Aureola 1

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Eggs Handed Out

Dam: Gold Aureola
Sire: Brown Malcontent
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
Blood Bay Bronze Teyn to Tremol
Colour: Bronze
Adult Size:] 19.5” long with a wingspan of 35”
Hex Code: FF6103
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
This bronze is a real sleek firelizard. He has a very smooth looking hide even with the dark, burnt bronze and bright, vivid red coloring of his hide. He has black points, almost like socks on each and every leg and a blackened nose and tail especially at the very far ends. His wings are lined in black and the sails are of a reddish hue. This gives the bronze a striking and yet pleasing appearance as the red is what gives him his metallic sheen.
His physique is lithely muscular. He is well built and properly proportional with perhaps a little extra length in his wings than there ought to be. It is clear that he is strong, but he carries himself so gracefully and that it hardly appears as if he could carry anything at all. This bronze has an elegance that helps him carry himself with a humble pride. He will keep his wings either very tightly or just slightly loose against his body, using his wings solely for movement. Every movement that he makes is filled with purpose and elegance; his head carried high in regal posture.

There is something about this bronze that should make his bonded feel especially lucky. If there is betting going on and this bronze is on his shoulder, he may win a few more than usual. If there is something lost, it will almost assuredly be found by this very bronze. If there is something troubling, this bronze will be there to make things seem not so bad by thinking up the good things. He is an almost frighteningly optimistic firelizard with how calm and forward-thinking he is.
But that is perhaps what makes him the most special, this firelizard [i]thinks[/i]! He is incredibly intelligent, learning quickly and sometimes entirely on his own. He is polite, helpful, and loyal to his bonded even if he is chided for a mistake that he might have made. Despite all his virtues, he will occasionally have mistakes and mishaps all entirely accidental. He will reflect over his mistakes and be very apologetic for it, asking forgiveness of his bonded until verbally forgiven.
As a chaser, this bronze flies with flair and elegance. He twirls and gives melodious calls to the risen female in attempts to woo her before actually ensnaring her. He pays little to no mind to his opponents with all his focus on the female. The only time he will not go to a female is if he is commanded not to by his pet.

Inspiration: Appearance – Andalusian, Personality – “Propitious”

Bowl Baron Brown to Arseni
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 13” long with a wingspan of 28”
Hex Code: E47833
Clutch:P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
Here is a brown with natural flair! This brown has a very dark main color, almost black in some places with crescents of slightly paler brown mimicking scales. This brown is found at the ends of each and every wingsail. In between and at the joints he has an orangey, more burnt sienna brown hue to his hide and wing membranes, yellowing over the joints and harder parts in his wings.
His physique makes it look as if he simply lumbers about from place to place being stoutly built, but he is much more swift and graceful than he appears. His short height does not deny him all the strength that his bulk contains and he can be quite the fighter when he chooses to be. He prefers to splay his wings out, showing the brightest parts of him off and especially to the girls and even more so if a potential competing male is about, all the more so since his wingspan is on the larger extremes for his coloring.

This is no lazy brown you have on your hands here. He is fast, he is quick, and when it comes to getting something done you can consider it done the moment even the thought enters your mind. He is incredibly attentive to his bonded, always keenly listening to the person. When he goes about a task, he does it without any flashy movements or unnecessary side trips. He is quick to learn, easy to train, and food is just a bonus treat to him.
That is not to say that he will not laze about. Oh no, this brown will spend every free moment still as can be sunning himself or posturing before some pretty greens. He may even posture against other males provided a female is about. All of this is done to make a statement about himself and to do it as clearly and efficiently as possible. He does not mince words, or rather images, and gets directly to the point if there is something he wants.
As a chaser, he is aggressive towards other males. He will snap and bite and chortle at them, flaring and flapping his wings at them all to shoo them off and impress the girl. This brown is all about getting the girl and being big man in the Weyr in flights.

