Green Aeith

Impressee: Embla

Name: Aeith
Pronunciation: ae-ith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00c905
Final Size: 27' long with a wingspan of 45'

Description: Aeith is an emerald green dragon. There are no other markings or shadings on her entire hide, she is purely and simply green. This green hide of hers does have the interesting quality of seeming to glow a little which makes her quite pretty to look at. Aeith is not a dainty green. She is sturdy and durable with all the makings a good Wingrider, but she does not have the strength or stamina necessary to endure entire Threadfalls. She is perfectly average in size, both in her body length and her wingspan, additionally in her height. Aeith has a kind and intelligent look to her and can be described as having a sort of gentle aura about her.

Personality: A joyful green from the moment she has hatched, Aeith is upbeat and optimistic in nature. She is kind and gentle, a friend to all and an enemy only to those who require justice be done unto them. Cheerful, she will gladly lighten a heavy mood or try to create a good atmosphere when others may be depressed. She values life and treasures every little living thing from the biggest herdbeast to the blade of grass she may trod upon. Aeith is a stubborn little dragon, fervently sticking to her guns once she has made up her mind or set her thoughts onto something. If she wants to fly with the bronzes for as long as she can manage, you can put marks down that she will do just that. If she says she is going to flame that clump of Thread over there to protect the yellow flowers growing below, there is nothing or no one who can stop her. Even though she can be pigheaded, Aeith is smart about it and never endangers herself, her Rider, or others. She will sooner sacrifice herself than harm others. This sacrificial nature is clearly evident in how willing she is to volunteer and participate, especially when asked, and how willingly she will cover for others. Her devotion is top notch, too, well-earned and well worth it to have.

Inspiration: Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy 7)

Hatching/Impression Message: The Ultimate Unfortunate Egg wobbles in its auspicious little wallow. It has already been seemingly forgotten by much of its fellows and it suspects by all the audience and the Candidates, too. What a shame, but wobble it does until it topples over. With that little tumble The Ultimate Unfortunate Egg breaks open, shards of egg sticking to the emerald green dragon who is draped in pink, sticky egg good. She pushes herself to her feet and takes a bold step forward, creeling as she falls down. The goo and the egg shards are a hindrance, but she will not give up so easily. Up again she pushes herself and no matter how she slips and trips, she gets back up with growing perseverance. At last she is on her feet, free of her egg and shell shards and even the goo, glowing like a little living emerald. There! She sees her beloved bonded already! "Aeith! Come here, Aeith! I promise to love you forever, I do!" Embla delcares, arms open as she waits to embrace the green who so lovingly spoke to her. Yes, at last, they are together.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: The Ultimate Unfortunate Egg
Egg Description: This is an egg that weyrfolk probably wish they could tear their eyes away from. It isn’t its middling size or perfectly normal shape that captures the eye it’s the horribly garish color pattern on it. Its red shell is crisscrossed with horizontal and vertical black and white lines of varying thickness. The end result is an egg that could be a checkerboard if only it was flat. The egg gives off an almost dated feel as if it has been left on the sands just a little too long. You just can’t help but feel sorry that such an unfortunate thing exists when you see this egg.
Egg Inspiration: Bad Luck Brian
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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