Impressed to green Okorrath

Name: B'ram (Bramnon)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7T199
Birth Place: Unknown
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Apprentice Farmer

Mini-Biography:It has often been bemoaned that Bramnon is the ugly brother. He is not exactly an ugly man, but his features are somewhat plain and coarse, especially when compared directly to Mallen. While he’s less likely to be the object of idle fantasy, but he’s far more likely to be invited to a party. Thanks to his open and goofy personality, Bramnon makes friends easily, and likes to turn any situation into a good time. It is not uncommon for people to assume he’s a little bit dim, as he frequently has trouble expressing himself verbally (leading to what have been dubbed “Bramnonisms” such as ‘dirt triangle mover’ instead of ‘shovel) and prefers to take his time thinking about things before coming up with an answer. After losing their parents to a fever in the summer of I8 T10, Bramnon and his older brother traveled to the Weyr in search of family. While they were unable to find the uncle that had been searched Turns before they were born, the Weyr was happy to provide the brothers with a home. Bramnon feels indebted to his brother for all of the hard work Mallen did when they were younger, and is also able to recognize that for all of his stuffiness, Mallen really just wants to be loved. Bramnon has been standing for clutches since Femaith’s T14 clutch.

Mini-Biography Credit: noto

M'al of bronze Broughamberth

Availability: Not available - adopted by Ivy. PC Profile Here

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