Bronze Aurikoth

Impressee: E'sai

Name: The Wayward Warrior Bronze Aurikoth
Pronounciation: Orr-i-coth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: bdb264
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 39.5' wingspan of 68'

Weyrling Description:
No one would be surprised to discover Aurikoth is on the smaller end for a bronze, he was sired by a brown and the smallest gold in the Weyr after all. However, this does not detract from the fact that this dragon is without a doubt a bronze. From the moment he hatches from his shell and steps onto the Sands, there will be no denying his status amongst his siblings. He holds himself regally, and carries himself with an air of self-importance. As a weyrling he will tend to the chubbier side, his body needing moulding and discipline to reach it's adult potential.

His hide is a light bronze from waist up, with peculiar darker markings beneath snout and mouth reminiscent of a full, luscious beard. E'sai may think that these markings are dirt at first and try very hard to scrub them clean, however the markings only become more obvious with age. From waist down the paleness of above is in stark contrast to a much darker, though no less dazzling to the eye, bronze. One could be forgiven for thinking that the top and bottom do not match, almost as if Aurikoth was two bronzes joined together.

Adult Description:
If he follows a strict exercise regime and with a smattering of encouragement from E'sai, Aurikoth will grow into quite the specimen of a bronze, shedding the baby fat that plagued him in his weyrling days. The difference in colouration between front and behind will also be less remarkable, the colours blending into each other more seamlessly.

Aurikoth as an adult will be the sort of bronze any queen would be proud to have sire her clutches, and any green would feel privileged to have chase. In public he never allows himself to appear weary or exhausted, and even among other bronzes he will stand out for his proud air.

As a weyrling Aurikoth is impulsive and brash. He says what comes to his mind and is not very tactful in doing so. After all, he's a leader, what he says goes right? Unfortunately this will make him rather unpopular with the older dragons who teach him, he is persistent and will not give up where he seems to think he is right. This will see he and E'sai have a hard time of it in weyrlinghood and they will often be assigned extra chores in a display of discipline.

Due to his impatience, most will think Aurikoth is a rather dim-witted bronze, if he just kept his mouth shut he wouldn't get into so much trouble, and how hard is that? However to think this equates to a lack of intelligence would be incorrect. Aurikoth is really quite brilliant, his brain works at a furious pace to tease out the solution to a problem and his mouth runs in an effort to keep up with his mind.

In addition he revels in the role of tutor, and will enjoy nothing more than coaxing out answers from his fellow weyrlings or imparting knowledge onto them. He also enjoys musing on abstract ideas, a trait people may believe he inherited form his mother, Euliath. He is inquisitive and enjoys ferreting around the place, putting his nose into this, figuring out what's going on over there. Aurikoth will keep tabs on his fellow weyrlings as much as he can, as he likes to keep abreast of what goes on around him. He does not do well with surprises.

Aurikoth will not do well with being behind his classmates as E'sai struggles to overcome the injury he sustained at Hatching. He will constantly be urging E'sai to work that bit faster, to put himself out there, to meet the potential Aurikoth perceived in the teen when he made his choice. Furthermore he will not take kindly any aspersions made towards E'sai, Aurikoth is the only one who is allowed to be critical and that's for personal growth, or so he sees it. He is very fierce in his protectiveness towards his chosen. Comments made towards Aurikoth bother him little, like water off a wherry's back.

Aurikoth as an adult will make a remarkable leader. Little gets missed by him and he genuinely cares for others, even if he does come across a little abrasive at times. Should he ever make Weyrleader, he will be quite the authority figure and firm with his decisions, none of this wishy-washy toing and froing for this bronze.

He is a bronze that likes to be centre stage and is not one too hang on the peripheries of events. He will not think anything of giving other bronzes constructive criticism or suggestions were he sees appropriate, and this includes the Weyrleader should he not be it himself.

As he matures he will develop a taste for wine, how he first got hold of it will be anyone's guess, but Aurikoth will often be found loitering around the Vitners at Gathers. If E'sai is not careful Aurikoth will get stuck into the drink very quickly, and the consequences are messy at best and disastrous at worst. He becomes very uncontrollable in such instances, and will only obey a queen's command when in this state.

