The Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue Atanuith

Impressee: R'jo (Reijo)

Name: Atanuith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 5CBDFA (000024)
Final Size: 33' length with a wingspan of 55'

Vibrant tropical ocean-blue forms the bottom of this bicoloured dragon: from his toes up the expanse of his long but powerful legs, to the midline of his body, lapping about his belly and chest. The faintest hint of green adds to the effect that he is a tropical bay, warm and relaxing. The change from light to dark is remarkably abrupt: sea meets sky, and the top half of this dragon's body is the indigo of the night. Given how dramatic the difference in hues is, one would be forgiven for overlooking the more subtle aspects of his colouring. Cerulean dapples his flanks and shoulders, like leaves against the background of the night.

Everything about him screams 'sturdy': the Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue is no skinny twig of a thing, but a solid dragon, towering on those long legs of his. While not especially long in length, he is tall and - well, some would say rotund. Yes, he's rather thick in the middle and in the neck and tail, matching those muscular legs of his. He'll be a powerful dragon, muscles growing in in abundance, filling out gradually so that it seems like his growth will never end. He'll be a gangly youth while he works out how to use legs that just don't see to want to work for him. His wings at least will be perfectly in proportion with his body, though it will take him time to learn to compensate in the air for his solid body and big legs. Though slow in movement he may be, every move he makes seems to be completely under his control. Even so much as a turn of his head to observe some flying thing he saw out of the corner of his eye is made with a peculiar certainty, like a plant growing towards the sun.

Some dragons are mischievous, some are curious - some are mean! But Atanuith, from his earliest days, is a dragon who likes peace and unity between - well, just about everyone. He'll most definitely end up being the peacemaker of his class, wanting to deal with things so that there's no fighting. Because if there's anything Atanuith dislikes intensely, it's fighting - especially in the limited confines of the weyrling barracks. The worst thing that could happen in that space is for there to be conflict between one another. What is better than a peaceful environment, after all? For Atanuith, he'll be all about talking to people and working out the best solutions for any tensions that do arise. When things can be solved with just words, that's fantastic. But other problems may need a different approach, and that's where Atanuith's great bulk will come in handy. Two arguing dragons? He'll plop himself right inbetween them to break the fight up. He's not one to participate, he's just, like…there. Breaking things up. Initially, this technique probably won't be very effective as Atanuith will take time to grow into his long legs, but as he fills out round the middle and those muscles bulk his limbs up he'll soon become the sort of unmoveable object that unstoppable forces are fightened of.

An early interest of his will be flying things, initially just fire-lizards as there aren't exactly many other winged beings in the Weyr. R'jo's Dachi will get him intrigued, and Atanuith will soon long to have not only that chubby-bellied brown using him as a perch, but any fire-lizard who wants somewhere to sit. Don't be surprised to find him lying out in the Weyrbowl, perhaps by the lake, covered with basking 'lizards. Ssh, R'jo…they are all asleep. See how that green has a mark on the right side of her neck? She was in a Threadfall you see, and she got caught just there. He'll be very "at one" with them, more than happy to listen to their mental chatter and hear their stories and thoughts. Rather like the fire-lizards he adores, Atanuith will have an affinity for shiny things, particularly small ones. However, all those pretty trinkets - be they polished rocks, bits of scrap metal, items of jewellery, shiny bugs - will be much nicer in someone else's couch, and Atanuith may gain a reputation for giving the things, usually wordlessly, to his fellow dragons.

Iridith and Fienth will always be his parents, and this will be something that Atanuith will never forget even with the notoriously poor draconic memory. He has a tie to them, and as such he'll always revere them. However, he'll not be striving to be best buddies with them, preferring instead to keep his distance and only interact with them when necessary. A young dragon cannot rely on his parents for protection for ever. They looked after me before I cracked shell, and now I must find my way in the world - with you, of course, R'jo. With that said, those shiny things that he adores picking up may often find their way silently onto Fienth's ledge in particular, and occasionally Iridith's. His siblings will be another matter entirely. While Atanuith is very much a patient and understanding dragon, a clutchmate who does something to aggrieve him will meet a very different side from this blue. He dislikes being put out or shown up by them, and his way of getting even? Revenge, of course. His dislike of being tricked or hurt will extend to R'jo, and Atanuith will do everything in his power to think up and enact some plan of revenge. He'll be subtle about it, of course - there's no pleasure to be had in shouting it from the rooftops - and it will likely be a slow process, as many things are with Atanuith. Once the score is even again, Atanuith will be happy that the balance is restored…at least for now.

Atanuith will always be a dragon with an astounding strength of mind as well as of body. As his body grows, so does his mind expand. Like a tree growing and branching out, he will pursue many avenues of interest, learning and extending his knowledge of the world. As an adult, he will never be under the impression that he - and R'jo - know everything, instead being of the mindset that there is always room to learn and grow. Learning will be something that does come naturally to Atanuith, though he may seem slower than his classmates in understanding things and getting them right - something that may be a concern to R'jo initially. However, Atanuith is a deep thinker, and weyrling lessons are things that he needs to absorb, slowly digesting the information over a few days so that he can put all the pieces together. R'jo will need to take a patience approach during those months of weyrlinghood, though Atanuith will help make that easy by encouraging his rider to study while he ruminates on his draconic learning.

