Green Animikith

Impressee: Cenara

Name: The Thunderous Green Animikith
Pronounciation: An-nee-me-keth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 00CC99
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 25' wingspan of 45'

Description: A beautiful dragon, even straight out the shell. She is a lovely hue of green, light and crisp color floods her upper body. When you start getting to her lower sections is when his seemingly flawless green deviates into something more. Her lower limbs are riddled with almost a blindingly light blue in the markings of what look light lightning strikes.

At the base of her wing joints are lighter colored circles, outlining the muscle well. He wingsails are also a dark grey-green color in the visage of a cloudy day.

This green isn't without her flaws though, she has some very wide wings. It doesn't encumber her however, once able to fly this green will have some of the best turn radius' of the Weyr!

Straight out of the shell this little green will be a firecracker. One of the things that one might notice is she heeds nothing for authority, in fact she challenges it. This might make it quite hard for her rider through Weyrlinghood. She has attitude to say the least, but once the bond deepens with her rider, the wiry green will come to accept and respect her riders wishes.

As an adult, the greens beauty only deepens. She does little to flaunt it, but naturally attracts the males to her. She still disrespects authority, an feels she would be better at the helm of any event they participate in. Her rider would have complete control over her now, and know ways to soothe her down. She loves to fly, and won't stop bugging her rider to go at least two times a day. She is blessed with hide that rarely needs oiling, only once every two days is great for her.

Mating flights are infrequent and very controlled by this green. She will only rise to the flight in rainstorms, she feels as if this is her advantage against the males, and a great test to show their worth. She is very choosy on her mates, and may choose one male to settle down with. She will be testy about her space though and promptly kick the dragon out, unless her rider takes express interest on the others rider.

Thread fall is something she doesn't take any interest in, as she normally doesn't last a whole 'fall. She is immediately bored, even on the days where conditions are tricky. She will try to defy orders, and tell others what to do, but never in bad taste! She is a natural fighter, and she does show that.

Inspiration: Native American mythology - Thunderbird
Dragon Credit: Katie, LdyPayne

Voice: Her voice is always in a beautiful soprano. She always maintains a soft approach, never raising or dimming from such the octave. She is a pleasure on the ears of her rider, and all who have te honor of hearing her.

Hatching Message: An egg that had been rocking in various spurts, causing a rumble each time that sounded a lot like distant thunder paused. The crowd would be drawn to the egg that began to shake so violently that it would seem to roll away, that was until the top burst 'way revealing all but the head knobs of this smaller green dragon.

Again a pause, as if the dragonet inside took a breather from clawing away at the shell. A creel was heard before the green burst open the shell and the pieces flew in every direction. The dragonet sat on the sands gracefully watching around the multitude of candidates.

The males were of no concern to her, facets not even turning an eye to the boys of the bunch as she walked around like a dragon who'd walked for quite a long time. Her form was full of finesse and poise as she eyed the girls about the crowd. Not deciding anything, anywhere quickly.

Public Impression Message: The green eyes seemed to bustle quickly, staying a dark shade of red, she was not impressed with what she'd saw. That was until a beautiful rainbow befell her eyes as she dropped her gaze to a short brown haired candidate. She dropped her head and her her body in what seemed like a bow to the young girl.

Personal Impression Message: The beautiful, yet strange green gracefully walked over to Cenara, quietly dropping her head to her in a bow. My name is Animkith mine, I am very hungry , so let's get away from these other…'dragons' She said disgruntled as she rose, and puffed out her chest in pride. She was above her whole clutch, or so she portrayed.

Egg Name: The Other Half Egg
Egg Description: The Other Half Egg is mostly black, blending into the dark sands of the hatching grounds. Much of its surface is scatted with light speckles, white or pale golden coloured. The most striking feature of this egg is the great conglomeration of speckles that sweep across the surface of the egg like a sash, almost in the shape of the letter C. Here the dots come together so closely that many of them are impossible to distinguish, leaving a pale yellow haze across the surface of the egg. Only the brightest of the speckles can shine through the background noise here.
Egg Inspiration: Constellations of the Southern Hemisphere
Egg Credit: Rhee (description) and Mind (art)

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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