Aurikoth is a lustful dragon and will be one of the first of his class to start chasing female dragons. He has no particular taste and is not fussy about colour, if the dragon is female and rises, you can be sure Aurikoth will be among the chasers. He is not one for sweet words, he would rather woo with his impressive aerial skilles, however in a gold flight he might awkwardly try out a few uncomfortable lines. In addition, he can get a bit physical with the other males in trying to win a flight which can result in a bit of a tussle, but he never loses sight of the prize.

As a father of a clutch, Aurikoth will be attentive to his queen's needs, and sneak onto the Sands as the gold allows to admire the fruit of his loins. However this will not guarantee his fidelity at all, he will still attempt to fly anything and everything, even while the Clutch mother possessively watches over their eggs.

In Battle:
If his stubbornness doesn't grate against the others, Aurikoth will be quite young when he becomes Wingleader or Wingsecond. While he may have disagreements with his superiors on technique and tactics on the ground, Aurikoth is faultless when it comes to fighting in the air. He develops a battle lust as Thread approaches, and instinctively knows where the next clump will fall. He is wary and keeps an out for those around him, often charring Thread moments before it could have wrecked havoc through wingsail and hide.

Inspiration: Centaur
Dragon Credit: Pavlova

Voice: Aurikoth has a rather melodic voice, somewhere in the range of a rich baritone. It has a rather booming and demanding quality when he gets excited or upset, it could easily scare the more timid dragons, but can be like gooey caramel when he's being particularly endearing.

Hatching Message: The Archer in the Mist Egg had only given a shake or a two so far, not a crack marring the black of its shell. The dragon inside was taking its time, or perhaps the egg itself was too tough for the feeble attempts it had made at Hatching so far? Could the darkness of the shell perhaps indicate that inside was a dragon dark of heart…or worse?

No one was paying it much heed when the flashier eggs around where bursting and depositing beautiful hatchlings onto the Sands. However, it was when most eyes were averted that the dragon within seemed to have gathered up all its energy and decided to make the effort to emerge forth. Two rings sounded out, echoing around the great caverns, cracks crawling across the surface like trundlebugs scurrying…

And then with an almighty crack the egg split, leaving the The Wayward Warrior to peer about him. It was almost as if he was the centre that everything else rotated around, or at least that was how the young dragon perceived it all.

Public Impression Message: The Wayward Warrior Bronze had stepped back from the girls, as the Hero of the Skies Egg rolled past him. He was curious as to see what would happen next, and for the time being his quest to Impress was put on hold.

He watched on as the green burst from her shell, snubbed the girls and walked over to the boys. The Wayward Warrior rose up on his hind legs but it was too late, the green had already lashed out and left the boy behind in her wake.

In all the commotion, as Siremath finally made her choice and sashayed off the Sands, it came to him. He had gotten a better look at the group of boys while the green circled about, and now he knew not only which of the Candidates was best for him, but how he could be of help to the one he had marked as his. With a few quick steps he stopped and looked up at the tall boy, his intention clear to those who were watching.

Personal Impression Message: This is not how you expected your first Hatching to go, to be rejected and nursing a broken right arm. You bite back against the pain, it really hurts but you stubbornly remain on the Sands, the doubts starting to creep in. Are you really only here to be the plaything for these new dragons?

And then a feeling of utter contentment, like nothing you've ever experienced before, washes over you. The pain is an inconsequential thing compared to this wonderful feeling that has come across you.

You suddenly notice a pair of rainbow eyes staring into yours,

//I overlooked you before, and that was a costly mistake. I could have prevented you from getting hurt. I won't let something like that happen to you again, E'sai. I am Aurikoth. //

Egg Name: Archer in the Mist
Egg Description: This is a larger egg for the clutch. The black color of this egg is very flat and it doesn't reflect any light. This egg is coated in colors misty looking that seem to hide shapes behind it. Most of these shapes are indistinguishable, but on one side a figure can be seen. His arm upraised holds an arrow and in the other a bow. Distinguishing features are hidden behind the colored mists, but his posture is arrogant and strong. This egg has a hard shell, once hardening begins it feels almost as if the egg should ring if tapped.
Egg Inspiration: Orion
Egg Credit: WunderingMind

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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