Name: Arbus
Pronunciation: ???
Colour: Brown
Hatching - Early Autumn, P8 T2
Final Size: ???'' length of ???' wingspan
Arbus is a very light brown coloring, like a very thinned coloring of light brown. He is half an inch smaller than his brown brother. Arbus is has a nice muscled tone that adds to his look. He has a…. robust look to him. He has a zig zag line on his left wing, but not from his eggshell. It’s just a marking, not a scar.

Arbus is a funny fire lizard. He likes to pull pranks on his pet and see what happens. His favorite food is roast wherry. He is a fast learner and is lightning quick. He is good at hunting and killing tunnel snakes. Though he won’t eat them. They taste funny. He also likes clawfish. And thinks their rather tasty. Arbus is very protective of his pet. Even if someone just talks angrily to his.

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