Gold Aema x Brown Ripper P8 T21

Off-Screen Flight - Mid Spring, T20, 8th Pass
Off-Screen Clutching - Early Summer, T21, 8th Pass
Hatching - 15th August 2018/Mid Summer, T21, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Aema (Issilbel)
Sire: Brown Ripper (K'shem)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze Tai to Erine (Esko)
Colour: Bronze #A46228 (main body), #CD7F32 (base bronze),
Adult Size: 17 1/4" wingspan of 31"


The Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze is a striking array of tones and conformity. His body is broad and barrel shaped with long limbs, tail and neck. His wings are wide and long, tapering slowly towards the tip making them excellent for long glides.

It is his coloration that makes the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze so impressive. Most of his body is a medium bronze with slightly darker spots along his body neck and tail. The mid part of his torso and the bottom quarter of his wings is a very light creamy bronze. Faint mottling give this creamy colouration a fluffy texture like the insides of a well baked tuber.

As interesting as the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze’s body is his head is marked with dark and light shades of bronze in a lacy pattern. A dark band runs from his eye down the side of his head and part of his neck. His chin, cheeks and throat are a dark bronze which, once fully mature, turns almost black during mating flights. If that wasn’t enough dark bands run the length of his tail, forming complete bands closer to the tips and remain open at the bottom towards the base of the tail.

As complex as his appearance is, the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze is also complex of personality. He never seems to settle in distinct behaviours, calm and mellow one moment excitable and full of spicy attitude the next. Overall this blend of emotional traits results in a very likeable sort, at least towards those who enjoy a variety of personality traits in a single individual.

Loyal and easy to train, Erine will have no trouble training the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze. He will be a swift defender but only if Erine is truly in danger or feels she is. The Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze won’t even twitch a tail tip if she’s just angry at somebody or something. How the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze distinguishes from what is a real threat to his human and not just her emotional state when nowhere near her is a mystery unlikely to ever be resolved.

One passion that remains consistent is the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze love of swimming. At every opportunity he will dive into the waves, be it lake, ocean or the bathing pool, so much so Erine is likely to have a perpetually wet shoulder where he prefers to perch when with her. He will also have a taste for cheese and will demand a piece every time Erine or anybody near her has cheese on their plate.

When it comes to mating flights the Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze will be quite the chaser. He will have no specific ‘type’ when it comes to who he chases. He won’t chase every green or gold who rises but when he does he’ll rarely use the same tactic twice. The Spicy Tuber Bearded Bronze will have an endless variety in how he chases, serenading the gold or green this time, silent the next, dodging and diving at the competition to scare them off the next, every time he’ll change it up even with the same female.

Inspiration: baked potato, bearded dragon, drawing, cheese, swimming, Thai food.
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Name: Slick Noble Diver Brown Dylon to N'din (Wunderingmind)
Colour: Brown #E3A164 (body), #3B3E1E (dark patterns), #C7AB8A (light patterns)
Adult Size: 15 1/2" wingspan of 23"


The Slick Noble Diver Brown is tawny yellowish brown predominately with a more creamier underbelly and around his eyes and the upper part of his mouth. The tip of his snout and both forelimbs are a dark chocolate brown. This same dark brown runs down his back along the spine and to about midway down his tail. The last quarter of his tail also bears this dark chocolate brown colour. Dark bands run from his eye down along his cheek and neck as well as up over his head knobs and join with the streak that runs down his spine. Faintly on his wings there is a pattern that looks strangely like a bowl of noodle soup rich with plenty of meat and vegetables.

At hatching the Slick Noble Diver Brown is all skinny limbs and large head but once mature he’ll fill out and be quite streamlined with broad wings idea with speed. The love of swimming and flying as quickly as he can will leave Slick Noble Diver Brown sleek and athletic in build. He won’t be the largest brown around but he definitely isn’t the smallest, falling a little above the average size for a brown firelizard.

