Sci-fi is Sexy Green Barcieth

Impressee: T'en (Tenor)

Name: Barcieth
Pronounciation: Bar-seeth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 45c433
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 28' length of 44' wingspan


Dainty and perky are two very apt words for Barcieth. She's enthusiastic and charming, but tries to be fairly lady-like with her interests. It doesn't always work, she has a penchant for exploring that can get her into trouble. She always seems to be happy, and seems to have one of the shortest memories of any green in the Weyr. Seems to be are the key words there, she does have her not-quite-happy moments, but prefers to keep away from others when those happen; and she does remember some things that deeply affect her, but her memory is otherwise woefully short term.
Her build is delicate-looking, but average in size. Her proportions are feminine, with a small waist, long legs and small feet. She's covered by a hide of uniform grassy green, with her feet, head and wings of a shade lighter color. Her eyes are a good focal point, lined with a darker green, feline-like in shape, and usually a happy blue color.
Barcieth is not one for settling down, she wants to try everyone in flights at least once, but she'll eventually settle on a grouping of her favorite males to choose from in several turns. The group will have at least one male of every color, she likes to have lots of males to choose from.

Inspiration: Barbarella
Dragon Credit: Velcro

Hatching Message:
The Childhood Treat Egg was less enthusiastic about this whole idea of hatching. Who in their right mind would leave the egg? So it waited, and waited, content for some time. Then, it realized that it was time to move, and four limbs punctured the dark shell at the same moment, egg shards crumbled down around those limbs to reveal a green with a medium green hide. The Sci-fi is Sexy Green struggled to get up for a moment, sprawled out as she was. It wasn't long before the dainty girl sashayed her way through the candidates, her eyes for only one of them.

The green seemed to know exactly where she was going, no hesitation, not even a stumble after that first awkward moment. When she reached the young man, she nuzzled his arm lovingly, and he looked so startled. "Me-me? Are you sure Barceith?… Well, I suppose there is no arguing with a dragon, right?" T'en, formerly Tenor, took the green off the sands, staring in wonder at her, like he couldn't believe it.

Egg Name: The Childhood Treat Egg
Egg Description: While certainly not the smallest in the clutch, this egg won’t draw any looks because of its size. Its color stands out, however; it has none of the bright, flashing colors of its clutchmates, instead a near-uniform brown color, so dark that from afar it blends right in with the black sands that cradle it. The dense, chocolaty color is broken by only one marking – a single white line of curlicue loops that arches up over the blunted top of the egg and down onto the other side. Those who come upon it will feel they’ve found a rare treat, the egg emanating a sense of childish wonder and joy.
Egg Inspiration: Hostess Cupcakes
Egg Credit: Corgi

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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