Brown Ascleornth

Impressee: B'tan (Bertran)

Name: The Pure of Heart Brown Ascleornth
Pronounciation: Uh-sklee-ornth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 8b4513
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 35.5' wingspan of 63'

All legs and elbows, the The Pure of Heart Brown will have trouble finding his feet when he hatches. He’ll kick and flail and, when he does find his feet, his legs will be all splayed out like one gust of wind could knock him over. As he ages though, he trades in his ungainliness for a gracefulness seldom seen in dragons on the ground. He moves with a flowing lope, rhythmic and powerful. If someone were to sit on his back and have him run across the ground, they would feel barely a jostle. That fluidness and grace are only magnified in the air.

The only thing that stands out build-wise on the The Pure of Heart Brown are his long legs. Other than that, he is a fairly normal proportioned brown. His tail might be a bit shorter than average and his muzzle a bit longer than average but it’s the legs that stand out. He is nowhere near in the running for the longest brown with the largest wingspan, but he might make the shortlist for the tallest! He will develop a fair amount of bulk, especially in his chest and hindquarters, but he won’t be so bulky that it detracts from his deftness.

The The Pure of Heart Brown’s hide is a warm, mouthwatering shade of brown. It brings up soothing feelings of hot cocoa on a brisk winter day or a square of chocolate before slipping into bed. He doesn’t have much in the way of flashy accents. His coloring is a consistent brown everywhere except his face. Here, his headknobs brighten from brown to a rich caramel. The caramel coloring also appears as a thick freckling between his eyes. The freckles make a rough diamond with one of its ends elongated towards the The Pure of Heart Brown’s snout.

Ascleornth is a very proud creature. Not the sort of proud where he stands on a pedestal and looks down at everyone else, but proud of how much he has accomplished since he hatched. He had a rough start in life. His injury on the Hatching Sands will make the first months of his Weyrlinghood even more grueling than normal. Cumbersome splints, painful manipulations, watching his classmates learn to swim and practice wingbeats…it will be tough but he will face it all with a grim determination. He will listen to all of B’tan’s instructions and not try to do anything he isn’t cleared for yet, no matter how much he wants to join in! There will be a lot frustration but he will never give up. He uses his experiences as an opportunity to inspire others who have been injured. {When I was injured the healers weren’t sure how well or even if my wing would recover, and look at me now! It was a lot of hard work but, if you give it your all, there is no reason you can’t make the same strides.} He knows the rewards of determination and perseverance.

Ascleornth has a compassionate nature, especially when it comes to injured dragons and riders. Part of that comes from being in the same situation himself, but part of that is just his nature. He treats everyone gently and a harsh word will never pass his thoughts. When his classmates or wingmates are injured, or really any dragon or rider that B’tan has attended, he will be there to offer his support and encouragement. He will share their pain and worry over their well-being. He will even make his own suggestions for their treatment and really some of them are quite good! The job isn’t done for Ascleornth after the initial wounds are tended. He will check up on them throughout the entire process of healing, sometimes to provide encouragement while they are doing their exercises or just to provide them with a welcome distraction from their troubles. Ascleornth is the sort of dragon who will stop to let others go first and rush to offer assistance if someone is struggling with something. This brown just has a heart of pure gold!

Ascleornth might be a calm, steady, and compassionate dragon, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get excited about things. The first time he gets to fly he will be as giddy as a girl in her first Turnover dress. He will want to go again and again and again. B’tan will have difficulty curbing his enthusiasm and exuberance. He loves to join in games and activities with everyone (probably partially because he had to sit out a lot while he recovered). He will be a model of good sportsmanship. Never one to rub it into the losing side’s face or sulk if things don’t quite go his way. Ascleornth isn’t one to take things for granted. He enjoys the moment he is in as much as he can.

Threadfall evokes an entirely different side of this otherwise gentle and nurturing brown. Before a ‘Fall, Ascleornth’s thoughts shift from gentle comfort to grim determination. He becomes increasingly ferocious as the ‘Fall proceeds. He won’t let a single Thread slip through to harm someone beneath him. Not one! He will put his own personal safety at risk to try to attain this impossibility. He will often return to the Weyr exhausted, having thrown all his energy into the fight. However, if one of Ascleornth’s wingmates is injured in the ‘Fall (other than some bumps, bruises, and light scores), the brown will have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. He will start thinking of everything he could do to help his fallen wingmate and everything that B’tan could offer. He might even request to return to the Weyr before the 'Fall is done.

