The Bane of Dark Love Bronze Areth

Impressee: H'min (Hasmin)

Name: Areth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: 9C661F
Final Size: 45' length with a wingspan of 75'

The Bane of Dark Love Bronze, even fresh from the shell, could never be mistaken for anything but a bronze. He is a large creature for his colour, and in fact his brother bronze will be one of the only in the Weyr to beat him in size, other than the golds. At first his colour seems to be a uniform aged bronze, like some lamp or candleholder had been left to sit for Turns without attention. But of course, this dragon draws more attention than that, his hide gleaming even in low light when it is well-oiled. His colour pales down his throat, and on his underbelly and legs, and from the air with the sun shining through his wing sails, they can appear almost golden.

Beautifully proportioned, The Bane of Dark Love Bronze always knows his appeal. His frame is not as stocky as that of some other dragons, but neither has the frail and waiflike appearance that is more common amongst greens. He’s well-built and well-muscled, with wings matching his body size. His legs are perhaps slightly longer than average, but with his muscles he doesn’t seem out of proportion.

This is one dragon to always carry himself proudly. His wings slightly flared and head held upright and proud while he examined his surroundings through gleaming eyes. Everyone will know when the Bane of Dark Love Bronze is upset or angry because his head will drop down and his tail will twitch.

Areth is arrogant to (and perhaps past) a fault. He believes he is—perhaps even more than the golds, though he’ll give them respect if it suits him—the most wonderful creature to have ever graced Pern. While perhaps not the most wonderful creature, his appearance certainly helps him to reinforce the idea to himself. Throughout Weyrlinghood this bronze will be doing everything he can in order to better himself. He will try and be first to lessons, and learn everything that they are taught as quickly as possible. There will probably be some manner of contention between him and Tauchisath over who is actually the most important and in the end they may simply have to learn to disagree.

Woe be to he that dare to doubt Areth’s perfection. It is something that he will be very touchy about, at least until he grows old enough to understand that not everyone will believe in his sheer amazingness. It may result in quite a bit of whining to H’min during Weyrlinghood. {Mine, why don’t they think I am doing it right? I am right, of course. Tell them!} The only downfall of him being convinced that he is better than everyone else is that he doesn’t need to prove it—because he is perfectly capable without proving it, thank you very much—and everyone should know by the expedient of his existence. This could occasionally make him seem lazy, and he may at times need a bit of prodding to do all of the necessary practice.

One thing that H’min must learn quickly about Areth that somehow, everything this bronze does or says is for his own benefit. It may not be apparently obvious at first as he does his best to hide it, but he doesn’t have too much subtlety when he’s a hatchling. He learns quickly, though, and H’min will have to learn to keep up with his dragon’s plots or else he might find himself weaved into them. Fortnately, Areth is limited to some extent by his draconic memory, but if it’s really important to him he will probably find some way to remember it.

When it comes time to joining the fighting wings Areth will be thrilled, for this bronze is a warrior at heart. He will always make a fuss about having to stay on the ground during Weyrlinghood, and will make even more of a fuss if he is ever injured and grounded. In fact, only the worst injuries will ever stop him from flying willfully, even if it could cause more damage. In these situations, it’s all on H’min to keep him on the gorund. From the time he first starts with his lessons he will be intent on the destruction of Thread. Thread is their foe and must be destroyed.

When it comes to Flights, Areth will not be forgiving. He will chase all of the golds regularly, but the greens less so. He usually only puts the effort in to chase greens if he has some kind of other interest in them. He will pull out every trick in the book in order to try and catch once he has chosen to chase, but if he feels beforehand he doesn’t have a good chance of winning, he may not bother. For Areth, though, flights begin long before the female takes to the air. He learns the art of flirtation fairly young, and employs it skillfully where he finds it useful.

When—or if, but Areth will not accept that possibility—Areth fathers a clutch, he will be the proudest papa; but proud of himself as much as proud of his children. He will spend plenty of time with the gold and the eggs as much as she allows him, and even with his children once they’ve hatched. Of course, this has more to do with lording over them all and pushing them to accomplish great things, because of course, they are his children and must live up to him.

