Gold Audalath x Bronze Cygneth P8 T19

Flight - August 2017/Late Summer T19, 8th Pass
Clutching - September 2017/Mid Autumn T19, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - October 2017/Early Winter T19, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Audalath (Ellandra)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)
Totals: 23
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 7
Green: 10

PC Candidates: Alexia, Awaihos, Aylani, Byron, Cenally, Ebenric, Echkalo, Edona, Eirika, Ephraim, Erine, Evenna, Indria, Jenhyn, Kovik, Loamol, Moraos, Niazlar, Okathravin, Talora, Terrin, Uronsul, Zaveid

PC Dragons:
Now Kiss! Bronze Nixeth to Eph'rim (Ephraim) [Shelacula]
The Noblest Solarian Bronze Eidmarth to U'sul (Uronsul) [Sola]
The Best Brew Brown Olcath to T'rin (Terrin) [Lady Bread]
The Hobgoblin Blue Rofelloth to N'az (Niazlar) [Rhee]
Steadfast Son Blue Tadanoth to J'hyn (Jenhyn) [notomys]
It's All Fun and Games Until… Blue Satirath to Z'veid (Zaveid) [Sigyn]
Deep in the Enchanted Woods Green Elphameth to W'hai (Awaihos) [Dragonblossom]
Hopelessly Devoted Green Marademth to K'vik (Kovik) [Fairytale]

NPC Dragons:
Doomed Scottish Brown Orselloth to W'ron (Wesaron)
Fiery Sword of the Heart Brown Tylth to Os'gar (Ostegar)

Mine, Everything's Mine! Blue Kinleonth to E'theo (Esatheos)
Love to the End Blue Romoth to B'nack (Bernack) - Adopted by Kitya
I am the Will of the Storm Blue Oresorth to G'dyl (Gabzdyl)
Trust Me, I'm a Blue Kempeth to Wor'in (Woranhin)

Love Above All Green Liettath to Nellise
Sour, Never Sweet Green Soricaeth to Shoshra
All Dressed in Blue Green Zabenth to Briyela
I Fought The Law Green Piath to Hillina
The Second Mother Green Nayolith to R'kin (Rynkin)
Young In Love Green Phelaith to Th'oki (Thumoki)
Cycle of Violence Green Tamgorath to Ja'jeik (Jayjeiku)
Lady of the Night Green Beceth to G'tro (Gatro)

Egg theme: Birds of a Feather
Dragon theme: Shakespeare Characters

Many thanks to: Corgi, Kitya, Mandy, Michi, Shouriko, Vandelay

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