in the Weyr, only miniaturized, and he holds himself with that sort of regal grace one can only see from a metallic.

When it comes to attitude, this bronze has his share and then some. He doesn’t just look like a miniature dragon, he thinks he is a miniature dragon, and will act accordingly. He’ll spend more of his time around his larger cousins than he will with his own kind, and he’ll try to keep pace with the drilling dragons, possibly even try his luck in a greenflight or two; he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s too small to even keep up. When he can’t, or when he has it pointed out by his larger cousins that he’s not, in fact, a dragon, he’ll come back to your arms for comfort. Never fear, though, he’ll be back to his normal self tomorrow.
17” by 19”
Inspiration: A Pirate Looks at Forty

Cheeseburger Brown #760000
Fiery Sky egg

This brown is a chubby sort of creature even after he’s grown out of his baby fat. On the larger end of the brown spectrum, he seems destined to be stocky and has absolutely no problem with this. His hide is the warm brown of a well-cooked steak, with dark lines running across his body as though someone had left him too long on the grill. Here and there are lighter spots of red and yellow, as though faint hints of condiments had been left on by someone trying to scrape them off.

One of the friendliest fellows in the Weyr, this brown loves meeting people. Especially if they have food. And especially if that food happens to be his favorite. You see, he absolutely, above everything else, and to his dying day, loves meatrolls made with herdbeast. It’s even better if there are vegetables mixed in, but the meat has to be herdbeast. He can sniff out the proper meatrolls across the Dining Cavern, and is not above begging to get one. The good thing is that he’ll be very easy to train, as he’ll do anything to get a taste of one. Give him just a bite, and he will be your friend for life; deny him a taste, and he is the most pathetic brown thing on wings you will ever see. This by no means makes him a picky eater, as he will eat anything he’s given happily. He just happens to have one specific food that makes him do backflips anytime he’s given a bite.
15” by 25”
Inspiration: Cheeseburger in Paradise

People Watcher Blue #0000FF/596AE0
Sandy Shore Egg

This blue is eye-catching simply because of his odd coloring. A pale, almost dull blue as though someone had dyed some cloth and then washed it before giving the dye time to set properly. Still, there are spots all over his hide where that cobalt blue seems to have set in nicely. The result is an almost tie-dyed look, with the vivid cobalt splotches fading out into a paler color the same hue as faded denim, running into each other and generally making his hide interesting. It’s a good thing his hide is so remarkable, because otherwise this blue is nothing to write home about, being on the smaller side of his color.

This blue is nothing if not easily amused. He has quite the sense of humor and enjoys nothing more than watching the daily idiocy of the people around him, be they human, dragon, firelizard, or anything else under the sun. He’ll often come to you with some image-based tale of what So-and-so’s pet did and how it backfired, and he will be among the first to laugh at you when something happens – and it will be very obvious he’s laughing. He also has a curious side to him; why do people do those odd things they do? He’ll be the firelizard perched on your head after a tumble chirping curiously and asking why, if you knew there was a step there, you didn’t try to adjust for it. When it comes to the ladies, his humor and attitude doesn’t change much; indeed, he doesn’t seem to see the need for constant flirting or courting, preferring to economize his efforts. The right gesture at the right time can make all the difference between a flight won or lost, after all!
11” by 16”
Inspiration: Fruitcakes

Passionately Protective Blue #00DBCC
Nemo Egg

At first glance, this blue looks like an awfully big green, with his almost teal coloring, but closer examination reveals deeper, ocean-blue highlights along his neck and wingsails. Of middling size for a blue, he takes especial pride in his odd coloring – unusual, since it makes him look like a lesser color, but then this isn’t your ordinary blue anyway – and will insist on regular oiling even into adulthood to keep his hide in peak condition.