Inspiration: Ares, the Greek God of War

Areth speaks, usually, in a low melodic tenor. He doesn’t rush over his words, as though they are all measured carefully before anyone gets to hear them. And this is usually true. His words carry intent even if it’s not always obvious. The first sign of anger in Areth’s voice is quietness. His voice drops to nearly inaudible, even though it is in the mind, and his words could cut through stone. Occasionally his anger is expressed loudly, words breaking the silence like firecrackers, and it’s unlikely that these times will ever be confined to H’min; everyone nearby will get to hear his anger. While the second type of obviously much more explosive and frightening, it’s hard to say which is actually worse. Happiness isn’t likely to show in Areth’s voice, even if he is truly please with something. His eyes may whirl faster, and a croon may accompany his words, but his actual tone will show no changes.

Hatching Message:
The Yellowing Skies Egg had been rocking slowly for some time now. Nothing drastic, but with its place at the centre of Iridith’s formation, even its occasional movements were sure to draw attention from some of the onlookers, particularly the female Candidates interested in the dragon inside.

But it was not destined to be. With one final heave, the egg fell over and broke apart, and out came a very bronze head, too dark and simply too bronze to possibly be a gold. The Bane of Dark Love Bronze rose to his feet and shook his head to dislodge fragments of shell, the pieces hitting the ground and causing little dents in the sand around him. He snorted and lifted his head to survey the Candidates, and rose to his feet, wings flaring and making him look rather larger than he was.

He started off, tromping right past the females who had gathered around the gold-looking eggs. They were no good to him, and therefore he ignored them entirely. For just having hatched, The Bane of Dark Love Bronze seemed quite steady on his feet.

Public Impression Message:
The Bane of Dark Love Bronze stalked towards the group of males and his head lowered, orange swirling into his eyes as he began to slink between them, head swinging back and forth as he examined each of the Candidates carefully if he thought he saw potential. Those who showed no appeal he outright ignored, and if they tried to get in his way they earned a quick swipe of his claws, more warning than any real intent to damage.

Finally, he found the one he was meant for, and he stopped in front of the dark-haired boy, eyes swirling rainbow colours. The Bane of Dark Love Bronze didn’t keep his voice down, and his first words were heard by the other nearby Candidates. There you are my H'min! It was not good for you to keep your Areth waiting.

Personal Impression Message:
You see The Bane of Dark Love Bronze coming through the group of Candidates, moving in your general direction, but you know that might not mean anything. You’ve been passed over before, but when you see the young bronze dishing out swipes for those who get in the way, you decide to keep an eye out, even if that’s just for dodging. He’s certainly a willful little guy already.

Then suddenly the bronze stops in front of you, and his eyes meet yours, and there’s another voice in your mind, and another presence, one that you were never aware of before, but seems to have always been a part of you. Then there are words in your mind, and some of the others glance in your direction, because they also heard the words intended for you.
There you are my H'min! It was not good for you to keep your Areth waiting. Then the volume decreases, his words just for you. You are mine now, and together we will do much.

Dragon Credit: Rhee

Egg Name: Yellowing Skies Egg
Egg Description: This egg could be among the largest in the clutch and hard to pass for the gold who lays it. It is of typical egg shape and that it by no means something to worry about, but the surface of the egg is rough and gritty. To draw your hand across the surface of this egg is akin to drawing your hand across sandpaper or to drag your legs on a savanna. It feels hot to the touch, like it is from the desert itself and perhaps this could be fitting for it. This egg, though, might not look very spectacular. It is a sandy yellow egg and it would blend in with the very sand of the Hatching Grounds if not for its great size. Despite being such a bland and simple color, the egg shines like wet sand and has the glow of sunlight through a dusty room. It can be an overwhelming egg, but it may not be very special until whatever lies inside hatches from it. For all anyone knows, this egg could be pure gold!
Egg Inspiration: Sandstorms
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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