The Slick Noble Diver Brown is a playful flit who enjoys flying as quickly as he can as well as swimming, especially diving in and through waves. He’s keen eyed and quite skilled at hunting, preferring to dive down at prey from a height, wings tight against his streamlined body which gives him quite a bit of speed. He is also quite noble and enjoys the company of other firelizards, in fact he prefers to be with a group whether it’s his owner’s firelizards or any who dwell at Solaria.

When it comes to mating flights he’s very determined, often using loud snorts and screeches to try and scare off his rivals. He will dive at them and do everything he can to discourage them continuing their pursuit of any gold or green he chases. Despite these threatening tactics he will rarely if ever actually harm his rivals. As he gains more experience and gets to know more females he will eventually limit himself to chasing his favourites. A time may come when he decides there is only one girl for him and when that time comes he’ll be far more aggressive in proving his worth to her and driving off any and all competition.

Inspiration: a mix of: falcon, dolphin, horse, pho, violent video games
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Name: Sketchy Scratchy Brown Doodle to Indria (Shelacula)
Colour: Brown #E6C391 (body), #130F09 (pattern)
Adult Size: 15 1/2" wingspan of 27"


The Sketchy Scratchy Brown is the colour of old hide, faded around the edges giving him an almost aged look. Covering his body are tiny lines and squiggles almost like somebody had been doodling on him. No amount of washing however will remove these doodles; they are after all a part of his hide. Along his wing membranes are triangular wedges covered in dark brown spots.

He will be a stocky brown once mature with broad wings and a slightly pointed snout. His eyes are smaller than average and tend to have a beady look about them. The Sketchy Scratchy Brown has a barrow chest and quite the lung capacity which means he can sing out for a long time between breaths. A shame the only sound he can produce is so harsh and unpleasant. He is steady and sure in the air and his broad wings make for excellent gliding, something he often does especially in search of prey. The Sketchy Scratchy Brown is bigger than average with plenty of endurance for those long flights. What he lacks is speed and agility which is fine with him as he rather be steady and sure than waste energy with fancy flying.

Unlike most firelizards the Sketchy Scratchy Brown has a harsh voice, more like a scratchy caw than the sweet trills and chirps one would expect. He is also very loyal to his human and is eager to please her in any way he can. He enjoys games, whether it’s games of tag with other firelizards, fetching whatever Indria may need before any of her other firelizards can beat him to it or any game he can find. Training will be easy for Indria as the Sketchy Scratchy Brown can easily view training as a game or simply to prove how good and loyal he is.

When it comes to mating flights the Sketchy Scratchy Brownis quite the eager boy. A chase is a game after all and he won’t hesitate to use trickery to win a green or gold’s approval. As much as he enjoys a good mating flight however it won’t be long before the Sketchy Scratchy Browndecides he is a one firelizard type of boy and will seek that special green or gold to be his one and only, at least till she breaks his heart by choosing another.

Inspiration: mix of drawing, dogs, crow, pizza and video games
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Name: Blow it Out Blue Stripes to N'az (Rhee)
Colour: Blue #202B3F (dark blue), #91B7CC (light blue), #FD520C (head/tail tip)
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 25"


The Blow it Out Blue is rather striking and unique given there isn’t just blue on this slim fellow’s body. Except for his head and the end of his tail, the Blow it Out Blue is a dark greyish blue which shines with a high gloss when clean and oiled. A broad stripe of light blue runs along both sides of his neck, body and most of his tail and the rear edge of his wings. What truly makes the Blow it Out Blue stand out from other firelizards is his red-orange head and the end of his tail. An unusual coppery pattern can be seen on the side of his head and face which looks rather similar to a brass instrument.

Long and slim in build the Blow it Out Blue is almost serpentine in body shape. His body will always be slim and his wings long and pointed and the Blow it Out Blue will never seem to gain weight no matter how much he’s fed.

The Blow it Out Blue is an inquisitive sort, very keen on watching everything that goes around him. He is always on the lookout for danger, be it hungry wherries, deadly tunnel snakes or the threat of Thread, the Blow it Out Blue is likely the first to notice it. He is also cautious, taking in any new situation or person from a distance or from shelter. Once he’s convinced there isn’t any danger his more curious nature will come out. The Blow it Out Blue is also quite clever, able to figure his way through complex problems like a pro especially when it comes to getting food. The latch on the larder door won’t take long for this blue to figure out and get inside.