Atanuith will be a good, solid member of any Wing - that one dragon a Wingleader can rely on to never be late to anything, and to always be prepared to do his best. In a Threadfall Atanuith will not be chatty or loud - that's just not his style - but he'll spot danger a mile off and won't hesitate to send a warning to any dragon who's likely to be affected. Don't expect him to be wordy about it though. Arimoth. Thread clump above and to your right. In the heat of a battle, his lack of verbosity may be a boon, and he'll likely be the cause for quite a few near-misses as he spots trouble. All that knowledge he's taken on board, mulled over, and stored away in his brain will come together to make him very good at thinking up plans of attack for different weather conditions, patterns of Threadfall, and missing dragons in a Wing. Wingsecond or even Wingleader would not be an impossibility for him, and though he would not purposefully seek out such a position himself, he would accept one presented to him with humble honour.

Women. Ah, women. Well, female dragons. Atanuith will be rather the romantic type, in his own steady, slow-paced way. After maturity, he'll develop an interest in finding a female who's the "right one"for him - the one that complements his personality. While not an obsession, it will be something that drives him to talk to females - moreso greens of course, for golds are far above his place in life - and forge friendships with them. Of course, dragons are a little different to humans, and such partnerships between dragons are never quite the same as between weyrmated or married couples, but Atanuith will entertain the notion of finding the dragon for him. He'll chase most greens, and, should he catch, he'll be rather attached to the lady for a while - perhaps to her chagrin as she finds shiny objects left on her ledge, or Atanuith just happens to be at the lake the same time as her, wanting to talk to her again. With time, his memory will fade of course, but what he doesn't remember he can't miss or hurt him, so all's well in his life as he ponders on that life partner of his once again.

When considering a dragon for Reijo, I decided to go for a personality that was complementary to his own, and after quite a bit of research I stumbled upon the Māori god Tāne/Tāne-mahuta. God of forests and birds, he inspired Atanuith's love of flying creatures, and his sturdy, tree-like nature. Hopefully he can be the companion that suits Reijo's calm nature - and has his little temper of his own to match his rider's occasional shows of passion!

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Now, you asked for a name that could be shortened into a nickname, and unfortunately I did struggle to fulfil that request! Now, my thoughts on Atanuith are that the location of the emphasis in his name will help shape his nickname: if the stress is on the 'Ah', he could be 'Ata' / 'Atta'; on the 'Tan', he could become 'Tanu'. You have a knack for nicknames, and hopefully you'll be able to work something you like from his full name!

Atanuith's voice is always so…chilled out. He's not a dragon who's rushing out his words, slamming them into your mind at a ridiculous rate. He's not in any rush to speak, his thoughts coming along at just the right pace in that low, rolling bass of his. His mind's presence always has an oddly humid 'feel' to it, conjuring up the idea that his mind is a dense, lush forest, the warm air circulating amongst the verdant trees. Deep browns, the colour of fertile soil, and all the lush shades of the forest are his hues, and the light through the leaves adds a dappled effect to his mind's presence. The sounds of the forest are ever present in his mental touch: the rustling of the leaves and the music of birds when he is at rest; when roused to fight Thread or to a rare temper, his inner forest is buffeted by storm, creaking branches and fleeing birds creating a cacophony that is quite at odds with his otherwise slow and steady words.

Hatching Message:
One mighty movement punched a great hole in the shell of the Glorious Rain Egg. With the initial work done, it was simply a matter of the hatchling clawing away more of the object that was containing him. With a final shove, the egg shattered away, and the lanky-legged Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue within could finally uncurl and see the world. First one front leg was placed on the sand, followed by the other, With those two successfully out, the dragonet got his back feet under him and then pushed up. Woah. Okay. One wobbly step after the other, he got the hang of the walking thing, and, with a quick glance back at Iridith, he started towards the white shapes of the candidates. Something was calling to him, and he wanted to find out what it was.

Public Impression Message:
The Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue had managed to traverse the seemingly neverending expanse of sands between the clutch and the candidates, and could now have a good look at the candidates. A quiet dismissal here, a turn of the head there, and he'd gone through quite a few candidates. It was the males who were attracting his attention, and, after some consideration, one in particular who was the one. Tall like him, broad-shouldered and black-haired. Yes, he was the one for the blue. Legs still wobbly and uncoordinated, the Star-Giver Peacemaker Blue closed the gap between them, standing straight-legged and sturdy as he could manage before his choice of candidate, eyes picking up the joyous rainbow of colours that signified a happy Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
Like a seed, a second mind plants itself into yours. Taking root, it reaches out, the warmth of a tropical forest creeps in, birdsong in the background and a voice in the foreground - a smooth, bass voice that rolls on in with ease. R'jo…it's so good to find you. There's a pause as his presence branches out, your two beings joining as one. He is you, you are him. And so his hunger is yours, too, and that unspoken apology is his. My name is Atanuith. And, I think, I need to eat. And while his love for you is almost overwhelming, with that hunger gnawing in his belly, the noise of the forest is rising and threatening to overcome all else. Let's find…food.

Dragon Credit: Emma
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Glorious Rain Egg
Egg Description: This egg might seem like any other egg, it might even look ordinary from a distance, but as one gets closer, they see it's of a fresher color, and it seems vibrant, full of life. It's a normal sized egg, maybe hinting at a little bigger. Looking really close at its creamy white surface, one can both feel and see little yellowish markings, on top of markings of a greenish tinge. The picture makes of flowers and plants joyfully reaching up in the sky, where one can see little bluish markings falling down to sustain the life of the plants. Yet it takes imagination for the eyes to make out the shapes as what they're supposed to be, to see beyond what might be considered dull, if powerful. Its shape seems normal, but a closer look, close enough to make out the tinges, shows it's slightly irregular, as if it's reached out a little bit more in some places than others.
Egg Inspiration: Rain
Egg Credit: Leyla

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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