Grows On You Green Audreth

Impressee: La'leon (Lannileon)

Name: Audreth
Pronounciation: aw-dreth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: a2a21d
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 27' length of 38' wingspan


From the get go GROWS ON YOU GREEN is one green you can’t miss. With a base color of bright yellow-green with a pattern of dark green resembling the many veins of a large leaf, she is easy to spot when around plain looking dragons. Among the dark green pattern over her body there are vein like tendrils of blue green which complement the yellow green color quite nicely. GROWS ON YOU GREEN knows she’s quite lovely and will use her pattern and coloration to her advantage. Once she’s mature GROWS ON YOU GREEN will quickly learn she could hide in the jungle and ambush passing wild wherries and other animals. Overall she’s a roundish dragon, not so much plump as just round in shape. Her wings are short but very wide and work quite well in flight. Her head is large and broad yet still maintains a feminine look, at least till she opens up her mouth in full. Whether it is due to very flexible jaw or the broadness of her head but her maw could rival the largest bronze in size. This may explain why she has a voracious appetite. Fresh meat, the bloodier the better is what she craves. GROWS ON YOU GREEN will overeat if allowed to, something her rider will have to control as soon as possible or this green will end up too fat to fly. Should this ever happen or any time she’s unable to fly she will demand feeding quite loudly and insistently.

When it comes to mating flights, GROWS ON YOU GREEN will kill before rising and whether she just bloods it or eats the flesh will all depend on her riders diligence. GROWS ON YOU GREEN doesn’t care if she flies well, all she cares for is if the male trying to catch her has proven to her prior to her flight he’s a good hunter. Any male can easily gain favour with this green by giving her fresh meat prior to her flight. The males who bring her meat regularly between her mating flights and not just a few days prior she’ll favour above all else. Any male who’s not given her meat prior to her most recent flight, GROWS ON YOU GREEN will refuse him, resorting to biting or clawing if he tries to lay claim on her.

GROWS ON YOU GREEN will be dedicated to her rider, listening to him more than anybody else except when it comes to food. GROWS ON YOU GREEN will always want food and made demands of it from her rider should she feel he’s not feeding her enough. If she can’t get it from him she will gladly get her own or better yet convince a male to do it for her. GROWS ON YOU GREEN is not above stealing another dragon’s kill if she thinks she can get away with it. When not thinking or trying to get food GROWS ON YOU GREEN can be rather quiet but once she feels comfortable with a new person she’ll open up and be quite friendly. If she finds another dragon with the same passion for food as she has she’ll be his or her bestie and gladly get into all sorts of trouble if it involves getting food. If the food is ‘people food’ then she’ll have no interest, only raw meat catches her attention. Her mind voice is rich and you can almost hear the sound of rustling leaves with every word. She does enjoy singing had possesses a rather deep voice for a female but can still hit those high notes when she needs to. GROWS ON YOU GREEN will be attentive in lessons but only if she’s quite full. If she’s feeling hungry during lessons the GROWS ON YOU GREEN is likely slip away to grab a snack or loudly call ‘lunch break’.

When it comes to fighting Thread GROWS ON YOU GREEN will put a good effort but Threadfighting won’t be her strong point. Her large roundish body makes her less aerodynamic and she’ll tire faster than most greens her length.

Inspiration: Little Shop of Horrors
Dragon Credit: ldypayne

Hatching Message: It may not have been the first egg to rock but the Vegan's Delight Egg certainly was one egg that kept right on rocking. Back and forth and round about in its wallow it went, would the Vegan's Delight Egg ever crack? Eventually all the Vegan's Delight Egg's movements caused it to tip over and bounce along on the sands for several feet before it came to an abrupt halt against the remains of a clutchmate's egg shell. This impact did the trick and cracks exploded all over the Vegan's Delight Egg. One more good shake and the shell collapsed into a pile of sticky goo around what looked like a greenish veined creature.

It was definitely a dragon but GROWS ON YOU GREEN was quite round to the point it was clear it had a tight fit in the egg. Getting up onto her feet GROWS ON YOU GREEN glanced around then gave a shake, sending goo and egg fragments flying, striking a few overly curious Candidates. She wass quite a bright colored green but the dark green pattern gave her a veiny look. Her red eyes scanned the room, eyeing first one Candidate then the other.

With a roar GROWS ON YOU GREEN suddenly charged right for the boys, sending a few diving out of the way to avoid her claws. She skidded to a stop before Niazlar and without hesitation licked him from chest to the top of his head before turning and wandering off. It was only when she came to Lannileon and gave him a lick did GROWS ON YOU GREEN decide she'd found the right one.

"Alright, I will Audreth!" La'leon assured her before guiding her towards the exit.

Egg Name: ** The Vegan's Delight Egg
Egg Description:** Many will overlook the creamy tan color at the base of this moderately-sized egg. It’s easy to do, especially with the crisp, bright orange stripes that haphazardly cover the rest of it. They lean every which way and at differing angles, though the consistency between them is that they all dip away as they reach that duller color at the bottom, the sunny stripes disappearing altogether. This egg will be one of the first to harden, giving off a sense of being hale and hearty, but those who touch it will find the texture to be smooth and velvety, especially down where it’s nestled in the sand.
Egg Inspiration: Carrots and hummus
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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