The S'Agapo Green Amorath

Impressee: Mika (Malika)

Name: The S'Agapo Green Amorath
Pronounciation: AHM- or - ăth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: ADFF2F
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 25' wingspan of 50'

Description: The S’Agapo Green is not large, even amongst her siblings, but for a green, a lot can be said for her wings. They appear to be almost comically large for her body, and even her legs and tail seem too long for her, leading to her walking with her wings partially flared as she can find no comfortable way to fold them, and an unfortunate penchant for getting her feet tangled together as she walks, resulting in more than one face plant as she learns the proportions of her body.

The colour of The S’Agapo Green is reminiscent of the first leaves on the trees in spring, after the branches have been bare for the long winter, pale yellow-green, but with the promise of growing darker as the spring progresses, though the colour of the dragon will never change. When seen in the sunlight the colour of her wings is dappled, lighter and darker with no regular pattern, as though seeing sunlight through a canopy of leaves. Her colour darkens towards her feet, the tip of her tail, and the end of her nose almost appearing the light brown of new branches in the spring.

As she grows up The S’Agapo Green will grow into her legs and tail to be a graceful and lithe creature, and agile in the air, though her wings will always appear somewhat overlarge for her delicate frame, resulting in her usually keeping them slightly fanned when she’s on the ground.

Personality: Amorath hatches as a small dragon with a rather interesting set of opinions on how friendships work. She thinks it’s best for everyone to get along, but if there is someone that you really don’t like you don’t have to be friends with them, as long as you are civil towards each other. Other than you, she will start picking her friends initially from her classmates, joyfully oblivious to the great wide world and everyone who is in it. In lessons, she believes in working hard and trying her best, but known instinctively that everyone has different abilities, and it’s okay if some of them aren’t as good at certain things as others. That’s just how things go, and as long as everyone tries their best—and she will learn quickly, becomes at least competent, as Weyrlinghood dictates—then it doesn’t matter if everyone isn’t super brilliant at everything.

As she grows older she will realize that there are whole lot more people—dragons, firelizards, and humans alike—for which to become friends. When this happens she will suddenly become a lot chattier with other people, as she searches out new friends. She picks out her friends based on who she likes, but also based on who likes her back. She doesn’t think friendships only work one way, though this does leave the possibility of her misreading someone else and thinking they like her and they really don’t, which can lead to some awkward but necessary explanation of other’s behavior, but all in all she really does try to communicate effectively with others.

Amorath can get a bit peculiar when it comes to rank. While she understands that it exists, and their entire lives function around it, she still doesn’t really get it. What really is the difference between greens and blue and browns and bronzes? Golds she can somewhat understand, because they are the ones that lay eggs and don’t chew firestone, but what’s the difference with all the rest of them? Their size and their colour don’t really make a difference, do they? It’s the same in her opinion, with women on fighting dragons. What difference does it make if it’s a girl or a boy, as long as they try their best and are able to fight Thread? The things with Golds being the one to lay eggs doesn’t apply so much to humans in Amorath’s mind, because there are about the same number of men and women in humans, and only a few of them will Impress dragons, so there’s still lots that will have babies, and with humans riding fighting dragons doesn’t even change if they can have babies, so why should it matter? She’ll try and convince others of her point of view on the matter, but in the end, she’d rather just get along than argue the point.

When it comes to fighting Thread, happy and sociable Amorath puts on her serious face. She likes the learn the habits and strengths and weakness of those in her wing, and becomes very comfortable amongst them. She doesn’t usually go pulling flashy manoeuvres herself, and inwardly judges those that do as she believes that it is best for them to work together and support each other, and that is the way that they will be able to flame the most of the Thread in the sky. Still, if she went up with wingmates that want to act that way, she’ll only grumble to you, saying that they’re going to get themselves hurt. That being said, Amorath may let her emotions get the better of her, and may be inclined to ‘show off’ for a new friend or wingmate, during drills, or even during a Fall.

There’s no saying whether or not Amorath will be an early riser, or a late riser, or somewhere in between. But once she’s start rising, you’re going to have to deal with it, because she’s going to rise often, even for a green, and she doesn’t like sticking with just one partner. She has her group of favourites, her friends, and will do her very best to rotate between the ones that chase her on a regular basis. Initially, she will be rather disappointed by the fact that some of her friends—other green dragons, humans, and firelizards—will never chase her. It will take some explanation for her to realize that it really just doesn’t work like that. Only male dragons can chase green dragons; that’s just how it works! Also, somewhat fortunately for Malika, Amorath will not voluntarily let anyone catch her whose rider Malika really does not like. Malika was her first friend and is her best friend, so her opinions are important!

