Green Azerneth

Impressee: B'nam (Blannernam)

Name: Azerneth

Colour: Green

Azerneth is a light coloured green.

Hatching/Impression Message:
One wobble, then another wobble, and the Love and Honor Egg began to rock. To the left, then the right, and back again, small cracks forming on the sides of the small egg. As the egg continues to rock, pieces of shell fall off, slowly revealing a light green hide through all the egg goo. In rather short order, an obviously green dragonet spilled onto the sands as the last of the egg holding her crumbled around her rocking. The green gathered herself, ignoring the sand and goo on her light colored hide. Once she had all four feet under her, she bounded across the sand, tackling a boy's legs. It wasn't hard enough to hurt him or knock him back in any way, but he still stepped back. "Azerneth! Be careful!" The sandy haired Blannernam, now B'nam, chided the green.

Egg Name: Love and Honor Egg
Egg Description: The fragile Love and Honor Egg seems to be the smallest egg in the clutch, although there certainly could be smaller. It is a very delicate egg, almost perfectly round and colored prettily. The pale brown-yellow shell is dappled with a pale pink color, with elegant lines of black weaving their way from one cluster of pink to another. The egg has a feeling of being very hopeful when initially approached, but those who leave too soon, or linger too long, will find themselves being met with heart-shattering disappointment. It is almost physically painful to abandon the egg.
Egg Inspiration: Madama Butterfly
Egg Credit: Zoie

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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