Stand My Ground Green Belhatalth

Impressee: M'nac (Meyrenac)

Name: Belhatalth
Pronounciation: Bell –Hah-tall-th
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 1bbc74
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: <23.5>' length of <36.5>' wingspan


Mini bio:
This stout green looks quite solid and bound to hold her ground against any threat. The fact she’s more than willing to hunker down and last an entire Threadfall shows this girl is no shrinking flower. Her wings are short but broad, idea for short bursts of speed over long endurance flying. Her base color is a dark green-blue but what truly made her stand out against all her green sisters is the bright orange lines running all over her body. In fact the lines make it hard to tell if she’s really an orange dragon with dark green-blue stripes or a dark green-blue dragon with orange stripes. Near the base of her tail, on both sides, is a large dark blue green spot. Belhatalth is a bit fastidious and likes to be cleaned regularly and certainly will fuss about any dry patches on her hide and will demand to be regularly oiled. Protective of her own personal territory especially around the time she Rises to mate and a few days to a Sevenday afterwards, she won’t let any other dragon near her ledge. She’s not all that fond of other females and at best will see them as just acquaintances and wingmates, but not truly her friends. The few who truly manage to befriend her will still be little more than a step above the rest, definitely not the sort of green to be BFF with.
When it comes to mating flights, Belhatalth will be a frequent flier, almost always rising a few days before at least one full moon or when a new moon is in the sky. She will be a steady climber, preferring to climb steeply upwards over slow inclines. Thus her flights will often be short but quite high. Her preferred mate will be a dragon who pays her attention between flights, and she will quickly settle to just one or two males who are loyal to her almost exclusively.

Inspiration: Orange-Lined Triggerfish
Dragon Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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