Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth P8 T19

Flight - August 2017/Late Summer T19, 8th Pass
Clutching - September 2017/Mid Autumn T19, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - October 2017/Early Winter T19, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)
Totals: 23
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 7
Green: 10

PC Candidates: Alexia, Awaihos, Aylani, Byron, Cenally, Ebenric, Echkalo, Edona, Eirika, Ephraim, Erine, Evenna, Indria, Jenhyn, Kovik, Loamol, Moraos, Niazlar, Okathravin, Talora, Terrin, Uronsul, Zaveid

PC Dragons:
Now Kiss! Bronze Nixeth to Eph'rim (Ephraim) [Shelacula]
The Noblest Solarian Bronze Eidmarth to U'sul (Uronsul) [Sola]
The Best Brew Brown Olcath to T'rin (Terrin) [Lady Bread]
The Hobgoblin Blue Rofelloth to N'az (Niazlar) [Rhee]
Steadfast Son Blue Tadanoth to J'hyn (Jenhyn) [notomys]
It's All Fun and Games Until… Blue Satirath to Z'veid (Zaveid) [Sigyn]
Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green Elphameth to W'hai (Awaihos) [Dragonblossom]
Hopelessly Devoted Green Marademth to K'vik (Kovik) [Fairytale]

NPC Dragons:
Doomed Scottish Brown Orselloth to W'ron (Wesaron) - Adopted by Esko
Fiery Sword of the Heart Brown Tylth to Os'gar (Ostegar) - Adopted by Ren

Mine, Everything's Mine! Blue Kinleonth to E'theo (Esatheos)
Love to the End Blue Romoth to B'nack (Bernack) - Adopted by Kitya - died Late Spring, P8 T20
I am the Will of the Storm Blue Oresorth to G'dyl (Gabzdyl)
Trust Me, I'm a Blue Kempeth to Wor'in (Woranhin)

Love Above All Green Liettath to Nellise - Adopted by Corgi - Liettath lost between Late Spring P8 T20; Nellise died Late Summer, P8 T21
Sour, Never Sweet Green Soricaeth to Shoshra
All Dressed in Blue Green Zabenth to Briyela - Adopted by Kati
I Fought The Law Green Piath to Hillina
The Second Mother Green Nayolith to R'kin (Rynkin) -lost in between lesson - Late Autumn, P8 T20
Young In Love Green Phelaith to Th'oki (Thumoki)
Cycle of Violence Green Tamgorath to Ja'jeik (Jayjeiku)
Lady of the Night Green Beceth to G'tro (Gatro) - Threadfall death - Mid Spring, P8 T20

Egg theme: Birds of a Feather
Dragon theme: Shakespeare Characters

Many thanks to: Corgi, Kitya, Mandy, Michi, Shouriko, Vandelay

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