Audalath's 1st Clutch - Eggs

Theme: Birds of a Feather

Egg Name: The First Egg
Egg Description: Despite being utterly average or smaller in size, this egg has a large presence. The shell is a mottled sandy color that, while the hopeful could arguable define it as ‘gold’, lacks any and all semblance of metallic shine. It looks more like a block of stone fallen on the Sands than a real egg and even touching it fails to dispel the illusion. Even fresh on the Sands, the shell is gritty and rough and time will only turn it more so. While half the egg is mostly uninteresting, the other half contains a pattern that looks almost like a small, twisted wherry skeleton pressed into the shell… Or perhaps a small firelizard? Either way, it looks real enough to cause genuine concern, especially since the egg sits still and silent on the Sands with no reassuring signs of life.
Egg Inspiration: Archaeopteryx
Egg Credit: Shelacula
Egg Name: Snow Peak
Egg Description: A large squat white egg sits heavily in its wallow like its hunkering down as deeply as it could to stay warm. Around about two thirds of the egg are a series of dark chevron shape markings. The crown of the egg is unblemished by any marks. The texture is very fine and almost feels more like velvet instead of egg shell.
Egg Inspiration: Snowy Owl
Egg Credit: LdyPayne
Egg Name: Blue Barrier Egg
Egg Description: This is a pretty enough egg to look at. It’s about average in size and shape, though the top of the egg seems to be slightly pointier than is average. One side of the egg is primarily a pale off-white colour, excepting a horizontal ring of black that circles the egg near the top. The other side of the egg is medium blue is colour, the top fairly uniform, but the bottom of the egg is flecked with various shades of blue, and also white and some more black.
Egg Inspiration: Blue jay, Cyanocitta cristata
Egg Credit: Rhee
Egg Name: Utter Eclipse Egg
Egg Description: The Utter Eclipse Egg is large, and it seems to absorb the light around it in it's darkness. For this egg is very dark, with only a few small lines of lightness, like light coming through a faded spot in a thick and dark curtain. This egg is entirely smooth, nothing spectacular about it, except it's totally smooth.
Egg Inspiration: Ziz
Egg Credit: WunderingMind
Egg Name: You Want Some Egg
Egg Description: Utterly average in size, this egg could very well go overlooked if not for its impressive, dark navy color, mottled through with brighter blues. While the color alone is pretty enough, more impressive are the two fluorescent purple spots on either side of the narrower end. It’s impossible to see the entirety of both spots at the same time, which has the unfortunate effect of making it look like the egg is nervously trying to look in two separate directions at once.
Egg Inspiration: Bowerbird
Egg Credit: Shelacula
Egg Name: BlueEgg of Happyness
Egg Description: This egg is a lovely blue shade, eye catching and bright without being glaringly so. It is a soft roundish shape and appears to have a smooth surface. The egg isn't shiny, but matte, so the sheen to this little blue egg is one that isn't glaring or garish. Such a homely egg provides a great surprise when it is turned over and the vibrant red appears. This patch mimics the heart of the egg that is warm and full of joy. A small egg that is exuding happiness such that it can be felt from afar when gazed upon.
Egg Inspiration: Bluebirds Sialia spp.
Egg Credit: Shouriko
Egg Name: Spring’s Here
Egg Description: Sitting proudly on the sands is a medium sized roundish egg which somehow seems larger than it actually is. Nearly two thirds of the egg is a bright orange red which makes the egg seem to bulge outward. The rest of the egg is a uniform dark brown-grey which serves to make the brighter portion all the more prominent. The texture of the egg is fairly smooth and pretty much what you would expect an egg to feel like.
Egg Inspiration: Robin
Egg Credit: LdyPayne
Egg Name: The Strut Your Stuff! Egg
Egg Description: This egg is simply stunning, and is sure to draw your eye right to it. The base color of the egg is a rich teal color that shimmers and sparkles in the sunlight, but yet still somehow seems to stand out even in the dark. The Strut Your Stuff! Egg contains beautiful hues of bright green, yellow, and royal blue, forming several concentric circles all over the egg. In the middle of each circle appears to be a dark blue “eye,” that seems to stare right into your soul. This egg definitely demands one’s attention and almost screams, “Look at me! Look at me!”
Egg Inspiration: Peacock/Peacock feathers
Egg Credit: Ren
Egg Name: Chirpy Little Companion Egg
Egg Description: This egg is tiny and oh so chubby, adorably petite. It looks almost like it could perch happily on your finger and you could give it little kisses! But maybe don't do that for real, Audalath probably wouldn't like it. The colours of the egg are distinctly primary: peppermint blue interspersed with plain white, with a cute little yellow triangle near the top on one side. Sweet and simple!
Egg Inspiration: The budgies little old ladies seem to inexplicably own
Egg Credit: Emma
Egg Name: Sandy Piper Egg
Egg Description: One could almost forgive a Candidate for accidentally tripping over this small egg. It's uncanny how closely its mottled surface matches the black hatching sands. The only thing that keeps it from being completely camouflaged is a single black swath across its top. This marking will darken and grow more pronounced as the egg's shell hardens. The Sandy Piper Egg is one of the smaller of the clutch, and is slightly more rounded than usual. The movements of this egg will have an uncanny tendency to disturb the sand around it. Come hatching day, there is liable to be a series of small divots and scrapes surrounding the Sandy Piper Egg.
Egg Inspiration: Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus)
Egg Credit: noto
Egg Name: No, Look Over Here! Egg
Egg Description: This egg isn’t much to look at. Its base colour is off-white and the entire egg is covered in dark brown-black speckles and blotches. There is no regularity to the pattern, as though dark paint was simply splattered all over the surface of the pale surface of the egg. It is nestled down securely in the sands, and could easily miss notice when compared to some of its flashier clutchmates.
