On A Mission From God Blue Bluersth

Impressee: I'san (Issan)

Name: Bluersth
Pronounciation: buh-loo-err-ss-th
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2e356c
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 36' length with wingspan of 62'


This big blue is one smooth criminal, or rather he's a cool cat, or maybe he's just like one of the bros. Whichever way you might want to put it, On a Mission From God Blue is suave. He looks like he is dressed to impress in his darker blue hide and suit-like markings, but nothing makes him look like the man of the hour quite like those dark markings around his eyes. They look an awful lot like a pair of sunglasses and there's not much cooler than that out there, is there? Being big as he is, a little chubby but otherwise fighting fit, On a Mission From God Blue can get attention from others easily enough.

If his physique doesn't grab your attention, however, he's got a winning personality. Or so it may seem. On a Mission From God Blue always has someone who seems to be out to get him. A Herder perhaps because he flew accidentally a little too close to the herd and spread the animals out over a wide area. A green because he had been flirting with her only to ignore her in favor of another green, getting her angry with him and jealous of the other green. The Weyrlingmaster for flying too high and too fast when and where he shouldn't be. The more conservative Weyrfolk because he was interrupting their lecture to some young girls about how they didn't belong in the Weyr or riding green and blue dragons. Indeed, On a Mission From God Blue always gets himself into some kind of trouble with someone and by some good grace always manages to escape it.

On a Mission From God Blue is a remarkably lucky dragon. He's got a bit of musical flair, too. He likes to hang out among the Harpers when they come outside or listen in during Gathers and big parties. The cool blue might even try to sing along and he really isn't half bad, so long as no one minds a dragon's voice resonating in their minds. On a Mission From God Blue likes more jazzy and brassy tunes, with a mix of low key and up and bouncy like Rhythm and Blues. If he could, he'd try playing an instrument of some kind, but alas being a dragon rather gets in the way. That's all right, though, he'll settle for adding his baritone voice to the songs he decides to join in on.

Although he might get himself on the wrong end of the bull most days, On a Mission From God Blue is really a happy fellow. A little happy-go-lucky, but always serious about his job. He's on a mission, a very special mission, to help save all the youngsters and his home from the threat of Thread. You can bet that this cool guy will be flying in style and flaming away in a variety of fashions from wide sprays to delicate spits, turning that silvery menace to black char. No matter how close he might come to danger, he always manages to get out of the way just in the nick of time. Ever so lucky as he is.

He's a smooth talker to the ladies and this is no truer than when he is giving chase in a flight. He won't win his flights by stylized flying, but by crooning in song to his special green. If the green won't choose him, it only means that he has to spruce up his tunes some and try again with the next rising dragon. On a Mission From God Blue may even give chase to the golds, finding them very attractive albeit completely out of his league. There's just something ever so tempting about those glistening hides that he just has to chase in hopes of getting a taste.

Inspiration: Cult Classic Movie The Blues Brothers
Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Hatching Message:
With so many of it's brethren having hatched out successfully, and maybe only a hiccup or two coming along the way, The Cheerful Exuberance Egg finally joined in on the Hatching dance. It was all shimmies and shakes from that moment on with a crack here and a little break there and a piece of shell shooting way off yonder. It was a lively hatching experience for The Cheerful Exuberance Egg, it moved about quite actively even all the way up to its final moments as an egg. Practically exploding, On a Mission From God Blue struck a pose in the ground zero of the destruction.

He gave his egg goo covered wings a snap, shedding the sticky substance from him, and folded them back with an additional shrug. On a Mission From God Blue lifted his head up and looked around him. Not much of an audience was there? And where were the rest of them? Oh, well that bronze was still here, but he wasn't going to make much noise with the way he was lounging. Best get started finding his crew otherwise there was no way this mission of his was ever going to get anywhere off the ground with just him and lazy bones over there!

On a Mission From God Blue made his way cheerily over to the Candidates, his chubby physique not even a concern. He knew that he looked good! He gave pause to give the girls a saucy wink, but that was all the mind that he paid them. On a Mission From God Blue strode over to Nimridian and checked the lad out, nosing at him and sliding down between his legs and making the poor Candidate fall back when he passed through. The young dragon snorted and snickered as he looked back at Nimridian sitting with his butt in the sand and white robes all bunched up over his knees.

"Hey! Bluersth, it's not that funny!" Issan chided. He came over to help Nimridian up and give him an apologetic look. I'san parted ways with his former peers to join the lucky few who had Impressed, giving his parting words to the other boy, "Sorry 'bout that." Just out of earshot I'san can barely be heard telling On a Mission From God Blue Bluersth, "Okay, it was kind of funny, but it wasn't nice."

Egg Name: The Cheerful Exuberance Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a little larger than average with a shell that feels incredibly smooth to the touch. Up close the odd splotches of colour swirl across the surface in a far more orderly pattern than might be expected from afar. When touched the egg gives off a feeling rather like a toddler gorged on bubbly pies. Right now it’s resting quietly but at any moment it might begin bouncing off the walls and asking incessant questions. Some find this egg gives them a faintly aching skull but others can’t help but smile.
Egg Inspiration: Mini Pavlova
Egg Credit: Michelle

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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