Bronze Aquarith

Impressee: Xer'zyn (Xerazzyn)

Name: Aquarith
Pronunciation: ah-QUEHR-ith
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: a57164
Final Size: 44' length with a wingspan of 71'

Aquarith is not the most eye-catching of bronzes. He is a bit longer than the average, but not outsized. He is well-proportioned, but there is nothing spectacular in his conformation. His color is a fairly uniform medium bronze with a distinct purplish undertone, with only a faint darkening along the trailing parts of his wingsails. He has one distinctive marking: a dragon-eye-sized circular marking like a sigil set on his forehead, just above and between his actual eyes. The circle is divided in half vertically, not by a simple straight line, but by a backwards-S-like one, which forms two shapes like curved teardrops. The left half, which has its large end upwards, is a very pale bronze in color with a small circle of very dark bronze centered in the large end. The right half, which has its large end downwards, is a very dark bronze with a small circle of very pale bronze centered in its large end.

Aquarith emanates a self-contained calm that some find very attractive. His movements are well-controlled and deliberate, and although he will never be the fastest, or the most agile, or the strongest bronze around, he will use his abilities with such balance and economy of motion that he will have more than enough energy for the task at hand.

For all his unassuming appearance, Aquarith is a most unusual bronze. He feels no need to brag, preferring to speak softly and after deliberation. He does not demand attention, but instead works hard and with apparent humility. This is not to say that he lacks arrogance - his certainty that he is Right in the most essential sense is very much arrogance. Aquarith has known since the moment that he became conscious that all life is One, never-ending and always entwined. All things and beings have their place within the whole. Even Thread fits in, as an obstacle to peace - a tragedy and a grave danger in the present, but one which Pern will eventually learn to overcome for good. Nothing is ever truly gone for him; all things return, although perhaps in a different form. Even those that pass between are sure to emerge whole and hale in some distant and perfect place. Nothing can shake his surety that this is the reality of the Universe. This worldview will give him compassion for those in pain; he will try to aid where he can, starting with helping Xer'zyn to overcome his past. It will also lead to a few eccentric behaviors, such as thanking the herdbeasts he kills for giving their lives to nourish him.

Patience and perseverance are virtues Aquarith has in spades. He will take on every weyrling lesson, every drill, every change in his life's course, with the attitude that its worthiness and relevance will be revealed in their own time. Failure won't deter him - he will sometimes take a step back for rest or study, but he will always return to his efforts after.

Aquarith will always hold egalitarian views. Each color of dragon has their own strengths and weaknesses. None is better than another. As he matures, he will develop a very different management style from most bronzes, one based on manipulation rather than sheer force of personality. Guilt and disappointment will be Aquarith's chosen weapons rather than bossiness and compulsion. He will extend his egalitarianism to humans as well as dragons.

Discipline is another important trait that Aquarith will demonstrate from an early age. There will be some childish incidents early on, but he will be able to wait his turn and follow instructions better than many of his age-mates. From late weyrlinghood on, he will develop a regimen meant to maintain his serenity, his mental balance, and his physical health, which he will practice strictly and diligently throughout his life. This regimen will extend into all areas of living and will include practices related to diet, exercise, social interaction, and meditation. 

Aquarith exists in a state of carefully-maintained mindfulness and serenity. He expresses emotions in a quiet and gentle way - no matter how strong the stimulus - to the point that there will be times when he seems disconnected. And because he has found such a good thing, he will try to spread it to as many others as he can. This is where his arrogance will serve him ill: although he will start out open and welcoming, he will slowly turn demanding and manipulative.

He won't be one of those constant chasers, but will choose to pursue only golds (because as a bronze, one of his roles is to sire more dragons), and those few greens he feels a particular affinity for. Aquarith will take an interest in the clutches he sires; he will attend the queen until the eggs hatch, but afterward will drift away.

Inspiration: New Age Guru
Name Inspiration: From the "Age of Aquarius", which New Agers believe heralds an age of enlightenment. The astrological definition is the Age during which the vernal equinox falls within the sign Aquarius; the vernacular refers to the beginning of the New Age movement in the 1960's and 1970's.

Hatching/Impression Message:
At last, only The Egg on Which to Rest One's Laurels remained unhatched. But even as the brilliantly-colored blue was awakening on the hot sands, tapping had begun to come from within its dusty brown shell. Even as that blue moved to claim his rider, a web of cracks was spreading at one end of The Egg on Which to Rest One's Laurels. Then, without fanfare, the muddy-looking dragonet within broke away enough shell to crawl out - just enough and no more. After he exited, he turned to regard his former home briefly. It had been a good home, but now it was far too small for him; he had been careful enough in leaving it that it might serve another, smaller creature as well as it has served him.

He rested a moment as the heat dried his hide, and the muddy color resolved into bronze. Then, with a dignity strange for one so young, he crossed the space between himself and the remaining Candidates, stopping before Xerazzyn. "Me?" the stout man asked, incredulous, as the bronze's eyes whirled into rainbow shades. "Aquarith - he told me his name is Aquarith!" Xer'zyn announced, then smiled gently down at his new lifemate. "Oh…yes, I understand that you will never leave me. And yes, I will feed you."

Dragon Credit: Ivy

Egg Name: The Egg on Which to Rest One's Laurels
Egg Description: This egg feels, for lack of a better word, comfortable. It's medium-sized with organically flowing faded black lines curving around its middle and bottom. The rest of it is a dusty brown color, with various patches of darker brown, almost like stains. There is something very inviting about this egg, despite its rather nondescript appearance.
Egg Inspiration: The old office chair that no one can bear to throw out
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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