Green Allecath

Impressee: Aleva

Name: Allecath
Pronunciation: A-leh-CATH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 7FFF00
Final Size: 26' length with a wingspan of 49'

This girl is built for quickness rather than long endurance - lithe body, long, narrow wings, and a long, strong tail for maneuvering and balance. She will need most of a Turn to grow into her sleek aerodynamic appearance; before that she will have an outsized head, wings, and tail in comparison to her body. Allecath's head is elongated and narrow of snout, with wide-flaring nostrils to let in the maximum amount of air. Her head knobs are small and somewhat flattened, and are covered by a helmet-like marking of darker, slightly dustier green. A large, vaguely rectangular marking of the same color rests across her back and between her wings; it runs out into a narrow band that passes along her shoulders and around the base of her throat. Allecath's base hide color is an eye-searing chartreuse that makes her hard to miss, as she will remind anyone who bumps into her in equally searing terms.

There are two things Allecath craves: speed and daredevil tricks. Her first few months will be a parade of trips and tumbles until she learns to work all her parts in harmony. Allecath won't whine over them, though - she'll just pick herself up, shake it off, and be on her hurried way. Once she has control of her limbs, Allecath will begin working on increasingly difficult maneuvers, which she will undertake and increasingly dangerous speeds. By that time, she will have learned enough self-control to keep herself from serious injury, although the bumps and scrapes will persist far into weyrlinghood. Her injuries will stem not from her expecting to instantly master that cool new trick (she will actually work hard and practice long on her speed and agility skills), but from the edge-pushing nature of the tricks themselves. It will all pay off in adulthood as she becomes one of the fastest greens in the Weyr, as well as its master stunt flyer.

Allecath will revel in those hard-earned skills. She'll take every chance she can to weave in and out among the larger, slower dragons, to skim obstacles and turn at the last possible second before collisions, to fold her wings and fall into a stoop worthy of a bird of prey. When she hunts, she'll fall like an arrow out of the sky onto her prey. In mating Flights, she will tease her chasers with close brushes and near-hits as well as taunting words.

Allecath is a hyperkinetic bundle of energy - if she's awake, she's moving. She even speaks fast, so much so that she ends up clipping off unneeded words and syllables. She won't lounge about during leisure times, she'll be after forming up unofficial races and daredevil-trick contests. In lessons, drills, and Threadfall, though, her focus does not wander. Unless she is required to stay still for an extended period of time - Allecath hates staying still. She gets twitchy. 

Her attitude is as brash as her flying. Allecath isn't at all shy. She'll happily chat up any dragon she runs across, and she forms friendships quickly and easily. She tends to be competitive with those friends, but to keep it light enough to avoid offending them. She isn't all that keen on chatting up humans other than Aleva, but she'll often nudge her rider in the direction of sociability. 

Allecath is pretty much immune to intimidation, although she will follow orders well enough in the normal course of things, or in emergency/combat situations. But she won't hesitate to question authority if she feels they're being unreasonable, in which case an explanation is Authority's best bet for gaining her cooperation. She will bow before the threat of punishment if she (1) thinks she isn't being bluffed, and (2) considers that what she wants to do isn't worth that punishment. Allecath can be compelled by bronzes and golds like any other green, but she will carry out those orders with as much grumbling and as much interpretation to her own advantage as she can muster. She can be sarcastic and in-your-face confrontational when she is crossed or disrespected. Her temper is short, but it fades quickly.

She isn't one of those gold wanna-be's, though. Allecath is all about Green Power. Why would any green want to be gold, and deal with all those tedious responsibilities and all that boring egg-tending? Greens have their freedom, and freedom is better. 

Inspiration: Bike Messenger
Name Inspiration: From "alleycat", a rules-free type of race that bike messengers do for fun.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The What Time Is It? Egg had nestled quiescently in the same divot with its similar-looking fellow, the What Day Is It? Egg, ever since Iridith had laid them. But it wasn't quiescent any longer. The egg wobbled violently, knocking repeatedly into its neighbor until the What Day Is It? Egg cracked. A hole appeared in the What Time Is It? Egg where the two dark lines on the shell intersected. A goo-covered snout snuffled momentarily in the opening then withdrew. A loud CRACK followed as a green head battered its way through; with her body still encased in shell, the green wriggled so hard that the What Time Is It Egg? toppled and rolled, then struck one of the encircling stones. That impact crazed the egg's surface with cracks, which the awkward-looking little green broke into shards with more wriggling and twisting.

She lay there for a moment catching her breath, then got her legs under her and stood up. She took a few wavering steps toward the Candidates, then seemed to forget which leg was supposed to go next and tipped over on her side. The green doggedly rolled herself back onto her feet and gave it another go. After a few more tentative steps and another near-tipping-over, she appeared to come to a sudden understanding of how legs worked and took off at a run toward the girls.

Only to face-plant right at Aleva's feet. The red-head bent to help the little green and Impression was made. "Of course you're starving, Allecath!" the girl laughed joyfully. "You've been stuck inside that egg for so long! And yes, I like to go fast, too!"

Dragon Credit: Ivy

Egg Name: What Time Is It Egg?
Egg Description: Like many of its fellows, this egg is of medium size. Its shape is much more unique, being quite round with barely any point to the top of the egg at all. It is white in color with some interesting black markings. One big round dot in the middle with an arm of black reaching to one side and a shorter arm of black reaching off towards another side. All around these markings are others looking somewhat by numerals. There is a glossy look to this egg except for a few spots where it might have been scuffed up a little. It feels smooth to the touch and on areas of white cool, while the dark markings feel quite warm. It is said that if you are very quiet next to this egg, you may hear a sort of mysterious ticking sound. Speaking of which, what time is it anyway?
Egg Inspiration: Wall Clocks
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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