Egg Inspiration: Killdeer, Charadrius vociferous
Egg Credit: Rhee
Egg Name: The Don't Harpy On It Egg
Egg Description: This egg's colors are steely cold, nothing like its more colorful brethren. All business, the Don't Harpy On It Egg is banded in mottled stripes of cold blue-grey and darker flint grey. Although just as warm as all the other healthy eggs, the Don't Harpy On It Egg will make you think it's cold and somehow sharp, encrusted in little diamond-like spikes like the flight feathers of a bird of prey. The Don't Harpy On It egg is huge, certainly one of the biggest of the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Harpy eagle
Egg Credit: Sola
Egg Name: Quote The Egg, Nevermore
Egg Description: This egg is a good, medium sized egg. It’s larger than some of it’s brothers, but much smaller than others. This egg is a blue-black color, with a blue sheen to it. If one was to look closely, they would see what looks like feathers all over the egg. The egg is smooth and soft, almost as if it never hardened.
Egg Inspiration: Northern Raven/Poe’s Raven
Egg Credit: Kati
Egg Name: What Secrets Are You Holding Egg
Egg Description: An average sized egg with so many colors that bets will be rampant on what color might emerge. Blue? The bright blue of its crown certainly supports that. Gold? That dazzling yellow spot could be hiding something royal. Brown? The other colors are all laced through a brown base. And who knows what those reds and blacks might signify!
Egg Inspiration: Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise
Egg Credit: Neena
Egg Name: The Greased Pig Egg
Egg Description: This brown marbled egg is most noticeable by how shiny it looks, as if someone had taken great pains to shine and polish it. The real surprise comes at the touch because the shells feels coated in oil rather than waxed, something unusual to say the least since it doesn’t leave any greasy residue once you let go of it.
Egg Inspiration: Oilbirds
Egg Credit: Byron
Egg Name: The Arctic Hunter Egg
Egg Description: This is a very large egg, likely one of the largest in the clutch. A little wider than average, The Arctic Hunter Egg is a very sturdy looking egg. Most of the shell is an even mix of black and white, making it difficult to tell which is the base color and which is the spots. Only one side is predominantly white, with only a few sparse black spots on the lower half and none towards the top.
Egg Inspiration: Gyrfalcon
Egg Credit: Tina
Egg Name: Unholy Union Egg
Egg Description: The Unholy Union Egg is delightfully small, looking quite cute from a distance, partially reds and oranges with just a touch of blue shades at the top. The closer one gets to it the more it almost looks like smudged feathers all over the egg, or a really bad paint job. Either way the cuteness is still there visually. Touching the egg will feel like brushing against feathers, granted rough feathers, as if they are worn and the feathers not well cared for, but still soft (ish).
Egg Inspiration: Cockatrice
Egg Credit: WunderingMind
Egg Name: O, Sweet Nectar!
Egg Description: This tiny egg seems to be rather dwarfed by all of its brother and sister eggs. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and spirit. The “O, Sweet Nectar!” Egg boasts a shimmering emerald green color which spans most of the surface area of the egg, and looks almost blue in some lights, while looking more olive-colored in other lighting. It’s kind of a chameleon egg, and the more you study it, the more variation you will find. The shades of green then give way and taper off to a beautiful white-grey, opalescent hue, which seems to be the “front” of the egg, if there were one. And finally, towards the top of the egg, near the pointier end, a striking ruby-red band circles the egg, as if it’s wearing a crown.
Egg Inspiration: Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris)
Egg Credit: Ren
Egg Name: Want to Be My Duet Egg
Egg Description: A small, vibrantly green egg that has a space around it as if none of the eggs are allowed to encroach on its territory. There is a brightly colored red stripe down its front with a thinner strip of black inside it followed by an even thinner strip of white inside of that. The Want to Be My Duet Egg is such a pretty, dainty egg that it is likely to be quite popular with the young ladies!
Egg Inspiration: Fischer’s Turaco
Egg Credit: Neena
Egg Name: The Rosey Plume Egg
Egg Description: This egg is average in size but might seem smaller due to a peculiarity. The Rosey Plume Egg squishes out near the top into a broad spoon-like shape. Some might wonder if the egg might even hatch given this very odd deformity. Beyond it's shape though, the Rosey Plume Egg is swathed in in ever darkening shades of pink and magenta. Pale white soon gives way to light pink and rushing into a deep dark magenta.
Egg Inspiration: Roseate Spoonbill
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom
Egg Name: Don’t You Like My Song Egg
Egg Description: Dark as the void of between, this egg could very well become lost on the black sand if not for its oily, green-purple shimmer and the speckled white spots running down one side. It’s small, slim, and narrow, somehow coming across as sleek and aerodynamic even while sitting still in its wallow. ‘Sitting still’ will be a rare state for this egg, though – more frequently, it will be seen shaking and vibrating its way all over. The shell itself feels slick and glossy smooth, with a responsive shudder every time it comes close enough to either a person or another egg.
Egg Inspiration: European Starling
Egg Credit: Shelacula
Egg Name: The Hive Mind Egg
Egg Description: The Hive Mind Egg is covered in an unbroken pattern of hexagons. A dull brown all over, darker brown edges line each individual hexagon. The Hive Mind Egg is small to medium-sized, not the smallest of its siblings but certainly on that side of the size range.
Egg Inspiration: Sociable weaver
Egg Credit: Sola
Egg Name: Terror of the North
Egg Description: This egg is a fat thing that tapers off into a leaner point near the top. It isn't shaped oddly enough to be considered malformed, but the change is definitely noticeable. The shell is mostly black with a white band wrapping around the middle.
Egg Inspiration: Canadian Goose
Egg Credit: Fairytale
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