As curious as the Blow it Out Blue appears he is very lazy, quite content to drape over N’az’s shoulder like a sack of tubers than sit up pretty like other firelizards. Fortunately his inquisitive nature and love of games means he can easily be lured away for some fun.

The Blow it Out Blue is something of a hoarder, stockpiling treats, loose thread, small shiny objects in any cubby hole he can fine in and around his home. He isn’t much on taking items of clothing but he’ll steal small pieces of fur and feathers to line his favourite sleeping spot.

Mating flights will be hit or miss with the Blow it Out Blue. If it’s a green or gold he likes or is very pretty compared to others he’ll give chase. Other times he will be just too content soaking up the sun’s rays to put the effort in. If his friends encourage him to take part will get this sometimes lazy blue up in the air for the fun and challenge of a mating flight. In the long run the Blow it Out Blue will settle on a small group of greens he’ll chase frequently.

Inspiration: Malaysian blue coral snake, rhubarb pie, trumpet, rat, video games, potato salad
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Name: The Agricultural Inclined Blue Allium to B'agi (Sola)
Colour: Blue #011D33 (back), #C2AB3B (yellow band), 51949D (body colour), #CEF9FF (limbs and underbelly)
Adult Size: 12 1/2" wingspan of 20 1/2"


When The Agricultural Inclined Blue hatches he’s an explosion of colour. Not only is he several different shades of blue he has a touch of golden yellow streaking across his body and wings. All together this makes for a very attractive blue that is sure to catch the attention of many greens and maybe the odd gold or two.

The Agricultural Inclined Blue has a very dark blue band that runs from the tip of his snout all the way down to about the mid-point of his tail where it begins to take over the rest of the tail right to the tips. Running parallel to this dark blue strip is the golden yellow which starts at the base of The Agricultural Inclined Blue’s skull and ends just shy of where the dark blue dominates the tail. This same yellow is present on his wings, starting about two thirds down his wing sails to the very edge. Between the yellow and beneath it is a midrange blue which covers the rest of his wings and a little beyond the yellow stripe on his body. The rest of him is a very light blue which covers his limbs, belly and lower sides.

If all this colour wasn’t enough along The Agricultural Inclined Blue’s ribs also bear a faint pattern of what looks like some multi-limbed sea creature. This creature looks alive as it ripples whenever The Agricultural Inclined Blue moves , an affect that others may find a bit disconcerting.

In all other aspects The Agricultural Inclined Blue is very average. His wings may look a bit narrower than typical but this is mostly just an illusion due to the yellow edges. In fact in flight his wings may prove to be especially distracting to some, especially as the sun catches the yellow. It may not do him much favours however if a rising gold decides he’s actually another gold trying to steal her boys.

The Agricultural Inclined Blue can be a very affectionate blue, rubbing his head against his owner and giving out a purr like cooing when happy. He especially likes fish and this will be the best food to use to train him as he’ll do anything for such a treat. As friendly as he can be however he can also be quite stand offish especially with new people or when he’s just in one of his moods. Maybe he lost that last green flight or maybe he just doesn’t like the colour of clothing you’re wearing. Whatever the cause he often disappears for periods of time or simply refuses to respond to any calls for his attention. When he’s in this mood and you try and give him attention he becomes quite violent, hissing and even swiping at you with his claws. He rarely actually makes contact with his claws when it comes to his owner but anybody else, he’ll gladly draw blood. Even if he realizes he did wrong he’ll never admit to it, in fact he’ll just purr and act like nothing out of the ordinary even happened.

One that is odd about this blue is he has quite the ‘green thumb’. If his owner has any plants in or around her home, he’ll be very attentive to the plant’s needs. The Agricultural Inclined Blue will water and trim the plant with an uncanny precision, like he can ‘hear’ just what the plant needs. Short of fertilizer? Well he‘ll find a way to remedy that. Harmful insects harming the plant, The Agricultural Inclined Blue will make short work of them. If his owner has no plants well he’ll soon have a small garden growing in some nock and will attend it diligently.

