Green Atsyunarth

Impressee: N'ro (Nijiro)

Name: Break Your Heart Green Atsyunarth
Pronounciation: atz-YOO-nah-rth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 003300
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 29' length of 49' wingspan

Description: Atsyunarth is a dark green dragon who easily blends into the cloudy night or along the shadowy canopies of the jungle. The only stark contrast to her hide is a very pale green face in a piebald pattern, although her eyes and the front of her lips are touched with a green so dark that it looks black. This same dark color is seen on her wing membranes and as a cross pattern on her chest. For a green Atsyunarth is not as slim as one would expect but her lines are soft and smooth. She is still lean especially in comparison to the larger colors, but what stands out is her surprisingly bulky hips that seem to taper from a trim waist into wide hindquarters. Her short tail has a thick base that tapers to a thin end, and her wings are broader than they are long. Atsyunarth boasts a good amount of endurance for a small dragon, and she possesses more agility than at least the larger dragons but lacks speed and strength.

Personality: Atsyunarth will have an unfairly negative reputation from the start, possibly due to the darkness of her hide and the unintentional violence that surrounded her hatching. Most dragons will even naturally avoid her because they think she is hateful and violent, while others will look down on her more out of misunderstanding and fear than anything else. She does have a tendency to say pessimistic and often morbid things, but such remarks stem from an intellectual curiosity rather than any savage behavior. Look at how the blood gushes out of that herdbeast's throat. Do you think that is painful?

But in reality Atsyunarth is passive and a pacifist, surprisingly tolerant of others despite their antagonistic opinions of her. She is quite accepting of flaws and mistakes, and often shrugs off an offense or injury to her by another. She may seem to have a shorter memory than most dragons but this is not so, because she simply is not confrontational and prefers to leave a situation than engage into it. As such she is an introverted and antisocial dragon, quite content in nothing more than the company of her rider. But she does enjoy learning and listening to stories, so she will often hang around a Harper teaching children while pretending to just be taking a nap near when in fact she is eavesdropping intently.

Despite such an attitude, Atsyunarth can be a very keen and sensitive dragon, although she tends to sympathize more with negative than positive emotions. She is personally very disappointed over the inequalities and "evils" found in society, but she is not one to defend her ideals. Rather she does nothing more than silently grieve and agonize over all that is wrong with the world, which is possibly why others see her as such a strange and depressing dragon because she does give off a negative vibe. Only her rider will ever be privy to her thoughts. I don't understand why the boys are so cruel to the girls. What did they ever do to receive such unfair treatment? For all this she would make a good Search dragon if only she could overlook her own bias for those who have suffered a difficult and tragic past.

Atsyunarth will be reluctant to rise, and she will have little to no warning when she is about to rise, which will occur less frequently than common for a green. When she does take to the skies, however, she can become passionate to the point of almost aggressive, and she is not one to pay any mind to who actually catches her. She will simply fly and fly until she tires and one of the males manages to catch her. Neither does she mind cuddling afterwards, assuming the male is not intimidated by her detached attitude.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Hatching/Impression Message: The cracking of the Sinister Smile Egg was mostly unnoticeable as one who looked at the egg would have wondered if they were imagining the fact that the egg was shaking with silent laughter. But the movements were slight and seemed to come and go, so they were easily brushed off by a trick of the mind. Even so there were cracks that started to form along the linear patterns on the surface of the egg, and only the perceptive would have even seen the cracking. Only when three pieces of the shell fell off - quite coincidentally along the three shapes - did anyone start to notice that there was a dragon trying to worm its way out. But as two dark claws came out from the lower and larger hole, it seemed that the dragon realized that the holes were too small to escape from, and so after a few scratches and kicks, the egg finally split open into several fragments. The Break Your Heart Green spilled out, and she thrashed as she righted herself. But she noticed the attention on her, and seemed to shy from the limelight. Seeing the candidates, she rushed towards them to escape the scrutiny, but ended up tripping over herself and tumbled head over tail towards the candidates. If they weren't paying attention or fast enough, the green hatchling rolled right towards Murrin and then Surindal, squealing and thrashing sharp claws about as she tried to gain her bearings. Only when she crashed into Nijiro did she finally come to a stop, and it was with a look of shame that she gazed up a bloodied Nijiro. "Don't worry, Atsyunarth. I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone. It's just a little scratch, see?" N'ro managed to answer, though it was clear that his thigh was slashed up pretty badly. With the impression made, the Healers rushed forward to help him off the sands, and the dark green hatchling followed behind while creeling worriedly for her new rider.

Egg Name: The Sinister Smile
Egg Description: There, hanging at the back of the cavern, sitting largely in the shadows, is the most wicked of smiles. Great yellow eyes glare out nastily at you as a great big, pointy grin dares you to even think about touching.
Wrapped around this egg is, what looks like, a face, an evil face.
The egg is a chalky black with regular streaks of light and dark. It would blend well into the dark sands of Solaria if it weren't for that horrid face. There is also something inside of it's mouth, something bright and glaring.
The braver Candidates will want to touch this egg, and many a dare will likely take place to see who actually has the courage, the courage to see if this egg really does bite.
Egg Inspiration: Black pumpkin
Egg Credit: IerynEtra

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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