Green Alolith

Impressee: P'tirl (Pentirl)

Name: Alolith
Pronunciation: Ah –LO -Lith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 99FFCC
Final Size: 47' wingspan of 28' length

Alolith is a thickset green, built compact and strong, with an elegant bearing. Her hide is the sparkling, playful green of a sandy lagoon, traced with the faintest white markings of uneven diamonds, like light capping tiny wavelets. Pale pink hide surrounds both her eyes in a small, jagged circle, as though the pigment of her hide failed to develop there.

There always seems to be a faint trace of sad resignation around Alolith, as though she were wishing the world were a fairer place, but pessimistic of this ever happening. Alolith is a calm, selfless green, who grows quietly upset when she sees injustices, coercion, or violence in the world around her. If there is a way that she can cop the fallout of these, rather than whomever she sees as innocent, Alolith will take it. She has a deep love of the Weyr, and sees herself as a protector of the world. Alolith will always believe that she may one day have to sacrifice everything to keep the Weyr, or her rider, safe. She will be ever forgiving of her rider and his transgressions, however small or large they might be. When Alolith flies, she will be wooed by the dragons she knows and trusts; but will believe that he ought now to be faithful to her and she to him forever. If Alolith realises that her mate has flown another she will be deeply hurt. If they have flown a gold, Alolith will feel that her protection should extend especially to the resulting clutch. Alolith likes to compose little verses and rhymes to process her own thoughts - about things she thinks are wrong, as well as those things she loves in the world.

Inspiration: Queen Liliuokalani of Hawai’i

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Na'vi (Loi) Egg didn't pay any mind to the chaos and activity all around it. With a single crack! it split, the top falling clean off as if it were the lid of a teakettle. The green hatchling inside, hide darkened with egg goo, peered over the jagged edges of the shell. With a creel, she rocked the egg over and tumbled onto the dark sands. Very bright and pale in comparison to the gritty black, she walked slowly along the line of candidates. Oh, my P'tirl, your thoughts are so pretty, she sighed as she reached the young harper.

"Alolith!" P'tirl gaped, "you're very hungry!" The harping lad led Alolith away from the sands, concern mingling with ecstasy in his expression.

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Na'vi (Loi) Egg
Egg Description: A beautiful blue egg, there is a bioluminescent quality to its shell that is both unfamiliar and yet, mysteriously awe-inspiring. Most of the egg is a deep blue that is mostly insignificant, but there are horizontal stripes of a lighter blue that runs across the shell, almost like the patterned coat of some wild felines. But the bioluminescence comes from the specks of neon blue that is dispersed across the entire egg, and they seem to really light up when it's darker. Overall this is a naturally beautiful egg, and more so, it also gives off a sense of eerie calmness.
Egg Inspiration: Na'vi from Avatar
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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