Impressed to Green Vanwilth

Name: Astralei
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 T193
Former Rank: Resident

Astralei is a few inches shorter than her brother, but nearly average height for a girl. She has the same long black hair and warm dark sienna skin. Astralei was young at the time of the unflown Fall, but in all the panic, she slipped out after her parents, who were farmers, when they tried to fight the fall with flamethrowers. Astralei’s mother managed to put the girl into a well, and she escaped the Fall without a scratch. Astralei became convinced that she would one day be fatally wounded in an accident and became paranoid about her safety. She went to the Weyr as a refugee and kept to herself. Astralei is clingy about her brother Tarseil and despite being estremely suspicious and hostile about the Weyr, agreed to go along with him and stand.

Mini-Biography Credit: Jey

T'eil (Tarseil) of green Chiketh

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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