Impressed to blue Taeloth

Name: B'rd (Betird)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: P8 T1
Birth Place: Mathon Hold
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Apprentice Farmcrafter

Betird is not the most handsome of guys, and actually rather looks like a bird; with a long, slender and pointed nose and pinched face. He's scrawny and thin, and usually, a bit hunched over to hide his height of 6'1. He's a stickler for the rules and is the first to run to tattle on someone. Like his father, he became an Apprentice Farmcrafter at Mathon, but when the dragons came he decided to try his luck. He had older brothers who could handle all that farm work. He was going to be a Dragonrider!

Mini-Biography Credit: Kati

None listed.

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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