Green Archalith

Impressee: T'pur

Name: Smell the Funk Green Archalith
Pronounciation: Arch-ah-Lith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 2c7373
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 24' length of 36' wingspan

Description: Archalith doesn’t look very healthy even during her best moments. From the moment she fell free of her egg her hide will always have a grey tinge and look rough and sickly. Even her coloration, a mix of sickly green and gray, makes her look ready to drop dead at any time. She doesn’t look emaciated as she does have muscle tones, it just all seems to hang off her bones, threatening to fall off at any moment. Her eyes are always dull no matter what color they are. Her wings are short and look ragged despite being whole, the mottled coloration just makes them look tattered and patchy. Unlike other dragons there will always be an odor of something gone ‘off’ around Archalith which becomes stronger the longer she doesn’t bathe but will never go away completely no matter how often she’s washed. This can make it more difficult for her to make friends who are willing to snuggle close.

Personality: Very little motivates Archalith and it appears to take great effort for her to move at all. When roused to walk she is slow, jerky and tends to hold her wings partly spread and leaning forward. Once she gets moving she travels in a rough zigzag as though she has to keep changing direction to keep from falling over. When it comes to stop, it’s more like a stumbling collapse onto her belly, wings dropping down like dead weight. Intellectually she is a slow learner and doesn’t pick up new things very fast thus she will always lag behind her clutchmates and it will require T’pur to work extra hard to ensure she remembers her lessons. Constant practice and repetition will be required for this slow minded dragon to succeed. Her mind voice is slow and sepulchral and it takes her awhile to get phrases out. Because of the effort required she often speaks just in one or two words. The only time she really shows activity is when it’s feeding time, then she suddenly shows a great deal of life, as though the idea of food puts her into high gear. Unfortunately this sudden burst of energy often leaves her exhausted and she sleeps twice as long as most dragons need to after a heavy meal.

Once fully mature and in the fighting wings, Archalith will be a decent flyer but she won’t last an entire Fall. On average she will only last for about half the duration of a full Fall, less if conditions are especially hard. When it comes to mating flights she will rise only twice a Turn and this will be the only time her hide looks alive. Unfortunately her flights will be short and lack the usual acrobatics greens put into their mating flights.

Inspiration: Zombie
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Hatching/Impression Message: The Skittering Menace Egg had been giving little vibrations for several minutes now, vibrations so minute they were almost a hum. Any Candidate lurking close would hear almost a chittering sound from within the Skittering Menace Egg, a sound that increased still it’s quite loud. All then falls silent as other noises from the Hatching Ground intrude to drown it out. After what seems like ages the Skittering Menace Egg suddenly shivers and the shell shatters into small little pieces revealing a greenish form which plops to the ground in a gooey sprawl.

As the icky greenish form lays motionless there comes a distinct odor from her, an odor that smells like food left out too long or something wet and molding in the dark forgotten corners of a cellar. Just as some people start to wonder if SMELL THE FUNK GREEN may be dead a wingtip twitches and her eyes open, glowing red with hunger. Rising to her feet the SMELL THE FUNK GREEN lunges towards a boy and knocks him to the ground. Tohospur cries out in surprise then laughs as he meets SMELL THE FUNK GREEN’s eyes and Impression is made.

Egg Name: Skittering Menace Egg
Egg Description: A scarlet so dark it’s almost black forms the main color for this sizeable egg. Subtleties in its shading give it a segmented appearance, each of those segments narrowing as the pattern curls around on itself, wrapping around the blunted end. If you were to follow it all the way around, you would find where the pattern ends in a bulb-like mark, a bulb that tapers into a sinisterly sharp, hooked point. As if light were glinting off that baleful barb, a seemingly random pattern of bright white dots meanders along its curve. When touched the egg is smoother than normal, cool and pleasant to touch until there is a sudden unexpected pricking sensation, followed by a numbness that continues to climb as long as the contact is held.
Egg Inspiration: The constellation of Scorpius and the giant beast that is its mythic origin
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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