Green Arlediath

Impressee: A'vi (Alvahi)

Name: Arlediath
Pronunciation: Are-ul-DEE-ath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 49E9BD
Final Size: 27' length of 45' wingspan

Description: Arlediath is a gorgeous turquoise green. She has two thin bands of emerald green on her upper arms and two additional bands around her wrists. Another hand-span wide band of emerald green wraps around her neck like a short, choker-like necklace. Her head is wider than it is long. Arlediath has short rounded headknobs. Otherwise, her body is slim, but well-porportioned. Her tail is longer than her neck and tapers down to a long thin fork at the end. Her wings are wide but niether too long or too short.

Personality: Arlediath loves adventure. She wants to explore all of Pern and is very curious. From the time of her hatching Arlediath will have quite the headstrong, stubborn personality of a teenage girl. And because she's a green she'll never grown out of that mentality. Her bonded will need to be firm, kind and very understanding. Arlediath will throw down some pretty good fits as a hatchling and weyrling. She will either pout or be unconsoleable at times as an adult. Arlediath isn't much for gossip and prefers action to long discussions. Once she can fly she'll want to explore as much of her surroundings as possible and will enjoy any trip that takes her outside the Weyr. Arlediath will have an especially good Search ability, too.
Even though she'll have her mood swings, Arlediath has a strong sense of self and a passion to do her part in fighting Thread. She's not a simpering, concieted green like some others. She just knows what she wants and doesn't like to compromise or give in. Arlediath will be very loyal to those who earn her trust. She won't be particular about any male dragon. Blues, browns or bronzes, they are all handsome and equal in her eyes. She will prefer males who are chivalrous, or self sacraficing to those who think muscle and might are all that's needed.
Fighting Thread will be something she knows she has to do, but she'll be more happy in a support position in a lower level Wing than trying to battle in an upper Wing or front position. She'll happily cheer others on and even once she's tired and needs to retire from the fight she'll follow what's happening until the whole 'Fall is complete. She won't want to bathe or eat until everyone is back safe at the Weyr.

Inspiration: Marle/Nadia (Chrono Trigger)

Hatching/Impression Message: Stone Cold Drunk Egg wobbled and rocked. It did this for a bit sometimes back and forth and sometimes front to back. As the wobbling became more often, the egg began to spin around in a circle. Then the Stone Cold Drunk Egg rolled down a small mound of sand and stopped closer to the Candidates. It didn't move at all for some time almost for long enough for those in the Stands to wonder if something had gone wrong within the egg. But then the shell cracked and after one more wobble, the pieces of shell just rolled off the green that spilt forth. She sat there for a few moments taking some deep breaths as her turquoise hide dried. Then, the hatchling blinked a few times, stood and began to wander towards the Candidates. But then the green caught sight of the Stands and all the people there and she wandered passed the Candidates to explore. She held her head high and began to trot happily taking in her surroundings before turning back to the Candidates agian. She paused near Xylstre for a few moments, but moved on. She creeled and paused a few times before butting up against Alvahi. Only those closest to him would hear his whispered words, "My love, Arledaith! I'm happy, so glad to finally meet you. "A'vi stood and followed the green Arledaith as she made her way off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Egg Name: Stone Cold Drunk Egg
Egg Description: This is one colorful egg. The bottom is all garish oranges and yellows. The top is deep, bright blue. A large splodge in gradually-lightening shades of blue flows down from the dark area at the top, accented with red lines differentiating certain shades, the entire color assortment seeming to be superimposed over a map of the Northern Continent. There is a curious side-effect to looking at this egg: it creates shivers and a deep chill, right on down to the bone. Don't look to long, or you may find yourself wondering if it will ever end!
Egg Inspiration: "Go Home Arctic - You're Drunk!" image of a Polar Vortex weather map.
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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