The Lady of Logic and Lace Gold Audalath

Impressee: Ellandra (Kitya)

Name: Audalath
Pronounciation: aww - DA - lath
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: FDE19E
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 49' wingspan of 82'


This gold is very much her mother's daughter from the moment of hatching. Tiny enough to perhaps warrant some unpleasant comments behind people's backs, she's also extremely delicate-looking. Pale and fine-featured, she almost seems as if she might snap from a gust of wind; her movements are careful and calculated, feminine nonetheless but never without full thought behind them. For all her worryingly frail appearance, there's a fierce fire in her eyes, the intensity of their gaze unnerving to some. Palest champagne gold from tip to toe, she is perfectly painted, without a visible defect on her hide. A circlet of paler, silvery-gold rings her head just above her headknobs, matching her regal air. Were it not for her diminutive size, there'd be no argument that she's a prime example of a gold.

Fortunately, from those worrisome beginnings, this gold will grow and grow, exceeding the size of her dam and surprising those who believed she might be fated not to thrive. She will always seem to have an almost ethereal glow to her, and will remain youthful in appearance. She'll be a beauty for sure, catching the eye of many. With pleasingly fine features, as if formed from china worked by the hand of a Master, this gold will be a sight to behold. She holds herself elegantly, too. Her wings are wide even for her length, but they never trail in an undignified manner. No, they are her cape; her cloak; her shawl, as much a part of her appearance as any Lady Holder's finest Gather gown. They are overlaid with a darker filigree that sweeps down from her shoulders, over the beautifully pale wing membranes until fading away at the edges of each sail.

Her paws are all exquisitely delicate, tapering to gentle points; all her claws a bright white that she will maintain carefully. The hide of her forepaws is also a paler colour, as if she wears vintage ivory-toned opera gloves with a subtle metallic sheen to them. With age, a very subtle lilac undertone will be apparent to her hide, reminiscent of her sire's more blatant purple tones. Her perfect proportions are truly a gift from her parents, too, and she enjoys no issues with oversized paws; ungainly tails, dragging wings. Even as she grows from that tiny beginning to beautiful adult, she will never have odd growth spurts, or gangly moments of teenagehood.

A perfect lady, Audalath has all the elegance and charm of a noblewoman, and will enchant everyone around her with a fine intellect as well as her social graces. She will naturally be the center of attention; where others have to work for this privilege, Audalath will fall into it graciously and seamlessly. Even from an early age this gold will have a keen understanding of the way the mechanics of the world work, but instead of being off-putting or a know-it-all about it, her intelligence will only further draw others to her, for when you listen to Audalath speak she somehow makes everything sound fascinating.

As a weyrling Audalath will always be an eager, thoughtful pupil, with enough questions to keep the Weyrlingmasters ever on their toes. She will want to go above and beyond all expectations, and will desire to tackle any topic, even if it seems solely pertinent to the fighting dragons and not to herself—after all isn’t her job as a gold to know as much about the way the Weyr works as possible? Despite her lady-like personality, she will not shy away from hard work, even though as a result she will often believe herself ready for challenges she has not quite developed enough to face. More than anything though, Audalath will enjoy a good honest conversation with the Weyrlingmasters, about everything from the more technical aspects of flying to the serene landscapes one can observe when soaring high over the jungles of the Solarian proctor.

While her intellect is remarkable in a great deal of areas, mathematical analysis is where Audalath's true talent lies. There is something she just finds so satisfying and definitive about equations and the black and white of mathematics. There is no need for speculation, the calculation either works or it doesn't and if it is the latter than she must fathom some other way to come to the desired conclusion. This passion for formulating also extends to one of her greatest vices; gambling. Audalath is too much of a lady to confess readily to this addiction, rather she couches it in vague terms, such as a love for numbers, or the need to see if her latest mathematical formulations work in practice.

However Ellandra need not fear Audalath will waste all her talent on games of chance, she is too clever to allow herself to progress down this wastrel path. No, she will also use her uncanny mathematical mind for the greater good of her wing, and indeed Solaria. Her love of patterns, organisation and efficiency means she will be forever attempting to restructure not only her own wing but the fighting wings also in an attempt to minimise injuries and increased productivity. Knowing the power she wields as a gold she will think nothing of calling all the Wingleaders and Wingseconds to her personal weyr at any given time of day so she may discuss formations.

This gold certainly appreciates a well-formed dragon. She will flirt with all the handsome dragons of the Weyr, be they bronze or blue, complimenting bulging muscles and - is that a scar? Especially appreciative of a working mind, the gold will trade witty repartee for candlemarks on end, drawing in males with her easy laughter and ready compliments. What may start as a simple flirtation, however, often becomes the young gold giving her heart away. She is a hopeless romantic, falling fast for any male who promises his love to her and giving in to daydreams of twining in the sky; if those dreams are dashed (maybe by him Chasing another, or someone reminding her that blues simply cannot support a gold of her stature in Flight) our lady will be perfectly distraught- until the next distraction comes her way. Ellandra will have to keep a careful eye on her, for they are likely to have very differing opinions on who a 'suitable' mate is!