Ascleornth’s tastes will be rather singular when he reaches maturity. He will only ever rise in pursuit of females on their maiden flight. He will chase after maidens every chance he gets, whether they be green or gold. However, after they’ve been caught once, by him or another male, he has no further interest, at least in terms of chasing anyway. If Ascleornth were so lucky to sire a clutch on a maiden gold, she would find him to be most chivalrous. Offering to bring her a meal or guard her eggs while she stretched her wings a bit…he would be proud beyond measure when the eggs hatched and try to inspire his children to reach for new heights…but still he will never chase the same gold again.

Unicorn. His name comes from the Greek god of healing and medicine Asclepius and the alicorn of the unicorn which was purported to have great healing powers.

Dragon Credit: Neena

Voice: Ascleornth’s voice takes the sound of a parent reading their child to sleep. A low hum, gentle and comforting. He isn’t the sort of dragon who feels compelled to fill every quiet moment with drivel. He knows when talk is appropriate and when silent attention is. Even without words, Ascleornth is highly expressive and empathetic. His feelings are as thick and vivid as words, easily conveying his thoughts. In stressful situations, his voice becomes calm and authoritative, cutting through all the panic to make sure that whatever help is needed is getting done.

Hatching Message: The general bedlam of breaking eggs, creeling hatchlings, and the elated cries of the newly Impressed, did not allow for the tap tapping of the Regal Light Egg to be heard. Tap. Tap. Tap. Steady. Rhythmic. It had started up soon after Euliath first hum reverberated in her throat and had continued right on up till now. A powerful tremor split down the sides and the egg opened like a flower bud. For a moment, the hatchling was still obscured but then two caramel headknobs appeared over the top of the shell. The hatchling lifted its head higher revealing a chocolate brown head. He tried to use his long legs to step out of his shell and leave the egg intact but he struggled to find his feet. Wobbling every which way, the Pure of Heart Brown obliterated the rest of his shell. He stood in the middle of the wreckage with splayed legs as if afraid to trust his weight to another step.

Public Impression Message: The lifeless hatchling rocketed up in a blaze of legs and claws. The Pure of Heart Brown tried to backpedal but he didn’t know where his sibling ended and he began. Claws raked through the hide of his hindquarters. The brown shrieked and reared up to try and throw the other hatchling off him. However, when he did this, the scratches on his hindquarters split further with a sound like a weaver ripping a cotton shirt with his bare hands. The Pure of Heart Brown crashed back to the ground. He opened his maw to roar just as the other hatchling’s foreleg came down upon his wing. The crack sounded deafening even in the relatively spacious cavern. The brown’s wing went limp and his roar turned into an anguished keen.

Personal Impression Message: The brown’s anguished keen struck a chord in the crowd. Many felt a sympathetic ache for the hatchling who was not yet old enough to control who he projected his pain to. For Bertran though, that feeling was so much more visceral. He might not even realize at first why pain started to radiate up his own arm and leg, dismissing it as a byproduct of his training. A healer would understand the pain a broken wing bone and lacerations would cause. However, the pain continued to grow. White hot and pulsing. Vivid. As if it was Bertran’s arm that was broken. There is a moment when your eyes meet, in which you see a flash of rainbow, though the dominate color is still the red of pain. There are no words exchanged. Just a silent understanding. Ascleornth. B’tan.

Egg Name: Regal Light Egg
Egg Description: This egg is of medium size and looks every bit as healthy as the young dragon within surely is. It is a midnight blue with a tinge of deep orange and fuzzy white about the bottom base. What strikes it apart from its brethren are the arrangement of sparkling white spots in a sort of ‘tee’ formation, three of them seem to radiate with a vibrant light all of their own. The remaining five are more muted and muted still are the countless smaller bits of white that collect about them. In a faint, pale blue coloring is a smudged line that delineates the figure of bird in flight as viewed from above or below it.
Egg Inspiration: The constellation of The Eagle (Aquila)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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