Brown Bobuleth

Impressee: Qa'ro (Qarvkro)

Name: The Builder Brown Bobeluth
Pronounciation: Bo-beh-luth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 8F4700
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 39' length of 67' wingspan

Description: Bobeluth is an impressive specimen. While he is not the largest brown around, his body bulges with muscles. When he hatches he will be plump, carrying his larger than normal weight on stout legs. As he grows, the baby fat will be replaced by solid muscle, leaving no doubt that Bobeluth will be an asset in Threadfall. He doesn’t have much speed, but a great deal of stamina and power in his flying. His hide is a smooth and unblemished brown, and he is very concerned about oiling it and keeping it clean to better display his muscles.

Personality: Bobeluth spends most of his time working on improving his strength. He is obsessed with building his muscles, even though they are larger than any other dragon in the Weyr. As a weyrling he will spend much of his free time working out in order to get rid of his baby fat as quickly as possible. He will also encourage his classmates to improve their muscle mass, and start sessions in which he teaches them exercises that he has thought up. Should no one come to these classes, he will only shrug and continue to work out with only Qa'ro. Of course, Qa'ro must improve his body, for he simply does not have the proper structure.
As Bobeluth gets older, he will begin to show off his body, especially around the ladies. He will constantly be bringing up his fabulous looks in conversation, and mentioning ways that others can achieve the same results. Bobeluth is extremely competitive, but since he knows that he will always be stronger than anyone else, he is willing to share some of the secrets of his success.
During Threadfall Bobeluth will relish the opportunity to display his superior strength, and continue flying steadily long after the smaller dragons are exhausted. He is quite happy to stay where assigned though, and does not covet a leadership role, for it seems like too much work. Besides, he doesn’t have time for that with all the work he needs to put in to stay fit.
Bobeluth will chase almost every dragon who rises, posturing for the green and showing off his muscles during the flight. If she doesn’t choose him he will mope for days, and spend even more time working on his muscles. He is certain that the only reason anyone could pass him up is because he has been lazy and slacked off in his workouts.

Inspiration: Body Building
Dragon Credit: Adina

Hatching/Impression Message: A Haunting We Will Egg rocked once, shuddered, and then exploded, sending shell fragments flying everywhere. In its place, a stout brown hatchling stood with his chest thrust out. It would have been a more impressive pose if he had any muscles to speak of, or his wings weren't hanging limply at his sides. Still, the brown dragon didn't let that deter him, proudly puffing up as he posed amid the wreckage of his egg. After a few minutes of this he shook his wings and strutted towards where most of the boys were standing. He glanced at a few of them as he traveled down the line, eventually stopping in front of Qarvkro and posing once more. "Oh Bobeluth!" Qa'ro exclaimed. "You've actually chosen me?" After a pause he added, "I think we should get you something to eat first, before we start working out to get stronger."

Egg Name: A Haunting We Will Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a multitude of bright white and dark corners. There are some odd shapes lurking in the dark corners, and you can't quite make them out all the way but what you can see makes you step back in alarm. The bright white spots just serve to make it all that much harder to see what lurks in the dark, and the egg often will seem to emit a very strange brum-brum-brum noise that catches one of guard and makes you want to skitter back in alarm. Did anyone else hear that?
Egg Inspiration: Haunted Mazes (with chainsaws)
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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