Green Avodeuth

Impressee: Olexa

Name: Avodeuth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 66CDAA
Final Size: 27' length with a wingspan of 43'

Avodeuth is a dainty green, with a classical green build. Slim and sleek, she is a menace in the air against Thread. Her wings are slim but long, they look somewhat small on this medium sized green. Her headknobs are a bit longer than they need to be, arching back nearly a half a foot longer compared to most greens, though they just add to the appearance of grace and femininity on this green. A long arching neck makes them blend in easier than it would one one of her bulky clutch siblings.

Avodeuth is a typical green when it will come to flights. She will draw male dragons in for the flight weeks ahead of time, and have plenty of suitors to pick from. She will often wonder why humans don't do the same thing, since it seems like the best and strongest of the males should win Olexa's heart like that bronze had won her in the air. She sees no reason why Olexa shouldn't have her pick of the human men, since her rider should rule them all, and human mating is a way to gain power. She will coin the phrase, “Humans are silly, mine.” and use it often. She views other people, other than her rider that is, as a source of amusement. Avodeuth will understand why the humans do things the way they do, but she will not see the logic in it like a human, or a more empathetic dragon would.

Inspiration: (Painting) The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Fields of Pretty Pink Jewels Egg shakes into pieces, revealing a smaller green. She poses for the crowd, warbling out to them to look at her. She was very worthy of their attention, and she would have it! Once that was accomplished, the minty-sea colored green strolled her way to the candidates, first dismissing the boys nearest her with a shake of her head, and then wandering to the girl she had wanted all along. The dark skinned Olexa cried out with surprise, "Oh! Avodeuth!"

Dragon Credit: Velcro

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Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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