Inspiration: Appearance – Siamese Fighting Fish Betta splendens, Personality – “Efficient”

Dynamic Dun Brown to Aridana
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14” long with a wingspan of 27”
Hex Code: E3A869
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
An average brown by most accounts, his wingspan is just a touch longer than would be proportionally correct. He is well-muscled, toned to perfection, and very athletic though he is not the most active of his color. This brown has a deep chest and a somewhat narrow girth with big powerful haunches. If he didn’t have wings, he would do just fine without them, though he certainly does like to fly and ride the wind currents.
He has lovely coloring, being mainly a pale, sandy brown color. His lower legs, muzzle and end of his tail are a more chocolate brown color. A darker, black-brown stripe runs from his nose all along his topline to the tip of his tail. This same color lines the edges of his wing sail and is the coloring of his more striking markings, such as the zebra striping on his upper legs and the ‘cross’ that runs across his shoulders.

It is a fascinating thing that what this brown likes most is not his bonded, but rather Runners. He likes hid bonded well enough, he’d do anything for her really and truly, but he likes Runners most of all. He naps on them, he’ll munch stolen goodies on them, he will ‘ride’ them all over Ketrin, and he just generally spends a great deal of time with them, or at least the ones who don’t pay him much mind. It’s even better when he gets to be with both his bonded and Runners, there is no possible way to make him unhappy then and he’s only happier when they go riding together.
Sometimes he tries to play his favorite game: herd the runners. When that doesn’t work, which is very often, he tries it out on something smaller, like wherries or flutterbys and maybe even other firelizards. In fact, he plays a lot of games like weaving in and out of stakes in the gardens as fast as he possibly can, or soaring through hoops without touching the edges, or hide-and-seek and fetch! There are so many and he likes to play them most of all with his bonded. It is why he is able to be trained, because to him it is all a game.
As a chaser, this carries true as well. To catch that rascally female is the game. He aims to dodge and beat all the others and achieve the ultimate prize of snagging that risen green or gold. He might be a bit sulky when he loses, but in the end win or lose he knows that his bonded will love him and the Runners will be there for him to snuggle with.

Inspiration: Appearance – Kiger Mustang, Personality – “Equestrian”

Star Sapphire Blue to Thanial
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 10.5” long with a wingspan of 22”
Hex Code: 236B8E
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
So shiny! That is the first thing that you ought to think once you’ve caught even a glimpse of this blue. He is a bold little blue with dark blue striping rising up from his belly up his sides, his top line a paler blue. His wingsails are a vibrant cerulean with streaks of dark navy blue on his wing edges and from the very edges of his wingsails. The cerulean coloring is speckled across his hide and mixed alongside a silvery blue, his side covered with faded diamond-like markings in dark navy blue though not always easily evident. This makes him truly glint and glimmer in the light as if he covered in scales and swimming through the water like a fish.
He is a smaller blue in comparison with other blue Firelizards. This blue may be smaller, but he is very solidly built. He is a little rough and tumble, kind of scrappy, and yet remarkably graceful. Despite his smaller body length, he has a wide set of wings which helps for him to be an excellent flier. It also aides in his graceful movements in the air, the water, and everywhere else he might be.

If his coloring does not inspire the feeling of awe, perhaps his personality will.
This blue is very noble. He will protect any clutch he has sired, or even those he has found on accident. He will fight for the honor of his bonded, or simply to protect them from harm or punishment. He will forgive the wrongs others have done to him no matter how terrible they might have been, or otherwise forget them and forgive them simply because the event has vanished from his tiny memory. He is almost as well behaved as his brown and bronze brothers, almost.
He is also rather frightening. There is a fierce, warrior spirit hidden under that sparkling blue hide. No matter his small size, he has more than enough fight in him to take on several larger flitters all at the same time. If there is something he wants or aims for, this blue will go all out no matter what may cross his path or attempt to fault him. He is savage in a fight, unrelenting in chasing risen greens and golds, and when hungry he is unstoppable. That’s right, his worst mood might just be when he is hungry and affronted all at once because of losing of his chosen heart’s affection. It is advisable that if you are not his pet that you stay far away until his mood improves.
He is otherwise a very lovable flit. He likes to cuddle and lay in the sun, splash about in the water and play with shiney things. He has a penchant for collecting especially shiny and brightly colored stones, though his collection will remain small as he is very choosy. This blue will not often give you reason to dislike him and that is because he prefers to be loved and admired. He is often quite successful at doing so!