Audalath will be a distant mother at best and may come to a disagreement with other golds over her seemingly lack of maternal instinct. She believes being overly involved and fussy will detract her children from their lessons and make them more inclined to misbehave and become unruly. In addition she has so many of her own pursuits to occupy her time and believes it rather unseemly of her rank to mollycoddle. Furthermore her great respect for the Weyrlingmasters means she wholeheartedly entrusts her offspring's care to their tender ministrations believing what worked for her will do splendidly for her children also. Her greatest hope for her children is that they will develop enquiring minds and provide her with intelligent conversation, once they reach maturity.

Audalath is inspired by Ada Lovelace, a 19th century woman who is widely regarded as one of the first computer programmers. Such is her influence that she now has a day named for her that takes place on the 11th October - also the day we started writing Audalath! Ada, the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, was a intelligent and well-educated woman. She became Countess of Lovelace through marriage. However, it was Ada's work on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine - a very early idea of a computer - that made her most famous, with her extremely detailed drawings of programs for the machine the first to be published, before Babbage's more simple designs.

Dragon Credit: Emma, Mandy, Michi, Pavlova, Vandelay

While a lady's affectations may simply be put on like a borrowed ball gown by her bonded, The Logic and Lace Gold's own voice has no such artifice. Delicate, polite, but effortless is the key term; her speech is like the wind, typically light and airy but not without force when she wants to get a point across or chirpy and swirling when particularly excited by some new discovery.

Hatching Message:
After the flurry of larger eggs hatching, and a sense of restlessness falling upon the wannabe goldriders, momentum seemed to change and The Life of Pi Egg started to rock backwards and forwards. It's brightness begged attention, even by those who had dismissed it's smaller size as not containing the precious gold. As if sensing something momentous was occurring all the other eggs stilled in their progress allowing The Life of Pi Egg to have everyone's full and undivided attention. Slowly the cracks started to slither down its sleek surface, shell shattering around the champagne coloured dragon who peered about with keen eyes. THE LADY OF LOGIC AND LACE GOLD had finally made her appearance.

Public Impression Message:
THE LADY OF LOGIC AND LACE GOLD was nothing if not meticulous in her examination. Each and every girl on the Sands was given a thorough once-over, and now some of the girls in the Stands as well! Clearly Narene was not for her, but she was a lovely lady regardless. The gold still seemed dissatisfied in some way, still seemed unable to make her decision. She turned away from the people in the Stands, again looking over the throng of females before her- a queen surveying her people and land. Maybe none of these women were for her. Maybe she wouldn't Impress at all, unless… hmph! Who was approaching her, so demanding? This girl was so very prideful, so very haughty. And to her? THE LADY OF LOGIC AND LACE GOLD reached out a hand to swat away the presumptuous girl, until she noticed the tears tracking down her face. Her forepaw lowered slowly, and her eyes began to whirl with something other than curiosity or indignation.

Personal Impression Message:
You had been so incredibly frustrating for the THE LADY OF LOGIC AND LACE GOLD, and she wanted to impress that upon you, a gentle scolding melting in with the feelings of reassurance, love, and yes, hunger. It had taken so long for that stubborn facade to crack enough for the hatchling to get a good footing, that any longer may very well have turned the creature off for good - much to your utter terror - but luckily her patience had paid off and she found the opening needed to wriggle in and integrate fully into every fiber and cell of the heart, mind, and soul. Certainly, the sensation was incomprehensible, the very machinations of Impression being far too complex for description… and she hadn't even spoken yet.

Her voice, though without edge, or even much in force was arresting, swirling around and tickling through the head until the skin puckered into chills, Really, you've made this exceedingly difficult my dear Ellandra, she rolled around your name without any effort, before continuing, but you showed yourself to me, and I shall to you. I am your Audalath. Now dry your tears, and come with me. Just between us ladies, I am quite starved. Primly, but not without some youthful whimsy, the gold turned her attentions towards the feeding tables.

Egg Name: Life of Pi Egg
Egg Description: Another small egg in comparison to many other eggs in the clutch, this one is relatively oval but not severely so. It is a sleek looking egg, gleaming even in the dim light of the cavern. It stands out from the black sands with its dominantly silvery white coloring. There is a pattern of black markings on one half of the egg with some bronze spots hidden in the black. Although this egg looks like the shell is perfectly smooth to the touch, there are lines hidden in the coloring where it feels like prickly little hairs are sticking out. It can be a little unsettling even with the prettiness of this little egg dazzling you.
Egg Inspiration: Endangered insect Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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