Inspiration: The inspiration for her personality is Polyamory, and her name is derived from the Latin word for love “amor.” Her basic colour and appearance is based on new leaves in spring, a sign of fertility, and “S’Agapo” refers to agape love in Greek.
Dragon Credit: Rhee

Voice: Even when she is just hatched, Amorath never really sounds young. Her voice is a low alto, often soft like the whisper the wind through the leaves. Mostly she speaks slowly, as though she took some care in choosing her words, but if you listen she goes from one though to the next quickly, never quite content to settle on one subject for long. She always speaks to you, and those friends that she picks out specially, with a warm affection in her voice, always happen to see you no matter the circumstances. When she gets excited, her voice rises in pitch and speed, and only then does she managed to sound somewhat childish, though it does not usually last for long as she realizes how silly she must sound. Her anger is a rare thing to behold, for which you must be thankful, because her voice grows so loud and harsh that it is wont to give headaches to an unsuspecting listener.

Hatching Message: The Haunting Egg had been quiet until now. There were no little shakes or shivers or cracks appearing on the shell, as this small egg sat unobtrusively on the Sands. Chances are that no one had paid the little egg so much as a second glance so far. The Haunting Egg found this quite unfair, when all of its brothers and sisters were getting so much attention! There was one tiny shiver of the egg, and then a series of cracks appears from the top, marring the white of the shell as they rapidly moved downwards. And then all at once the shell seemed to disintegrate, revealing The S’Agapo Green.

The S’Agapo Green straightened up and looked around her. Ah, so this is where all the fun had been! She was glad to be out now, so she could see all of these new things, and meet all of the lovelies that were out here. The S’Agapo Green flared her wings to try, and awkwardly scrambled to her feet, stilling looking around curiously.
Public Impression Message: It didn’t take The S’Agapo Green long to figure out how the walking thing was supposed to work, and began putting one foot in front of the other and making her way across the sands. She kept her head held high as she looked around, up into the stands, and back at her mother, and of course at the Candidates as well. This unfortunately meant that she wasn’t looking at her feet, and it only took her a few steps before her front feet got tangled together and she took a nose dive.

She clambered back to her feet and shook her head, sneezing dust out of her nose. Were they looking at her? Were they going to make fun of her for falling? Well, this wasn’t the time for that. She had to find the one that she was looking for, the one that she was going to share her love with! She started off across the Sands again, winding her way in and out of Candidates, which meant that a number of them had to get out of her way, as her flared wings made her take up quite a bit of space that she obviously wasn’t aware of.

The S’Agapo Green trilled happily when she saw the Candidate that she was looking for, that blond one, just there. She scrambled over as quickly as she could without falling again, and butted up against her chosen one affectionately.
Personal Impression Message: {Malika! Oh there you are! I have been looking all over for you.} Your eyes meet the swirling rainbow eyes of the little green dragon that just came around the legs of another Candidate, with her wings awkwardly held up and away from her body. {I am your Amorath, and you will be mine now. Is that alright?} She came up to you and butted up against your legs, before looking up at you again. {Mal-i-ka.} The little green pronounced each syllable distinctly. {You have such a silly name Malikamine. Why would you go picking a name like that?} She didn’t even give you a moment to respond before continuing. {No matter, I like you even if your name is silly. But I am really quite hungry now. Can we find something to eat and then we can go make friends?}

Egg Name: The Haunting Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small and pale, almost pure white, and yet it seems to fade away even against the dark background of the Sands. Its shell has a curiously soft appearance, as though it is made of fabric that has simply been draped over the hatchling inside. If this egg does happen to catch your eye, you will find yourself cold and gloomy for no reason at all. The Haunting Egg certainly doesn’t want to be looked at, but there is something even more disturbing about it. It seems as though it is preoccupied with a tragic event that happened, or maybe one that is yet to come. Perhaps this feeling is just because of the two perfectly round black circles etched on one side of the shell, marring the pure white. No matter which way you turn, those black circles look as if they are gazing directly into your soul.
Egg Inspiration: Ghosts
Egg Credit: Adina

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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