Inspiration: Appearance – Star Sapphire African Cichlid Phenochilus Tanzania, Personality – “Awesome”

Gentle Giant Blue to Levay
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13.5” long with a wingspan of 24.5”
Hex Code: 2F4F4F
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
This is a pretty big blue! He has long and wide wingsails and a big bulky body. Everything about him is about being slow and patient. He has a lazy, but suave and graceful kind of movement about him. This blue moves a bit like a slow wave, a little side-to-side when walking or up-and-down when flying, but always slow and calculated. It almost seems impossible that this large blue is capable of moving quickly at all!
He has some interesting coloring as well. His hide is a darker gray-blue color overall with a slightly lighter blue on his belly and wingsails. All over him are pastel blue and sky blue markings, mostly spots and some faint lines, in almost perfect order. Except for his head, tail, and legs, the spotting is all lined up neatly and separated by faint lines, some which arch into the adjacent line. His wingsails and belly are the only places where the spotting does not occur.

When one calls him a gentle giant, they are not far from the truth. For all his size, just as his movement suggests, he is the epitome of calm and gentle. He is quiet, making very little to almost no noise at all. It is extremely difficult to get him agitated and even when he is angered, he is not likely to stay so for very long. No matter how frustrating the situation or how heated those around him may be, he will stay cool and calm. This makes him relatively easy to train albeit very slow in progress.
Interestingly enough, he is very feminine. He likes things that are soft, sweet, and lighter colors. His gentle nature is almost motherly and he behaves lovingly towards his bonded. Likewise, he behaves in the same manner with the friends and family of his bonded, mothering her children and catering to her loved ones including her dragon. He is always willing to help and please those around him, though he will do it slowly and at his own pace.
As a chaser, he will often fail to catch. It is a rare event that he will even show any interest in a rising green or gold, choosing instead to lay in the sun rather than try to catch the rising female. It is even rarer an event if he caught the female as he lumbers in flight and slow to gain speed, meaning he will catch females more because he crashed into them.

Inspiration: Apprearance – Whale Shark Rhincodon typus, Personality – “Womanly”

Spotted Stud Blue to Kaissa
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11” long with a wingspan of 16”
Hex Code: 05B8CC
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
He is a very interesting blue firelizard. He is largely a washed out blue, almost cadet blue, coloring. His rump is a pale sky blue with irregular shifting into the other blue. He has dark navy blue spotting and splotching originating from his rump going back to the base of his tail, up to his shoulders, down to his haunches, and over to his belly. The flecking continues over his wingsails and all across his body. The very tips of his feet, tail, and nose are a striking black-blue.
This blue has an average build with a physique that is nowhere near as unique as his coloring is. He is rather proportional and has a rather refined head and muscular haunches for launching into flight. He tend to move with erratic motion as if he is always changing his path. He is very quick, hard to catch, and unpredictable to all but those he is closest to. Overall, this blue is what one might call a ‘sport’.

One really should pity the person bonded to this firelizard. He is so terribly bad-tempered and defiant that just the thought of training him will be a battle! This blue is always butting heads with everyone over absolutely everything. Whether it is the last bite of food, the warm spot on the rock, accompanying his pet somewhere… he is always up for a fight.
This is not to say that he is violent, but he is surly and sullen. Constantly in some ill mood no matter how bright the sun shines or well he is treated. He will grumble and gripe about everything, complaining all the time and dragging his feet so to speak about being asked to do anything. Even after gaining what little good graces he does have, he will be sulky about doing anything for his bonded.
On the bright side, there is no one out there who is allowed to boss about his pet. That is an honor that only he is allowed to have and one should equally pity the person who makes his precious pet cry because this blue will fight off and attack whomever and whatever did so, unrelenting until he feels he successfully made his point. He is at the very least loyal to his pet.
As a chaser, he will dart about trying to confuse his competitors and perhaps even the risen female. He will forget all about the chase if he feels like he was affronted by a competitor and instead will chase after that flitter just to fight with him. It is very unlikely he will ever catch and sire a clutch because of this habit of his.

