Gusts of the North Wind Green Belleluth

Impressee: Lanissa [Kitya]

Name: Belleluth
Pronounciation: BELL-ah-LOOTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 3CB371
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 25' wingspan of 43.5'


The Gusts of the North Wind Green is a rolly polly green when newly hatched. Her head sits on a short neck rising above a rotund body. This green has pronounced eye ridges and a short snout. Her tail is short and stubby with the forked end being almost non existent. Most upon first seeing The Gusts of the North Wind Green won't be able to help the 'awwwww' that escapes their lips from seeing such a cute baby dragon!

As she ages, this icy green dragon will lose her baby rolls but will continue to have a shorter neck and tail with a cone shaped body in between. Her tail fork will lengthen into two wide fluke-like spades. The Gusts of the North Wind Green's hide is a spectacular icy pale green that to many will look white. In the sunlight this green will glisten and shine like ice on a fine sunny afternoon. Her hide has thin wavy stripes along her headknobs, legs and wings in a dark sea green shade.

The Gusts of the North Wind Green's eyes are smaller than average in size but widely spaced apart. Her wings are shorter than average giving her a chubby look even when she gains adult size. As a hatchling her wings will be stubby and cause some concern about whether or not she'll be able to fly. This green has stout, strong legs placed squarely underneath her allowing her to have firm footing on the ground.

As an adult, The Gusts of the North Wind Green's wings will remain short in length but gain breadth trailing back beyond her hips when out spread. This green will need plenty of space to take flight but once airborne will glide and fly with ease. The Gusts of the North Wind Green will be agile and swift in the air, however will burn out quickly unable to fight a full 'Fall.

Main color: #C1FFC1 (pale mint green) Striations: #3CB371 (seagreen)

As a hatchling, Belleluth will be a ravenous eater. She'll devour food often and in larger amounts than one would assume for such a small dragon. Lanissa will need to be very vigilant to keep Belleluth from over eating or choking. She will be full of energy, bubbly and extremely out going which will follow her to adulthood. Belleluth will enjoy games, talking with friends and clutchmates or dragons just met. She will also find that she enjoys 'singing', filling quiet moments with clicks, whistles and warbles. Belleluth's playful personality will get her into tons of mischief as a weyrling and her rider will need to learn quickly how to manage and direct Belleluth's attentions to better activities (or will Lanissa egg her on and join in?)

As a young adult, near the end of weyrling training, Belleluth will begin to rein in her playful tendencies, understanding that there's a time and a place for play and when to work. Once she's able to hunt in the wild, this green will discover a taste for fish and other sea creatures. She'll want to eat them any chance she can but will understand the need to eat larger animals as fishing would take up too much time. Belleluth will adore and follow Lanissa to the end of Pern and beyond. Lanissa will be her first and most trusted role model. She will have a difficult time finding any fault with her rider. Belleluth will want to encourage Lanissa to do more, go farther and be the best that they can be! Belleluth is a team player and will be her happiest when she's in the company of others. Belleluth will discover a fear of fire once flame training begins. The intense heat and feeling of not being in full control will cause her some distress at first. Lanissa will need to be very supportive and help the green through this time in Belleluth's training to help the green to over come her fear.

Belleluth will find fighting Thread a joyous, although highly dangerous, game. She'll want to perfect special maneuvers and practice formations and tactics for all types of fighting conditions. For a dragon of her body type, Belleluth is quite dexterous in the air. Although her stamina is typical for a green, her agility and mobility will make up for that fault. Belleluth will be level headed and sometimes even overly cautious while fighting Thread. Lanissa will need to be a steady presence for the green, helping to bolster her confidence while also making sure Belleluth doesn't over exert herself.

Mating Flights are a time for fun and expression for Belleluth. In the sevenday before she rises, the green will gleem, her hide giving a very clear sign of her impending Flight. Belleluth will become even more friendly and out going (if it could be possible) and extremely flirtatious. She'll tend towards dragons of riders Lanissa finds attractive or is close friends with. Given her love of life and fun, Belleluth will tend to choose based on each Flight and won't particularly settle on only one male. If Lanissa ever becomes weyrmated, Belleluth may choose that dragon, if male, above others. Belleluth will always rise on fair weather days, if not always sunny at least with no bad weather in sight. Males who can sing or have some other special talent ( fine agility, can recite poems etc.) will interest her more than those only wanting to muscle in on her.

