Blue Blauferdeth

Impressee: R'dell (Ruddell)

Name: Blauferdeth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 223377
Final Size:

Blauferdeth is an average-sized blue with a build that is awfully similar to that of a runnerbeast, full of smooth curves and straight lines. He is full-bodied but muscular, with a robust rump that emphasizes strong hindlegs, and a thicker but sturdy neck with a long face, but a slightly thinner tail than typical. He is a deep shade of true blue, lightening on his belly and darkening along his back and legs, but most noticeable are his black ridges and a white stripe that runs down the center of his face.

Blauferdeth is a peaceful dragon that believes in harmony, and he always avoids arguments and conflicts, preferring to use calm and sensible words in any situation. He is extremely expressive and deeply empathetic, and can often read into the moods of any creature around him, and his kind and compassionate nature makes him a good listener and a great friend. Always calm and composed, he has an uncanny ability to respond and react in just the right way so as to diffuse any tension. But his actions often reflect his beliefs, and he won’t do something that he believes would upset the balance of nature.

Inspiration: (Painting) The Large Blue Horses by Franz Marc

Hatching/Impression Message:
There was a sense of pure innocence to the Five Fingers Egg, and it seemed almost shocking to see a small crack appear on its shell. But that was all there was, a single crack, and then the egg fell apart almost softly, gently. In the middle of the two pieces was a beautiful blue dragon, and he looked around in wonderment as he took in his surroundings. Then he stood, one smooth motion only compromised by his weak legs that held him up unsteadily. Finally he glanced toward the candidates, and he slowly began to walk towards them, uncertain at first but eventually gaining confidence. Almost there, and he tripped. Ruddell ran forward, and reached out to assist the blue dragon back to his feet. "Blauferdeth, are you alright?" An encouraging croon from the blue reassures R'dell, and the pair made their way slowly off the sands.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Five Fingers Egg
Egg Description: As far as eggs go, this one is on the smaller side, quite possibly the smallest of the clutch. One side of the egg is a crisp, off-white colour, making the egg appear dull and uninteresting at first glance. However, flip over the egg and you'll find a shell covered in stripes of blue and zigzags of green. Polka dots of yellow appear sporadically over the top, though it looks like some began to blend in with the other colours, creating smudges of brown here and there. At the very bottom of the egg is a bright red marking that looks unmistakably like a hand print. The egg itself has a somewhat grainy feel to it, and there looks to be an occasional raised wrinkle, as if the shell was pushed and pulled in strange ways before it hardened.
Egg Inspiration: Finger Painting
Egg Credit: Zenri

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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