Dark Klah Brown Azaranth

Impressee: R'yo (Rhiyo)

Name: Azaranth
Name Inspiration: A name of your own choosing!

Colour: Brown
Hatching - Late Spring, Turn 1, 8th Pass
Final Size: 40.3 feet/wingspan 66 feet

Azaranth is the largest of his brown siblings, and one of the largest browns clutched. Despite his size he is rather streamlined for good flight when he’s older. His tail is rather long by a good third of a foot. His wings are long and narrow, adding speed and stamina to his flying abilities. Even though he looks like an agile brown, he isn’t as agile as a green or blue. With his streamlined appearance, he has a very good muscle definition. His muscles aren’t bulging or the lack of. His muscles are in perfect proportion to his size and his body length. When he flexes his muscles for flight or other activity, his muscles will bulge but not seeming to do so to make it look unnaturally so.
His hide is a beautiful and almost even shade of dark klah. The klah that has no cream or sweetener added. If he is seen from afar, he just looks like a large dark brown. But if you are up close to look at his hide, you will see that there are small spots on his hide the shape of a fire lizard’s egg. These spots are only two shades lighter than his actually dark klah hide. His wings, though, are not covered with the spots. Rather the wings have pale brown streaks on them, counted every six human hands apart. His legs are nice and lean to go with his frame except for his hind legs. They are a bit more muscled than this his front, but again not overly so to hinder him.

Azaranth is of the frame of mind of ‘if it doesn’t work, try something different’. He will try anything, or nearly anything, once. And if it doesn’t work, he’ll badger his rider to try something else that might work. And he’ll even have a few suggestions too! He is very attentive to his rider’s feelings and is very quick to come to his rider’s aide, should the lad need it. He likes to play little jokes on his rider. He especially likes to hide things from him, like hiding tunics, or hiding riding straps, or anything within the reach of his feet or jaw.
As he grows his joke playing will recede, but not be totally gone. He will often hide things from his rider, just to keep him on his toes. This brown will be quite a charmer of the greens, and a gold or two if one strikes his fancy. He is a smooth talker and a huge flirt. He will often chase the greens more than golds, unless he feels he actually has a chance with a gold. He will sometimes soothingly remind his rider about this or that. He likes to push his rider to do better at a lot of things but to the point of being overly so. He knows his rider’s limits.
On the wing, Azaranth won't be the most agile of dragons, but he's bold and brave, often hot-headed. He'll pull off things other dragons wouldn't dare attempt, pushing himself to his limits. He'll have problems with authority in the heat of Threadfall, and will, on occasion, complain about the orders he's given, even if the dragon is a higher rank than he (Arralorth is telling me to keep to the right! Can't he see that I'm doing a better job where I am? I could be a better leader than him!). This may get him in trouble occasionally, the heat of the battle giving him a quick tongue.
Should Azaranth actually win the honor of siring a clutch of eggs, he’ll almost never let his rider forget it. He will boast about it to every dragon within ‘hearing’ range. It’s not like a brown catches a gold every time one rises, right? Despite being boastful about it, Azaranth will be just as protective about clutches that he sired. When his eggs eventually hatch, he'll be bemused by the sight of his children, but no less overjoyed with his fatherhood. He won't know quite how to interact with the youngsters though, especially when they're small.

Voice: Azaranth’s mind voice is a bit gruff. Like a person trying to talk and growl at the same time. But when he is caring and soothing to his rider, his voice is soft and there is no hint of the gruffness. Though when he speaks to other dragons, the gruffness is back. His tone is evenly monotone except for when he is speaking to his rider. He has a low volume when he speaks but the volume will rise when he gets upset or even excited.

Inspiration: X-men’s Wolverine is the inspiration for Rhiyo's dragon. Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the X-Men series, gaining even more publicity with the release of the films. A Canadian soldier, James Howlett, or Logan, possessed healing powers, heightened senses including smell and hearing, and claws of bone that could protrude from the backs of his hands. He was captured by Weapon X and his skeleton melded with adamantium, giving him his iconic silver claws. Logan would eventually join the X-Men, where he didn't always fit in, especially given his attraction to Cyclops's girlfriend, Jean Grey.

Hatching Message:
As the eggs wobbled and shook, the All The Colors of the Rainbow eggs was shaking just as furiously as the others. It was one of the first eggs to show cracks running up and down the sides. The shell spider webbed completely around the whole circumference before it exploded with a loud resounding ‘pop’. Several pieces of the shell went flying. The dragonet stood on the bottom piece of his shell, quite stunned. The brown stood for a moment, gathering himself before he made his move. He looked around at the other eggs and spotted one of his clutch mates already hatched and moving towards the waiting white robed two-legged beings. He sniffed in that direction and then moved off of his egg shell. He moved a bit slowly, wanting to take in everything.

Public Impression Message:
The brown walked among the Candidates. He sniffed a few here and there, seeming to not be able to find the one that was just right for him. He stopped a moment and sat where he stood. As the Candidates shifted to move around the brown as more dragonets moved about, the brown gave a trill of excitement at seeing his! He bounded up from his sitting position and walked up to the boy with the auburn hair. He skidded to a stop in front of the boy and nudged the lad’s legs.

Personal Impression Message:
Trying to hide, were you? comes the gruff voice in your mind. Like speaking and growling at the same time. You know it because it’s familiar to you. A part of you that never could forget your own heartbeat. The love you feel flows into your head and almost seems like you’ll choke on it, but you don’t. It flows into your mind and seems to get absorbed into every fiber of your being. Ok, hotshot, where is the food around here? I can smell it! And you look down into the most beautiful whirling eyes of the dragonet and know his name without him even having to introduce himself: Azaranth.

Dragon Credit: Wingrider

Egg Name: All The Colors Of The Rainbow Egg
Egg Description: An explosion of colour makes this egg really stand out. The shell is covered in a multitude of tiny circles in various colours: purple, red, green, yellow, and orange. The colours are bright and glossy, and some of the circles have what looks like a small white 'S' in the middle of them.
Egg Inspiration: Skittles are deliciously sugary sweets easily recognised by the 'S's on their hard shells. Filled with a soft, almost gum-like filling, their fruity flavours and bright colours make them popular. This egg uses the colours of the original Skittles.

Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Ilayth (Miori)
Sire: Bronze Vroleith (T’niel)

Clutching Order: 1/18
Hatching Order: 3/18

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