Brass Chip Brown Auguth

Impressee: I'sar (Issar)

Name: Auguth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: A68064
Final Size: 40' length with a wingspan of 66.4'


Length is immediately obvious about this young brown, and his size is only accentuated by his spindly legs. The Brass Chip Brown's neck and tail are also long and skinny, though his middle is rather full and stout. Despite his awkward appearance, however, he moves with a grace that may surprise. Even his large head with its solid muzzle is held upright and poised, where one might expect it to droop on his slender hatchling neck. His large eyes stare out with surprising cleverness from beneath strong eyeridges, though the slant of those ridges seem to give him an almost scowling expression. Where other hatchlings may be prone to fast movement, the Brass Chip Brown takes things slowly, steadily, taking care with his movements so that they remain controlled but smooth. His colour is a dusky brown, on the lighter end of the spectrum - almost shiny when he's still wet and fresh from the egg, but once that's cleaned off the hue will be very obviously an almost dull brown.

Fully grown, Auguth has filled out well. Though there's still something reminiscent of a barrel in his stomach area, he's the sort of dragon that people would consider 'handsome'. Certainly he looks regal, always holding himself with a regal air. That hatchling length has turned into a large dragon, though one with a slender build rather than being broad and bulky. His paws are all rather slender, albeit long-fingered, as if they've been crammed into too-tight shoes as they grew. His tail, long as it is, is never prone to restless flicking, nor his head to moving about to constantly look here and there. Auguth has mastered the art of looking about with eyes alone, so that he can remain still and respectable-looking. His innate gracefulness when he does move about helps him maintain that dignified air. He gives the impression of looking down his nose at people when focusing on them fully. His colour will have lightened slightly with age, though not too drastically; mostly on his head and beneath his belly, leaving him as a rather evenly-coloured brown all over, unlike many of those flamboyantly-decorated dragons.


Clever Auguth is quite a balanced creature - he hatched with a chip on both shoulders. It's not his fault, it's just that he knows he's got the makings of a great leader, but being a brown is a serious disadvantage. He knew, the minute he hatched, that all the glory would go to his bronze brother - he was just another brown, supposed to be sturdy, dependable, never asking more than his due…Well Auguth is far more ambitious than that! He's no average brown. One day, he's going to be the Weyrleader, and everyone is sure to know it.

As a Weyrling, Auguth will be very sensitive - always checking that no one else is being favoured, or getting opportunities that he isn't. I'sar! Jakazuth and Dwaleth were leaders in the last lesson. It is my turn, he will protest, and expect I'sar to go and remedy the problem. Auguth is like the little brother who never wants to be excluded; he is blind to his own limitations and will push himself to do more, be better, be the best, even if he's not physically capable. Hitting his limit will frustrate Auguth. He doesn't blame his failings on others - but he will grow very upset with himself, and harbour some ill feelings for the dragons that bested him. I'sar will have his work cut out to soothe Auguth's bruised pride, and talk him out of crazy schemes to show everyone up that could end up getting both of them hurt.

He may annoy his clutchmates with his blunt attitude, but Auguth doesn't care much for their opinions anyway. He'll have no hesitation telling them to hush up; he's trying to learn! How is he supposed to be a great Weyrleader one day if he can't even hear the Weyrlingmaster teaching them about formations? Auguth will be very jealous to hear others praised, especially his bronze brother. Though, he hates to be praised himself unless he feels he's earned it. It does not matter that J'nule said we worked well today, Mine, I still did not get the chance to lead. He could not see how well I would do! I never get the chance. Auguth feels things deeply and passionately, but he is a very private dragon and will mull on them darkly, only letting I'sar know the full extent of his feelings. Auguth doesn't like to join in with the silly games the others play, preferring to keep the company of a sensible few he can tolerate. As touchy and convinced that he's not being allowed to shine as Auguth will be, he'll still be a solid Weyrling, mastering all the skills through dedication; natural talent and aptitude might not be his, but perseverance is.

As Auguth matures, his confidence in his abilities will grow. Auguth will push I'sar to seek as many opportunities as he can - anything to get I'sar's name out there! Searchrider, Assistant Weyrlingmaster for the day, anything. His eye will constantly be on the prize though - Weyrleader. He wants to be in charge, he knows he can do it. In truth, Auguth wouldn't be a terrible leader. He'll develop the knowledge and the skills, but he just won't know how to deal with others, the last requirement of a great leader. He just doesn't have the time to listen to opinions that he's sure are wrong, and silly chit chat is a waste of time; he'd rather spend some time in solitude, sharing his thoughts with I'sar. Auguth will grow more suspicious of other browns and bronzes as he grows older, sure they are plotting to take any position he wants, or to make him look incompetent.

Auguth is an excellent flier, and none of the aspects of Threadfall will be beyond his capabilities - except one. He'll have an overwhelming desire to micromanage. Alolith, there is a tangle coming for you - ah, you saw it already…Naponarth, you're flying a little too far to the right… and other such advice he'll call out to all the dragons in his wing, including the Wingleader. Unfortunately, while he's excellent at knowing what is going on around himself, Auguth won't actually be that great at giving out his advice, and it may cause more harm than it would prevent.