There will come many moments however when The Agricultural Inclined Blue may not be the most pleasant firelizard to have around. Almost silent but not always this blue produced capacious amounts of gas. His owner may have to endure many embarrassing moments when the smell drifts to the noses of his guests. Let’s hope it doesn’t ruin the mood on those nights B’agi is entertaining special friends.

Inspiration: Octopus, Tuna salad, cat, burrito bowl, Stardew Valley video game.
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Name: The Picture Perfect Green Camella to Zandra (Ren)
Colour: Green #A9D287 (body), #2B3721 (pattern), #D4E4C7 (underbelly)
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 22"


The Picture Perfect Green definitely stands out among most firelizards with distinct patterns over a light greyish-green base colour. Thick dark olive green square spots cover the entire body in irregular rows. These vary in size from quite large on the body near the spine then steadily decreasing in size and uniformity as they progress along her sides and towards her tail. Eventually they fade out completely and merge into a very pale creamy green underbelly and feet. These dark spots fade roughly half way down The Picture Perfect Green’s tail leaving the rest of the tail the same pale cream of the belly. The Picture Perfect Green’s wings are also patterned giving the membrane the look of bushels of tubers ready for pealing or baking.

At hatching The Picture Perfect Green is a gangly creature with long limbs and neck with a thick body. Once she matures she will be quite graceful on her feet but her legs and neck will still be quite long compared to other firelizards her size. Her wings are long and tapered which allow her to glide more effectively in flight.

The Picture Perfect Green will start off life very naive and seemingly incapable of doing the simplest things. Whoever feeds her upon hatching is likely to have a few nipped fingers before The Picture Perfect Green realizes fingers are not food, but the red meat is. These first few stumbling blocks may cause her new owner to think The Picture Perfect Green has mashed tubers for brains but this is not the case at all. As soon as her training officially begins she’ll learn very quickly and rarely will need to be shown more than once to grasp a concept. Point out a person or give her a good mental image and she’ll never forget who it is making her an excellent messenger.

Unfortunately this same photographic memory could get her in trouble if she’s taught bad habits by other firelizards or people. Care must be taking in her first Turn of life to ensure she learns who to take ‘lessons’ from to avoid picking up bad habits. On the other hand, should The Picture Perfect Green learn something her owner doesn’t agree with it won’t be too difficult to train her out of these bad habits.

As quick as she is to learn The Picture Perfect Green doesn’t carry herself in a superior manner, in fact she’s quite friendly to her person and anybody Zandra’s on good terms with. She is affectionate and will always be there for her, The Picture Perfect Green will also give Zandra her space whenever she needs it. She does like company however so will seek out firelizard friends should Zandra be busy or not need her company.

Mating flights for The Picture Perfect Green will start off as pretty short till she learns how better to avoid her male chasers and put them through their paces. The Picture Perfect Green will remember those males who have pleased her and definitely those who have angered her in some way. Did one pull a dirty trick in one flight, maybe harmed another of the males chasing her? All these things The Picture Perfect Green will remember so best for any male who wishes to win her favour to not forget about her between her mating flights because she won’t forget. The Picture Perfect Green will drive off any male she’s especially displeased with from her mating flights.

When it comes to her clutches, she’ll always remember where she laid them but most times she will decide caring for them isn’t interesting. If her owner expresses a desire for her eggs then The Picture Perfect Green will happily leave their care in Zandra’s hands.

Inspiration: Giraffe, potatoes, photography, dogs
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Name: Beachy Keen Berry Green ?? to M'ro (Cattiff)
Colour: Green #616951 (base), #CDD6B9 (underbelly), #4F5444 (dark splotches)
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 17"


The Beachy Keen Berry Green hide is a nice sage green with a pale underbelly and wing tips. Darker splotches splatter over the most of her body and wings in a random pattern. Interestingly enough her wing membranes have small groupings of ovals that look oddly like a sweet red berry.

