The Answer Inside Me Bronze Bazzath

Impressee: W'ken (Winken)

Name: Bazzath
Pronounciation: Bazz-ath
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: a68d21
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 41.4' long, 67' wingspan


Mini Bio:
There is no denying this dragon knows his place in the world, and while he may not be the flashiest or most handsome bronze that has ever graced Pern there is something about his confident manner that will turn heads. He walks about with a self assurance that others may only dream of, even from his Hatching it's as if he knows he is destined for great things. His colour is mostly uniform, a warm bronze splashed across his hide except for a curious marking around his neck which is closer to a gold colour, giving the impression Bazzath may be wearing a medal.

Curious best sums up Bazzath, for he constantly has his nose stuck into everything as he ponders how things work. In particular his interests lie with the Healers and he'll often be found lurking outside the infirmary trying to overhear the conversations and giving his opinion where he feels it is required. A trip to the Healercraft Hall would be the equivalent of someone else's day on the beach and he has no qualms questioning Healers on their practices.

While his questions and suggestions might irritate certain members of the craft, Bazzath is also not above using himself to test his theories. He will attempt various dangerous experiments to prove the naysayers wrong and he is only egged on further by others disagreeing with his hypothesis. His rider will have a hard time convincing him to not pursue and test every hypothesis that comes into his head.

For all that he may be a bit arrogant when he does indeed prove those who disagree with him wrong, this does not extend to women. He is a loving mate and more likely to settle with one dragon than fly after every gold or green that takes to the skies. His partner will need to share his love of the academic and be his equal. If he is to have children he will be a loving if somewhat distant father, so caught up in his own research and interests.

Inspiration: Barry Marshall, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine for the discovery of Helicobacter pylori as a cause for stomach ulcers.
Dragon Credit: Pavlova

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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