Green Arthenath

Impressee: B'ca (Barca)

Name: Arthenath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 99FF00
Final Size: 30' length with a wingspan of 49.5'

Arthenath is one of the largest greens in the Weyr, and she knows it. She has a thick but muscular body that is almost reminiscent of the larger brown and bronze dragons, with long and sturdy legs that give her steady and balanced steps on the ground. Her physique is rotund with sharp edges, giving her a more blocky appearance, and while her wings are wide and expansive, they are slightly shorter and almost seem a little too small for her large frame. Her neck and tail are also short and just a bit stubby, with a round but angular head. Because of her musculature, she rivals the blues and even some browns for strength and stamina, and she still possesses more agility than the larger dragons, although her weakness is her slower speed in flight.

However, Arthenath is as noticeable for her hide as her size. She is a bright yellow-green, and many imagine that for this very reason is why she believes that she is the golden version of a green dragon – or in other words, the princess of the dragon world. Her color is evenly distributed throughout the majority of her body, but a distinctly paler shade on her wing membranes that they almost transparent. The only true pattern are the darker vertical lines that run down the length of her legs, and they make her thick but long limbs appear as if they are columns supporting the monumental form of this dragon.

Arthenath is as arrogant and overbearing as any of the gold dragons, and she struts about the Weyr as if she owns it. Well, not exactly, because she does regard actual golds as authority figures, although it’s more of a begrudging acceptance that their rank is equal to her own, and perhaps slightly higher in the case of the senior queens. Otherwise she believes herself to be a privileged princess that should be treated as such, expecting to be admired by the bronzes and respected by all the other dragons. She has an almost condescending attitude to her fellow greens, as well as the blues and browns; they are her maids and servants, and there is no reason for her to do things herself – such as hunting – if there are others that she can command to do so for her. As for the bronzes, and some of the better browns, she has more appreciation for them, and so she tries to charm them into obliging to her demands rather than imposing upon them directly. After all, she could very well pass for a cute little gold dragon due to her size and color, so why shouldn’t she be treated as such?

As a weyrling, Arthenath strives to prove herself better than her clutchmates and as good as a gold. She will often do things that she hasn’t learned yet, simply to show that she is more than capable of learning things on her own. And more often than not, she will try to do what only the bronzes and golds can do – anything they can do, she can do better. To be compared to her fellow greens will be the greatest insult for this dragon, even far into adulthood. But after she matures, Arthenath will be less determined to show up the larger dragons, instead realizing her own strengths and weakness, and learning how to use them to her advantage.

Vanity is a significant characteristic about this dragon as well. Arthenath will obsess over her appearance night and day, and she can often be found staring down at her reflection in the waters, either in self admiration or fixating on all the small flaws. If there should be so much as a speck of dirt or single crack on her hide, there is no doubt that she will run squealing to her rider and demand to be properly bathed and oiled. She must not only impress but also keep up a good reputation, which includes looking good all the time – that is why hunting is one of her least favorite tasks, because the means getting dust and -blood all over her perfect hide. She will be just as demanding that B’ca look his best at all times, and often she will expect him to dress appropriately so that his clothing complements her beautiful color. The best way to win this dragon’s favor is to flatter her to no end, especially about her appearance.

Oddly enough, her arrogance and vanity play a contradicting role when it comes to Threadfall. On one hand, Arthenath is far too smug when she flies in a ‘Fall, and often she will maneuver in a way that is almost impossible for her build. Many expect that she is injured often because of her attitude, but this is where her vanity saves her hide – literally. She has such a strong determination to keep her body as clean and flawless as possible that she despises any sort of Threadscoring that could potentially result in a permanent scar. Therefore, she has an almost impossible ability to dodge thread at the last second that many will be shocked by her quick reflexes. Unfortunately, in all other instances, she is not nearly as swift or dexterous in her movements.

Flights are an important event for this dragon, though how often she rises a Turn will actually depend on whether or not she has an attachment to a male dragon at the time. Arthenath is unlikely to stay with a single male at any given time, but in the rare occasions that it does happen, she expects to be doted on all hours of the day and night. Nevertheless, her attraction to him is a bit fleeting, and she will leave him for a new conquest after a month or so. When she has no attachments, Arthenath will rise quite often. But in either case, she flies as long and hard as she can, and one must be both agile and enduring in order to keep up with this dragon. In the end she will always choose a bronze – possibly a strong and handsome brown – if she can, because no other dragon could possibly be worthy of one as superior as she.

Inspiration: (Architecture) The Parthenon

Arthenath has a slightly lower-ranged voice than typical, between a mezzo-soprano and contralto. There is much confidence, and condescension, in her tone, especially when speaking to the lower dragons. But to golds there is a mild lift in her pitch, hitting closer to mezzo-soprano, because she speaks to them in an almost falsely reverent quality. And then to the bronzes, and the few select browns, her voice drops to a low but sultry quality in which she tries to draw them in with her rousing authority.

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Garden Party Egg shook violently, and finally cracks ran down the length of the egg with a great deal of dramatic flare. Then shards went flying in every direction, and several bright wings and limbs stuck out this way and that. The yellowish green rolled awkwardly in a tangled mess, and tried to compose herself with as much dignity as she could muster. And then she was up, standing tall and proud, and she swiveled her head to look at her choice of candidates. Unsteady steps took her forward, and she stumbled only a little bit, before she came and stood before Jayne. No, she didn't like the feelings he was giving off, and she huffed and turned away abruptly — tail lashing out recklessly. She examined a few more candidates, a boy here and a girl there, then another girl, before she finally stood in front of Barca. "Arthenath, you are beautiful!" said the young man she'd chosen, and B'ca nodded approvingly as she flared her large wings to show her pleasure at their pairing. And they sauntered off the sands together.

Dragon Credit: Starr

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Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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