This green is fairly stocky in build and her short limbs are very cumbersome on land. Walking about is the Beachy Keen Berry Green least favourite thing to do. When she needs to travel she’ll fly or ride upon her human. Where she’s the most graceful however is in the water, here she will dive and swim with great speed matched only by what she can do in the air.

The Beachy Keen Berry Green has a strong bold nature, not one to back down from a fight. Stalking her prey is something she enjoys doing, usually from the water or attacking from the air. Other times the Beachy Keen Berry Green is quite content to hide in the undergrowth, where her splotched patter helps her to blend in and wait for prey to come to her.

When not hunting the Beachy Keen Berry Green is content to do very little, taking to the air or water when something frightens or startles her. Then there are her rather unusual moments when she just seems to go bananas for lack of any other description. She’ll launch into the air and screech like there was no tomorrow, flying about in a right panic except no such emotion will be felt from her. After a few minutes of wild flying about she’ll land and flip her wings back into place like nothing unusual had happen. In fact she’ll be quite puzzled if anything is mentioned about it.

Mating flights will be a true test for any male who dares try and catch the Beachy Keen Berry Green. She’ll fly long and hard, proving she’s quite fast and has more endurance than most greens. Once caught however she’ll fight the embrace till the moment of copulation then she’ll calm and enjoy the ride for as long as possible.

Inspiration: Seal, strawberries, white tiger, bananas, reading
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Name: Playful Chirping Green Piper to Okathravin (Neena)
Colour: Green #2E8762 (base colour), #022114 (limbs), #C7F7E3 (pale face)
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 11"


The Playful Chirping Green is predominately the green of alpine forests from the sun kissed tips to the darker more mysterious wonders of the pine forest under the light of the full moons. Her underbelly, tail tips and limbs are a deep dark pine green so dark it appears almost black. Her snout is a pale blue-green as are her cheeks and top eye ridge. Her head knobs are also this same light green. A dark wide ‘tear’ line runs from her eyes down, bisecting the pale marks of her cheeks and joins with the main body color of her throat. Her wings are uniquely patterned with swirls of pale blue-green and dark fish like patterns making them look like fish swimming in thick wavy but pale coloured kelp or flying among the clouds.

Overall the Playful Chirping Green is a stocky green with short muscular limbs and stout broad but short wings. She’s quite speedy in the air in quick darts and rapid turns but the Playful Chirping Green will tire easy with prolonged flights. Nor is she a very large green but she’s definitely not small and her stocky build may have some believe she’s overweight. What bulk she has is all muscle for the Playful Chirping Green is strong and can throw her weight around quite easily if she has a mind to.

The Playful Chirping Green is a fun loving flit, frolicking both in and around water and should she ever go North or be taken to the snowy peaks of the Southern mountains, snow will excite her. Despite her stocky body she’s an excellent swimmer, not only that but she’s fast in the air but only in short sprints or high dives.

She is crafty and clever with her forepaws and has a special skill of finding oysters, clams, crawfish and other mud dwelling crustaceans. When Playful Chirping Green is content she emits a sound very much like a domestic feline’s purr. She also has a wide range of chirps, whistles, squeaks and similar sounds not typical of most firelizards but her purr likely sets her apart more than anything else.

As playful as the Playful Chirping Green is, she is selective on who she likes to play with. If she feels vexed she can be quite swift to deliver a painful swipe of claws or nip of teeth. Fortunately she only really shows her more ‘catty’ side when she’s close to rising so it will be easy for her owner to know when she is due to mate. It may even allow him to determine when she’ll lay her eggs but it may be Impossible to find out where she does as the Playful Chirping Green is very clever in where she hides her clutches. Unfortunately most of her hiding places aren’t idea incubation areas so her clutches are more likely to perish than hatch.

Mating flights are quick and speedy for this green. She’ll rise fairly frequently and give her pursuers an energetic but short lived chase. As speedy as the Playful Chirping Green can be in the air she tires quickly when flying at top speeds.

Inspiration: Red Panda, Phish food ice cream, Cheetah, Otter, Skiing.
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Notes: Theme is "favourites"! Firelizards based on the favourite things listed in the applications.

Credits: Profiles and colouring by Ldypayne; Lineart by Shelacula

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