Blue Ahtith

Impressee: N'tok (Neurtok)

Name: Ahtith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 236B8E
Final Size:

Supposedly, one of the best ways to describe Ahtith would be to compare him to the sea. Not only would it flatter the blue- something great and awe-inspiring, him, aw shucks- but it would probably be the best term to encompass the range of shades that coat his hide. A pure ocean blue manifests itself as the base colour, a dominant, unerring hue despite the swirls of seaweed green and grey-cerulean that are found upon his stomach, chest and legs. Imagine then the shade of gentle waves upon a beach- a purer, more innocent pastel blue- for this colour dominates his wings. His muzzle and face are dark and murky, and white-blue ‘foam’ lingers around his maw and eyes. His tail tip ends in an abyssal, gloomy blue, completing the idea that Ahtith is a moving ocean. One might believe that he ripples like the waves themselves, were he to move and swagger like a drunken dancer- fortunately, he rarely lowers himself to such a level. While he boasts an interesting palette of hues, Ahtith is scrawny and meagre. This dragon will almost always look underfed- a pitiful sight in comparison to some of his healthier, larger brethren. His wings are longer than necessary; he is clumsy on the ground, and occasionally in the air, where he does not necessarily recognise his own agility and limits.

Pleasant and charming are two words that Ahtith wholly wishes people would describe him as. Unfortunately, unless one is paying their fullest attention to this strange, enigmatic creature, then there is no possible way of determining his joviality beneath his surliness and jealousy. He suffers from a lack of self-esteem, and struggles with his insatiable desire for attention. Why should his brothers receive all the attention? True, they may be so much bigger and more brightly coloured than him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be well-loved and appreciated for the intelligent, kind, compassionate dragon that he is. The thought- and it will play on his mind for a great deal of his life- truly makes him miserable. Ahtith has a tendency to brood, and can be rather gloomy and pessimistic about life. He is extraordinarily possessive of what he deems his- that is, his rider, his rider’s possessions, his rider’s family, friends, passing acquaintances, ex-lovers… Oh yes, they are all his. Or something like that. He’s not one to keep track of everything, and will require constant reassurance and reminders that he is special from his bonded. Unlike a lot of his brethren, he will feel most comfortable in the water. Flying Thread and females will not be at the top of his list of priorities, but a day at the beach- oh goodness, he couldn’t live without his precious, precious water.

Inspiration: Ahti, the Finnish God of Whirlpools, Seas, Oceans and Bodies of Water

Hatching/Impression Message:
Moon's Pull Egg would twitch and jump occasionally, as if its occupant was only half-decided about hatching. Maybe, like the tide, its desire ebbed and flowed. Moon's Pull Egg rolled onto its side quite suddenly, lurching back and forth, the scrabbling within growing louder. In a single, final fit, one lanky limb suddenly broke free, and the dragonet righted itself, almost as if it had acquired its 'sea-legs'. It shook itself like a wet canine, and Moon's Pull Egg splintered, pieces flying left right and centre. Stubborn pieces clung to the goopy body, but there was most certainly a hint of blue beneath the pieces of shell. The hatchling creeled, staggering forwards. Boys parted before him, wary of hazardous claws, and the creature turned its whirling eyes on one unfortunate young man who happened to trip and take a tumble as he arrived. "I'm all right, Ahtith." Neurtok soothed the blue, who continued to creel. "I didn't mean to fall. I won't do it again." It was with an air of wonder and awe, unconditional love apparent in the dazed expression that brightened his face, that N'tok left the Hatching Grounds as a newly-made rider.

Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Egg Name: Moon's Pull Egg
Egg Description: At first glance, this egg seems to be very plain next to its clutchmates, its base color a dull sandy khaki-tan hue. The grainy texture of the shell itself lends more credence to the sand comparison. The lower third of the egg, however, is a pale ocean blue-green, with deeper highlights suggesting ripples or waves. About a third of the way down from the tip of the egg is a loose, disconnected ring of yellowish-green that, to an active imagination, bears some resemblance to the seaweed that washes up on the shore of the Cove occasionally. It almost gives the impression that the blue color might sometimes come higher up the shell than it currently is - if such a thing were possible.
Egg Inspiration: The Tides
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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