Inspiration: Beluga Whale
Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Voice: Belleluth's voice is a rich contralto. Throaty and loving, Belleluth's voice will bring up memories of a favorite Auntie or Grandmother for Lanissa. Her tone will always be uplifting, friendly and playful. Belleluth will have a 'laugh' that's very bubbly. It isn't to say that the green can't be serious, but that even when being serious she tries to keep a positive attitude which will be reflected in her voice. Belleluth's mental images will come across framed in a shimmer or misty haze depending on her mood. As if being sent through a spring rain or a morning fog.

Hatching Message: The Pink Pineapple Egg wobbles slowly back and forth pausing every few moments. With a final wiggle the egg topples over and cracks, causing the shell to collapse inward some. The body beneath shoves and pushes valiantly and with a firm thrust breaks free of the shell for good. Blinking, the pale green hatchling sits up, breathing heavily after so much work. Her chubby body and legs still pulled up in an ovoid shape. Then with a loud whistle the green stands, body rocking in place before standing steadily. Unfolding her short wings for balance The Gusts of the North Wind Green steps forth to begin the search for her lifemate.

Public Impression Message: The Gusts of the North Wind Green stops suddenly as if an idea just sprung to mind. She took no notice of any Candidates who might be trying to gain her attention. Instead, the pale green hatchling turned around and nosed through her shell, scattering bits of pink and orange aside. Her small wings popped up abruptly and she chortled. When she spun back around she held a bright pink section of shell in her maw.

Oh! Someone was standing there expectantly. Did she wanna play a game? With a warble, The Gusts of the North Wind Green bounded away, far across the Sands singing and chortling all the while.

The Gusts of the North Wind Green was having so much fun running and bouncing among the Candidates. First she nuzzled Dunan. But he didn't want to play. Then she swooped around and waggled the shell piece at Samoyen. He giggled buuut, no he wasn't what she sought. So she padded back along the groups peering here and there. Wait, hadn't some one been chasing her? The Gusts of the North Wind Green looked around, egg shell still held tightly but that girl, she'd lost her. Maybe she'd been wrong.

Turning she clicked her tongue then perked up. Oh now here were some promising Candidates. She sniffed at Faethra but no, no not right. Now the game wasn't fun anymore The Gusts of the North Wind Green dropped her shell and creeled! She then caught sight a flash of dark brown hair. Yes! There, there she was! Why hadn't she seen her sooner? So many robed people in her way. The Gusts of the North Wind Green bounded the last few feet to head bump the brown haired girl, chortling with glee.

Personal Impression Message:
Glittering eyes look into yours bursting into rainbows. A feeling of complete love and support mixed with mischief envelops Lanissa as she looks into the green's eyes. Never again will she be alone. The icy green dragon begins to hum as she nuzzles Lanissa's belly. Lanissa! Finally I found you. Can I eat now? I'm STARVING! As if she hadn't fully realized it till now, the green suddenly felt hungry, very, very hungry. I'm your Belleluth, let's go eat! What will I eat? And my siblings will be there, right? I can't wait to chat with Rolopeth. Let's go!

Egg Name: Pink Pineapple Egg
Egg Description: This egg is average sized, but slightly more elongated than average. Although its shape is somewhat unusual, it is this egg’s bright coloration that makes it stand out on Solaria’s dark sands. When it is freshly laid, it is a sunny yellow color and patterned with a dark brown rather like some sort of exotic tropical fruit. The surface of this shell appears to be sharp and jagged, but as is often the case - this is just a visual illusion. As the shell hardens, a blush will begin to appear over its surface. This pigmentation will be initially faint, but will gradually and slowly increase in intensity. By the time that the eggs begin to crack open, this formerly yellow egg will be positively pink! One cannot help but wonder if the pigmentation of the shell is the only thing that is changing as this egg incubates. Initially this will be one of the more sedate eggs in the clutch, wobbling only occasionally and without much vigor - however as hatching draws closer it will gradually become more and move lively. In the hours before the hatching, this egg is liable to in danger of toppling itself right out whichever wallow Ceocayath placed it into.
Egg Inspiration: Acetobacter aceti
Egg Credit: noto

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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