Delicate Lace Green Aluranth

Impressee: Ravmir (R'av)

Name: Aluranth
Name Inspiration: Aluranth's name is derived from the world 'allure', a word that can be closely associated with romance novels.

Colour: Delicate Lace Green
Hex Code: BCED91
Final Size: 23 feet long with a wingspan of 40 feet
It was a tiny dragon that burst from the egg, falling across the sands like a limp doll. The nearly white green was so pale, so tiny, for a moment they thought she would not live, but then she stood up, shook herself and snorted at her doubters. Perfect in every detail from her pastel green color of small loops and whirls to every limb being proportionate and delicate. This was a green had a quiet strength to her, she might look as delicate as a spider’s web but she is as strong as well forged steel.
Her hide is almost two different layers. The first, deeper layer, is nearly white but is saved by having a green tint to it. The second layer has swirls, whirls, and spirals of a darker green laced across it, almost as if someone draped a pale green lace dolly over her hide. As she moves so to do her patterns, which could cause someone to become slightly green themselves from motion sickness.

As a young dragon Aluranth will be a very solid presence and very little will bother her. Most assume she’ll be a proper young dragon, crossing all her t’s and dotting all her i’s but in truth she’s not that much different from her rider. She enjoys having fun, flirting and being around handsome males, of any type. Her tiny stature might increase her appeal to males, though some may see her as a 'hatchling size, hatchling mind'. They'll be wrong, though: Aluranth will have a clever mind. Not the sharp, witty mind that some dragons possess, but the ability to think things through clearly, a great asset. R'av depression over his past experiences in the Hold will concern her, and she'll be extremely close to him as a hatchling.

As an adult her personality will only mature like a blooming flower. She may have been a bit shy as a youngling, due to her size and color, but as she ages she’ll gain more confidence in herself and come out of her shell. Likewise, she'll gradually stop being so clingy with R'av, becoming very much the same social butterfly that her weyrmate is. Since she’s nearly perfect in looks her greatest confidence will lie in her flirtatious abilities. She’ll become flamboyant like her rider, preferring to look her best at all times. This will be the green that will not leave the Gather dance floor but vehemently demand that the humans dance around her so she can enjoy the sight. Thank goodness she's so small!

In a Wing, fighting Thread, this little lady will show her true colors. Never was a more vicious, and qualified, Thread-fighter shelled. With Aluranth's tiny size, which promises great speed, she’ll zoom about a Thread-filled sky with no notion of keeping her hide intact. It will be for her rider to learn wing discipline since this dragon will lose all concept of such from the first Thread. This green is definitely not a crafty Thread fighter often missing a clump simply so she can go after a much larger clump. Without proper guidance she will be a nuisance in the air but if her rider learns how to deal with her fighting tendencies this pair will go far. The only thing that will let her down will be her lack of endurance: a dragon so small just can't last a whole 'fall, to her disappointment.

You know how birds will often audition with pretty feathers and beautiful songs to mate? Well when this dragon goes in the air she wants the same thing. She won’t be worried about out-flying her chasers, she can do that with her eyes closed. No, she wants flowery compliments, pretty love songs and a little bit of innuendo and flirting. Taking her rider’s preferences in mind she’ll favor dragons who have male riders though she will prefer bulky dragons who have more air between their ears than she does. Catches by blues and smaller browns will be more common as only they will be able to keep up with her, though if a bronze can woo Aluranth then he may just be able to get close enough to make a grab at her. She'll complain afterwards if they were rough with her, or go on endlessly about how charming this dragon or that dragon was.

Inspiration: Joanna Lindsey, and other romance authors.

She tends to think that everything that must be said must be embellished with some type of flowery and mooshy sentiment. For example she would say ‘This wherry tastes of Heaven’s sweet ambrosia’, which is a load of crock anyone but she thinks it’s how humans talk and no amount of her rider’s persuasion will change that. However when she gets excited, or starts flirting, she starts talking with baby talk, high, squeaky and with plenty of pictures to go along with the words. The poor person Impressed to this dragon will have a headache in dealing with her speech patterns.

Hatching Message:
The Turquoise Egg cracked along invisible faults slowly. It was almost too much for the small dragonet who fell to the ground and lay limp and exhausted, struggling to breathe. The Delicate Lace Green was a pretty thing, though she was all wings and legs, a nice color despite the egg sac that covered her. A rider stepped forward to take the assumed dead dragonet between but she slowly raised her head and glanced around. Not dead, merely resting. The need to Impress drove her to her feet and with wings dragging on the sands she bent herself to the task of finding her rider.

Public Impression Message:
The Delicate Lace Green fell to the sands and a wave of disappointment went through the assembled crowds. “Oh no”, a woman’s voice drifted down to the sands. A rider helping feed the new Weyrlings muttered, “A tragedy that”, as another rider stepped forward to take care of the body. Just before he could touch the small green her head lifted and she glanced about, tilting her head this way and that unsure of the emotion in the crowd. As she climbed to her feet she glanced about, seeking for something. Colors flashed before her eyes, blue, green, brown and no, wait. Green? A child’s mind flashed to the green, a green mixed with a pale yellow gold. There, that was it. That was the one she wanted, the bulky one with the scars, he was hers.

Personal Impression Message:
Like lace and steel she comes to you slowly, dancing with dainty ease across the hot sands. She may have been slow to hatch, but she knew in her heart that she wanted no-one else but you. You are, after all, hers, and she yours. I am Aluranth of the graceful sky dancers, she says in a flowery kind of way then adds in a vicious undertone of serious and deadly intent You are Mine! Then she proceeds to turn to one of the male dragons on the sand A bright day like this shouldn’t be wasted, a cuddle and kiss sounds lovely. Hunger bubbles up along the mental link forged between the pair of you, though she does not comment on the feeling.

Dragon Credit: Stolenhart

Egg Name: The Turquoise Egg
Egg Description: This small egg is so very brightly colored it's hard to decide where to start. It's mottled shades of blues, greens, and blue-greens. The upper half of the shell has splotches of bright sky blue and a dark robin's egg blue against a black background matrix. The middle partition has blue-green splashes of color on a darker forest green background. The lower part of the egg has a true green color, splashes and splotches of bright emerald green against a golden matrix crackled into the background.
Egg Inspiration: The Turquoise manual I've been looking at at work. XD
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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