Gold Bacapth x Bronze Cioruath T2

Flight - 2nd May 2009/Mid autumn, T2, 8th Pass
Clutching - 11th June 2009/Mid winter T2, 8th Pass
Hatching - 27th June 2009/Late winter T2, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)
Bronze: 4
Brown: 5
Blue: 7
Green: 10

PC Candidates: Ciraymaz, Jezera, Kisenia, Khourey, Konane, Lucenkaz, Lyis, Nadie, Nisari, Ravmir, Shori, Tylawn, Valenta

PC Dragons:
Antique Coin Bronze Sardonth to T'awn (Tylawn)
Light Sandy Brown Mzeranth to L'kaz (Lucenkaz)
Starswept Romantic Blue Valedith to C'ymaz (Ciraymaz)
Delicate Lace Green Aluranth to R'av (Ravmir)
Astounding Aquamarine Dajath to Jezera
Gailes Marsh Green Dellayth to Shori
Lady in the Garden Green Liath to Kisenia

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Aesath to Sh'grin (Shalagrin) - [adopted by Siarna]
Bronze Arweth to T'mo (Tarmo) — Killed in Threadfall (P8 T5)
Bronze Marith to Th'ants (Thalants)

Brown Biroth to T'yir (Thyrien)
Brown Okjeth to Gr'sha (Grishal) - Deceased
Brown Tonveketh to M'ren (Marren)
Brown Wofeth to H'min (Hamin)

Blue Ceigath to J'ro (Jehro)
Blue Croth to R'chmond (Ridachmond)
Blue Hebinth to Tr'sal (Tresallan) — [adopted by Adina]
Blue Kanoth to B'lants (Balants) — [adopted by Rhee]
Blue Konneveth to M'zoh (Miizoh)
Blue Nsareth to S'man (Semandy)

Green Jsanith to D'lin (Dralin)
Green Nemyath to Ki'an (Killian)
Green Oth to J'li (Jarinali) — Killed in Threadfall (P8T15)
Green Quejeth to S'nil (Sebranil)
Green Vieth to Z'lan (Tazellan)
Green Zaeth to A'en (Riaden)

Egg theme: Books and Poetry
Dragon theme: Writers and Poets

Many thanks to: Dragonfire, Kat, Lark, and Stolenhart, the wonderful SearchCo!

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