This is one blue who never learned how to share. You are his, and he will not like anyone else, be they human, dragon, or firelizard, encroaching on his territory. Any attempts will be met with warning hisses or chatters or, if they can’t take the hint, slashes and bites. He is not above drawing blood to protect what he sees as his. That goes for any greens or golds he may decide to chase. They’re his, too, and woe be to any other firelizard who even tries to chase them. Unusually for firelizards, he may end up with a preferred mate or two; should this be the case, he will attempt to scare off any competition for days before the actual flight. They’re his, after all.
12” by 18”
Inspiration: Cuban Crime of Passion

Cabin Fever Blue #004FD3
Nautilus Egg

This blue is nothing short of eyecatching with his vivid hide, almost the same color as a clear summer sky. Very proud of it, he will find the optimal sunning positions to show it off at every opportunity. Of middling size for a blue, his hide is smooth and unmarked, making him a very handsome creature; there is somehow a depth to his hide that good care will keep bringing out, giving the otherwise matte coloring a lovely almost liquid sheen

His love of sunbathing is one of this blue’s primary traits. He’ll have no trouble leaving you alone if you’re busy, just so long as the sun is shining. If the weather is warm, he won’t even mind a gentle rain; this is one outdoorsy flit. When the weather turns colder, however, it’ll be hard to get rid of the little pest. This blue hates cold weather and everything that goes with it. Snow? More than three cloudy days in a row? Cold wind and rain? No, thank you, he’d rather curl up against your neck or even inside your shirt than deal with that. He gets very fidgety during the winter, and during extended periods of unsunny weather the rest of the Turn, and may turn to destructive tendencies to vent his frustration at the loss of his warm weather. Don’t try to keep him cooped up in your room, either; those destructive tendencies will return with a vengeance if he can’t get outside where there’s more room.
12” by 20”
Inspiration: Boat Drinks

The Icy Lime Green #9ACA77
Spiky Sweet Egg

This green is a remarkable color, as though someone took one of the green citrus fruits from the Ketrin orchards and added a frosting of ice to the color. This pale icy green is broken only in one place, around her neck, where there is a ring of even paler white, cut through on one side with a streak of brilliant green, as though in that one spot the pale coating was rubbed off the green of her hide. Of middling size for a green, her coloring is the thing that stands out about her the most.

Except for her personality. Possibly the most laid-back green in the Weyr, it’s hard to get her fired up about anything. Even as a hatchling, she’s perfectly fine hanging around on your shoulder just watching the world go by. Even the usual green pastime of flirting with any nearby males seems to be passé where she’s concerned; not to say she won’t but the male has to take the initiative. She’s perfectly fine sunning on a rock alone. Her attitude only changes for flights, where that laid-back attitude gives rise to some impressive tricks and a possibly amusing habit of not being as aware of her surroundings as she might otherwise be; she’ll often be surprised by who she wakes up to after a flight. She also has a liking for wine, and will find ways to sneak mouthfuls if you’re not careful…of course, a drunk firelizard could be highly entertaining, who knows?
10” by 17”
Inspiration: Margaritaville

The Gossip Girl Green #608341/386E08
Colada Egg

This little girl is all manner of green, her hide ranging from dark to light in a pattern similar to that of the leaves on the palm trees along the beach. It certainly lends a distinctive air to her, drawing attention away from the fact that she is a little slip of a green, her build almost dainty and waiflike compared to others of her color.

That dappled coloring might help the Gossip Girl Green stand out, but it also works as camouflage when she needs it. This is one green with an insatiable curiosity. She simply has to know the latest in who’s doing what, with whom, where, and how often, and she will use you as her closest confidant, transmitting what she thinks are the most interesting stories in the clearest images her little green mind can manage. Fortunately, this will lead to her being easily entertained with people-watching; you never know when someone will do something interesting, and she has to be the first to know! Even the merest hint of a possibility that she might be missing something interesting will be cause enough for her to disappear into – or appear from – between to find out. This turns into a need to be the total focal point of every single male in the Weyr in the days leading up to her flight, and that small build of hers will make her a terror to catch once she learns some acrobatics.
9” by 16”
Inspiration: Coconut Telegraph

Notes: The inspiration for the clutch was Jimmy Buffet.

Credits: All fire-lizards were written by Raine!

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