Gold Bacapth x Bronze Hiroth (I7T191)

[Flight] - off-camera
[Clutching] - off-camera
[Hatching] - Late Summer T191, 7th Interval

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Hiroth (K'tev)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 4
Blue: 8
Green: 11

Adopted/Named Pairs:
Bronze Cioruath to S'tyn (Iestyn) (vandelay)

Brown Haluth to A'sel (Asenriol) (Inactive)
Brown Hazaroth to M'kay (Mackay) (Inactive)
Brown Yfbanth to Z'fren (Zagfren) (Inactive)

Blue Muerrelth to H'mis (Hamis)
Blue Zhaimorexth to Vr'verrin (Vreiverrin) (Inactive)

Green Lolith to Inahru

one unnamed brown - deceased
four unnamed blues
two unnamed blues
four unnamed male greens
one unnamed female green
four unnamed male greens - deceased
one unnamed female green - deceased

4 blue, 5 male-ridden green and 1 female-ridden green remain of this clutch.

Kalene, Naya, and Zorla appeal to Almerion for girls to Stand for the clutch. Almerion goes to Miori, who allows it. 3 females Impressed.

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