Green Beuth

Impressee: Y'go (Yargo)

Name: Beuth
Pronunciation: BEUTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 03C03C
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 49'

Beuth will turn heads right from the moment she steps onto the sands. Her hide catches the light like a precious stone giving her emerald hide an almost shimmering quality. She has no flaws that mar the rich quality of her hide. Beuth is not too thin or too bulky for a green having the perfect proportions for speed and stamina. She might not be able to outlast her larger siblings but she can hold her own for a while. Her frame looks rather womanly as her chest and hinder-quarters are all broader than her waist which tapers inwards. Beuth’s head looks delicate with her big eyes, rounded cheeks, and slender, narrow muzzle. 

Beuth carries herself like she is the belle at the ball. Her every step will be graceful, sweeping even as a hatchling. It will be hard to ignore her but her beauty is not accompanied with the expected vanity. She accepts compliments with a lot of humility and she’s always striving to improve herself. She works hard always being the first to rise and the last to go to bed. If Beuth notices a problem she won’t wait to be told to go fix it she will have already started before anyone has even thought to ask. She won’t complain about the extra work either! Beuth is a kind dragon always looking for reasons to compliment others but she will never give false compliments and assurances. She always tells the truth of what she sees regardless of whether the subject is sensitive or not. She will tell someone in no uncertain terms that they are ugly or rude but she will also be quick to point out their other good qualities. Beuth often sees the virtue in those who seem beastly to others. She likes to believe in the best of others which has unfortunately made her quite naïve. She will readily forgive others if they seem sincere in their apology and she always perceives others as being sincere. Beuth will be easy to trick by those who find it assuming to play pranks on others. 

Inspiration: Beauty and the Beast

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Shimmering Spring Egg gave an almost imperceptible shiver before falling still once more. It remained still for several minutes before starting to shiver with more fervor. It paused again but this time the shell cracked in one smooth motion. The egg hatched so quietly that some people might not even have noticed. The dragon that emerged though was lovely enough to capture people’s attention. The light seemed to catch on her green hide giving her the appearance of shimmering. She looked around as if trying to get a better understanding of her surroundings before approaching the candidates. She wandered amongst the candidates, careful not to hurt them or give them any false ideas, until she came upon Yargo where her eyes whirled into rainbows. “What?” He responded out-loud to the mental touch of the green. His face falls as the Impression sinks in looking back to the Sands where he had been sure his bronze would hatch from. “I am not pouting, Beuth!” The green thrummed in response giving him a gentle push in the right direction as she led the way off the Sands. Y’go looked slightly put-out as he trailed along behind her. The green, at least, appeared content with her lot. 

Dragon Credit: Neena

Egg Name: Shimmering Spring Egg
Egg Description: The surface of this egg is covered with millions and millions of tiny pockmocks. It gives it a very smooth feel even with all the tiny pockets on the surface. It is more than its texture that makes this unique. This pale green egg is covered with yellowish markings that are splattered across the shell. It is very gently rounded on both ends and looks just egg-shaped enough to give it the height necessary to be considered of an average size for an egg. It is an egg that reminds one of an early spring tree bud and it contains much the same hope for new life.
Egg Inspiration: Shimmering Green
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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