Gold Bacapth x Bronze Ghorveth (I7T193)

[Flight] - off-camera
[Clutching] - off-camera
[Hatching] - Early Summer T193, 7th Interval

Dam: Gold Bacapth (I'ket)
Sire: Bronze Ghorveth (I'ket)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 3
Blue: 7
Green: 11

Adopted/Named Pairs:
Bronze Dynyth to K'rel (Kandirel) (Inactive)

Brown Narrath to F'marran (Fallomarran)

Blue Flarroth to Harla (Harlynia) (wunderingmind)
Blue Math to R'stay (Rastay) (Inactive)
Blue Broreth to T'lile (Terrilile) - Killed during Threadfall (P8T5)
Blue Mloth to Tr'lon (Trenlon)

Green Laeorth to Eamly
Green Sallanatorth to Jyrina
Green Norlayth to Klacine
Green Pardith to Sertania - Killed in Threadfall (P8T8)

one unnamed brown
one unnamed brown - deceased
two unnamed blues
one unnamed blue - deceased
three unnamed male greens
six unnamed male greens - deceased

5 female riders (1 blue, 4 green)
1 brown, 2 blue, 3 male-ridden green remain of this clutch.
Harla becomes the first female bluerider to Impress at Solaria Weyr

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