Brown Aizerath

Impressee: G'lo (Greollo)

Name: Aizerath
Colour: Brown
Hatching: Early Autumn T8, 8th Pass
Hex Colour Code: 8B2500

As an average-sized brown with a slightly longer-than-average wingspan, one wouldn’t expect Aizerath to look as… strange as he does. When he grows older, he’ll boast a spectacular set of muscles, particularly around his haunches and along his back. Until then, he is compact and trim, never too awkward in the body, though he appears very fierce at first glance. His face and snout are a little short, and his eyes are somewhat smaller than his brethren, and as such it’s joked that his features are ‘screwed up in anger’. His hide is almost more red than brown, a uniform shade that makes him stand out despite the lack of particular markings. Aizerath’s mindvoice is deep, with an almost booming quality to it. He likes to make himself heard.

Despite his fierce appearance, Aizerath has very good intentions, and is very kind hearted and jovial. Born with an unnaturally large lust for all female creatures, he learns over time, and with the help of his rider, to reign in his instincts and turn his unbridled passion towards wisdom and philosophy. Because of this, he struggles to flirt and speak to females due to his desire to be worldly and smart. This will never stop him from looking though… Aizerath is incredibly compassionate- far more so than many- and would love nothing less than to carry the weight on the world on his large shoulders. Unfortunately, when he tries to help others, he can come off as quite aggressive and pushy, though he will relax when he understands that others are afraid or put off by his mannerisms. In tough situations, he likes to offer strange advice and often comes up with whimsical quotes. In Threadfall, he will be relentless and driven to the point of suffering tunnel vision, as Thread could harm both his world and his ladies. During Flights, he is passionate and loving, but can be a very sore loser.

Inspiration: Rāgarāja (Aizen Myō'ō), the Mahayana Buddhist God
Dragon Credit: Symmetry

Hatching/Impression Message:
There had been close to no movement on the part of Desert Rain Egg, but as the crowd quietened, its time arrived. Desert Rain Egg shattered like a mirror, shards dispersing quicker than the eye could follow. In its place stood a bulky reddish brown dragon, who seemed to puff himself up with importance after realising he was being watched. How kind of them to come and see him! Why, he was dazzled by the crowd. Oh, wait! What was over there? He lumbered towards the girls’ side, eyeing them intently. The crowd held its collective breath- would this change Solaria once again? No, it seemed not… The dragonet turned tail, acutely aware of the mind he hungered for.
“Er, well… I don’t know if all girls are pretty, Aizerath.” Greollo, now G’lo, told him. “But I’ll definitely find you some food.”

Egg Name: Desert Rain Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this egg is quadri-colored, and seems to have an actual, if vague and half-imagined, natural progression to the colors. The top quarter of the egg is a dark, stormy grey and ends in an almost billowing, scalloped line similar to clouds. the second quarter is a paler grey, and seems to be made up of streaks of varying shades that end in a pale misty tone around the halfway mark of the egg. The third quarter is a clear, if vaguely hazy blue similar to the sky during a small dust storm, and the base quarter is a sandy brown, flecked here and there with darker brownish-red and green splotches, for all the world like the rocks and plantlife of a desert.
Egg Inspiration: A rainstorm when it's actually too dry for the rain to reach the ground and so evaporates about halfway down.
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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