The Home Girl Green Arimoth

Impressee: Zaralis

Name: Arimoth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 397D02
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 41'

The Home Girl Green is instantly noticeable as a long lithe thing, slim lines give her figure a graceful and serpentine air. Her tail tapers less than usual, and while you might thing it looks a bit stocky it sometimes seems to have a mind of its own, flicking and moving in a way that is becoming, or at least fitting to the way the Home Girl Green moves. Her face too is unusual, her snout a touch more triangular than that of her siblings, her headknobs wider, in an overall effect that looks rather like someone merged a firelizard with a canine and made the resulting creature dragon sized.

The hide of the Home Girl Green is uniform in colour, a fresh pepper green, that will really get a lovely waxed shine with proper oiling, but is prone to flaking and scaling if left uncared for. While the hide is smooth and flawless for the most part there are bangles of a more rich yellowy ochre green around all four of her ankles and colouring her headknobs in uneven spikes. Evenly spaced across her haunches are spots of this yellower green, but a deeper colour what the bangles, so that they are not as obvious. When it comes time to rise the whole of the Home Girl Green's hide will seem to flash with a deep inter fire, giving her rider a days warning, or sometimes less, of her intentions.

The Home Girl Green's moves match her serpentine build, slinky and slithery, she has good control over her limbs most of the time and in the air likes smooth looping movements. She loves to curl herself up and follow her bonded around.

Fresh from her egg this dragon is as warm as could be hoped by the eggs exterior. Arimoth is keen to settle into the barracks and make a home for herself and her siblings she will not like the divide of the male and female living quarters, much prefering a common approach to living with everyone sharing one space in harmony. Zaralis' sleeping area will quickly become littered with things to make the barracks 'homely' if she does not keep a tight reign on Arimoth. These things could be anything of personal important to Arimth; that stone her Zaralis tripped over, the leaf that landed on her nose, a trinket she found abandoned and could think up some story for; or anything another dragon or human has given her.

This possesive and collective quality will remain with Arimoth her whole life, and good luck to even Zaralis in convincing this green to give up her precious things. She'll guard them fiercly. The same will apply to secrets and conversations with her fellows. While she remembers it, anything given to her; physical or verbal; will be under her protection. When she forgets, well there is how Zaralis will manage to keep the clutter in her weyr to a sensible level.

Arimoth loves her food, and her possessive nature means when it comes to meal times there will be no sharing. No it is not okay to give that bit of meat away, it is Mine! Is a prime example of a little outburst that Zaralis can expect until she learns to get portions exactly right. Arimoth would rather eat the excess than share and her weight will have to be watched all throughout her life.

Forming relationships during the first Turn of her life will be hit and miss. Arimoth will not settle at all during this time and will even go as far as to try and destroy relationships she has built to make room for new ones that may be unexpected or unpredictable. This could make Weyrlinghood difficult, but there is no mean intentions behind such destruction, just a wish to create some chaos and see what can grow. As she leaves Weyrlinghood this will finally settle and Arimoth will look to form close family style bonds with those in her wing and those who are close to Zaralis. It turns out she would prefer no relationships to bad relationships.

Throughout Weyrling training, Arimoth will bolster Zaralis when she has self doubt, like a mother with a favourite daughter she believes her bonded in the most beautiful and clever person in the whole wide world, and while she will not brag or speak of this to others she will be quick to have a sharp word with Zaralis about it. In the same vein she laughs at all Zaralis' jokes and will be happy to fill anyone in if they do not understand her lifemates dry sense of humour or soften the blow if her sarcasm is misconstrued.

In the Fighting Wings Arimoth may be reluctant at first (and every time she switches Wings) but once shes's got to know her companions her passion will shine through. Thread must be annihilated to protect her possessions and her family and she will revel in playing her part alongside her Wingmates.

Her temper, while it will flare hot, is quick to cool, and will only ever rear itself in volcanic outbursts, this green isn't one to hold a grudge even if she could remember one. She believes in second chances unendingly for those who she has deemed part of her 'family'. In Flight she will turn into a bit of a canine, a fun puppy dog exterior emerging and she'll love to try and trick and chase her followers, running with the pack as it were, as much as she will like to be chased. If one of her 'family' doesn't chase Arimoth will be hurt and outwardly upset for a few days. The winner will usually be chosen from her 'family' as well.

Chantico - The Aztec goddess of the home and hearth fire; she has a neat little sideline in volcanoes ^^ as well as being the goddess of personal treasures.
Her name comes from the spanish words for firey/burning (ARdIente) and mountain (MOntana) - The Aztecs made naming words by combining logograms as their language was polysynthetic. I shortened it to be pronounceable unlike many Aztec names!
Some of her life philosophies are is based on the thirteen day period of wind which Chantico rules - To create chaos out of order.

Arimoth's voice is warm and welcoming; a bubbling contralto. She's very illustrative in her speech using pictures to get her point across as intended. In mirth or anger her bubble becomes more rumble. Underlying her speech, especially to Zaralis and her close friends is a warm red tone like the flicker of flames that welcomes you home.

Hatching Message:
The Vesuvius Memorial Egg had started to shake, and shake and shake. It kept up a constant tremble slow and steady and then increasing to a frantic pace until it shattered. Amongst the ruins of the shell perched the Home Girl Green perfectly happy and content. The green didn't even look stunned as she wiggled around in the remaints of her shell and pressed herself against the warm sand crooning happily. Oh lovely heat. The Home Girl Green was very happy here indeed!

Public Impression Message:
There was a lot to be said for being warm and happy but home wasn't a home without loved ones, people to share it with and well she knew she needed to find Hers. Raising herself from amongst the sand and egg shells the Home Girl Green snatched the chunk of shell her head had been laying on in her jaws and akwardly set off towards the candidates.

It took her a good few paces to get into a sort of stride, her tail slithering behind her in it's own little world. The moves were still awkward as she didn't know exactly how to work her limbs yet and the hunger in her belly was growing. There that was the one who would feed her and love her.

Yes her. She was more than good enough.

Personal Impression Message:
The Home Girl Green approaches you with a piece of her egg shell clutched in her mouth. She croons happily and a warmth floods into your mind. A happy rumble, love, and the flicker of flames. The egg shell is dropped at your feet, a sign of trust as you know how much that means to her. In an instant the warmth isn't only in your mind but pressed against your legs with it's tail wrapped snake like around your leg. My beautiful smart Zaralis. I am your Arimoth and you will help me guard my egg shard won't you? But I also need food, or do you need food? The Home Girl Green eyes whirl happily, struck with hunger as she gazes up at you.

Dragon Credit: Maiden
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Vesuvius Memorial Egg
Egg Description: This egg wouldn't normally raise eyebrows, being a plain, dull, dark brown color over the majority of its surface, with a hint of forest-green right at the base. What makes it stand apart from its clutchmates is the vivid red-orange circle right at the tip, the color so bright as to be almost white right in the center. From that circle, streaks of red, orange and yellow spill out and flow down the sides of the egg, obscured in some places by hints of ashy-grey, like smoke hovering over a fire.
Egg Inspiration: Volcanic eruptions!
Egg Credit: Rainewolf

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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