Inspiration: Appearance – Pony of the Americas (POA), blanket color pattern, Personality – “Obstreperous”

Outrageous Overo Green
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 10” long with a wingspan of 19”
Hex Code: 93DB70
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
There must have been some kind of mishap in her egg, because this green can’t seem to figure out what color she is! She appears to be largely a very dark evergreen color, but then she also appears to be largely a very pale pastel green color as well. Where these color meet there is sometimes a small zone of true green between them. They meet with ragged and smooth edges all over her body and any one with runner experience would tell you that she looks to have what they call an ‘overo’ color pattern.
Her build is meant for movement and work. She is just that, a tiny little workhorse of a firelizard. She is muscular and energetic, always ready to go somewhere or do something. She appears short and stocky, but that is only because she is a little girthy meaning that is very stable both on her feet and on wing. In fact, her wing sails a deep and excellent for gliding and making quick turns.

This green is full of addictions! The first and foremost is the infatuation that she has for her bonded. There is no one, NO ONE, she adores more. She will rub up against her bonded every morning when she wakes and lick her love when being fed. The second, and not at all uncommon, is her obsession with food. Because she delights in being given treats and because she loves her bonded, she will be very easy to train. She won’t steal food, but she will almost always be thinking about it. Thirdly is her zeal for movement. This green almost cannot stand to be still. She likes to move and she likes to chase bugs and asking her to stay still is almost painful, but not nearly as painful as disappointing her bonded.
Unfortunately, this green has one heck of a mean streak. If you slight her, she will miraculously never forget it. She will always forgive her bonded, but no one else will receive such kindness. She will go into a rage with loud outbursts and feverish attacks. She has this attitude towards anything and everything she dislikes, things like tunnelsnakes and trundlebugs will be first to taste her fury and always will. It will almost seem like her fourth passion is to fight, but really it is only that she happens to have a bit of a temper.
In flight, she is unpredictable and will have exhaustingly long flights. Clutches by her will often be on the large end as she prefers bronzes and browns because they can go the distance. She is flying for the fun of it and only males that have affronted her will not likely share in her joviality, for she will never be caught by them sooner to bite them than give in to them.

Inspiration: Appearance – American Paint Horse, overo color pattern, Personality – “Passion”

Kelp Rider Green Gwen to Boeshane
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 12” long with a wingspan of 11”
Hex Code: CDCD00
Clutch: P8 T8, Mid Spring, by Brown Malcontent out of Gold Aureola


Physical Description:
She is one of those odd firelizards you find once in a blue moon. It starts with her rough looking hide. The base color is a pale, yellow-green color with many small brown-green spots covering her all over her sides. Along her topline and bottomline is a line in the same brown-green coloring as her spotting. Her wing sails are a slightly darker green, devoid of the spotting.
Her body is very long and linear, her legs are very thin and dainty, with her tail easily the half her total body length. This green has impossibly short wings, shorter than she herself is long! It is no wonder that she often glides or seemingly ‘float’ by betweening constantly when she is flying because the effort to stay aloft can be almost exhausting for her. She instead prefers to cling to her bonded like an ornament, wrapping her long tail about his neck or arm. She is not very strong, nor does she have any great endurance being so thin and lightly built and is indeed as light in weight as she appears to be.

Where she is strange in appearance, she is incredible in personality. This green has a HUGE personality, larger than some golds might even have. She is always sharing funny things with her bonded and telling/showing him all about her day even if she never left his side for most of it. There is almost always something to say or show and she is always sharing it with someone. If her sharing is not appreciated, she will pout about it until comforted by someone. After all, she feels that she must be the most important and the center of attention for at least one being.
She will almost constantly chitter and chirp softly, making excellent background noise for some and be an immense annoyance for others. If ever she were to be loud, you would know it instantly. Her capacity for volume is immense. She erupts with sound when she bugles, chortles, and otherwise bellows. If she is feeling like she is not being paid enough attention, she will announce it and if she is attached to you, she will poke her tiny little pointy feet into you incessantly. At point of fact, this green is epically annoying, oh but never forget that what she does is out of love and no one will ever love you as much as she does. She will remind you about it, too! Every. Single. Day.
When she rises, she makes a display of it. Luckily, it will be brief and even more of a relief that her clutches will be small if she clutches at all, one or two eggs maybe three even, because when she clutches she will clutch on you and expect you to carry the eggs everywhere you go.

Inspiration: Appearance – Seahorse Hippocampus spp., Personality – “Epic”

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