Auguth will always rise to chase the golds, with the conviction that catching even the juniors makes him more likely to catch the senior; that, and all the bronzes do, and he is just as good as they are! It's the senior that he dreams of winning, and he would just about kill himself in the attempt. He's got no time for paying attention to the antics of the others around him. Single-minded dedication is his mode. Losing a goldflight will trigger one of Auguth's deep, dark moods, and I'sar may find that he needs to cajole the brown out of a kind of depressed hibernation. If Auguth catches a gold, he'll be a bland clutch father. It wasn't the eggs he was interested in, only the position to be gained from flying a gold. Auguth may chase a green, but only one that he has formed a deep attachment to, and only if he has every expectation of winning. He'll rise to chase such a green every time, and aside from golds, be faithful to her.

Inspiration: Roman Emperor Domitian
He's one of those historical figures about whom nobody is quite sure what is the truth. Contemporary writers painted quite negative pictures of him because he was very unpopular with the senate and aristocracy at the time. When he was assassinated, he became damnatio memoriae, so there is little unbiased historical information in existence to tell us what he might really have been like. Modern historians have taken a revisionist stance on him and basically concluded that he's not quite as bad as everyone made out; sure, he had some quirks, but he wasn't a terrible Emperor by a long shot.

Auguth's voice is always fully under his control - a born speaker. With that said, the low baritone is not without its harshness: it is a hard voice, and as blunt as his personality. He doesn't dally about with useless filler when he talks, and his direct manner of speaking may catch people off guard. Suitably, the imagery that accompanies his mental words is specific and clear. His organised mind lends to an organised manner of picturing things, and Auguth is very capable of projecting scenes and pictures with a stunning clarity, using them to reinforce his meaning so that nobody can argue with him that he has been confusing. The only thing missing from his voice is variation in tone - Auguth rarely lets emotion into his words. The odd time he does, it's usually when he's feeling particularly strongly about something or someone that has wronged him, and that will be when his voice grows in volume and strength, deepening into an almost scary bass.

Hatching Message:
The Hatching Cavern was full of noise from the arriving spectators and thronging candidates, but the eggs lay quiet, waiting. They seemed to pulse in time to the throaty, bass hum of the ranks of dragons that warned of their imminent hatching, thickening the air with ominous resonance.

The Galileo's Telescope Egg shuddered softly. Oddly long, the deep mahogany egg twitched side to side rather than tilting, as the hatchling inside grew more insistent. It rocked back and forth like a rolling-pin over the grainy black sand, until it wedged itself firmly between two dark mounds of sand pushed up by the motion.

For a long, frozen moment, the egg did not move.

A head and a foot punched through the silvery ringed end of the egg all at once. The hatchling's eyes fluttered open, bright and keen in his broad, dusky brown face. With some scrabbling, the hatchling clawed and wiggled his way out of the egg, and slid smoothly out onto the sand. His pot-belly heaved with a pant of effort, and the Brass Chip Brown lifted his solid head aloft on its skinny neck, and gazed about the sands.

Well, he was the very first! He blinked ponderously, and curved his neck handsomely. Best enjoy the moment!

Public Impression Message:
The group of Candidates was dwindling fast. That meant only one thing to the Brass Chip Brown - if he didn't act soon, the very best would all be gone, and he would settle for nothing less than the best. He saw his bronze brother start for the Candidates, and leapt to his feet, snorting in outrage. He was here first! How dare that little usurper try to steal the best Candidate away from the brown destined to lead the Weyr?!

The Brass Chip Brown surged forward, passing his brother without even a glance. He wasn't worthy of the brown's attention, especially after such a dirty trick in trying to hoard the best boys. The Brass Chip Brown quickly paced in front of the male Candidates, muttering to himself as he looked each over and dismissed him in turn. Finally he came to a halt in front of an athletic young man with dark hair and an entirely too scruffy appearance. They would have to work on that, and they would do it together, since the Brass Chip Brown had found his mate.

Personal Impression Message:
The Brass Chip Brown, appearing to be spurred on by his bronze brother's move toward the Candidates, suddenly charges forward toward where you are standing on the hot Sands. The long, pot-bellied brown makes what sound like derogatory comments toward your fellow Candidates, until he arrives in front of you. He stops dead and swivels his big head up on his thin neck to look you in the eye.

I'sar, you are worthy of me, the brown says, his eyes beginning to fill with rainbows. A wash of pure joy and happiness covers you, broken only by an acerbic comment from your new lifemate: But I, Auguth, will need you to work on being more presentable from now on. If we're going to rule this Weyr- and we shall- we must always be ready to impress.

Dragon Credit: Emma and Jey
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Galileo's Telescope Egg
Egg Description: This peculiar egg seems like a relic from an ancient time. It has an oddly elongated shape with blunted edges, despite it's somewhat unusual shape, it's of average size. This egg is primarily a deep mahogany color, with lighter and darker stipples of other browns running over it's surface, giving the illusion of luxuriously polished hardwood. Rings of a tarnished silver color cover both of the edges. The surface of this egg has a strange quality to it - as if it's covered in a thick layer of dust. Despite it's stuffy appearance, there is something curious about this egg, as if the creature inside is trying desperately to figure out what exists outside of it's shell.
Egg Inspiration: Galileo's Telescope
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Vesuvath (N'din)

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