Gold Boo x wild bronze

Flight - 15th May 2010/Late Autumn, T4, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Eggs handed out

Dam: Gold Boo (S'tyn)
Sire: Wild bronze
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 1

PC Fire-lizards:
The Perfect Ending Gold Primrose to Revenna (Rhee)
Appearance: Whatever shortcomings her owner might have in the way of grace or refinement, this firelizard will more than make up for it, not just with her gilded appearance, but with the dainty sort of design her body follows. She is a gold the color of early mornings, the light that leaks in between shutters and shades and flickers against walls with incandescent warmth. This girl absolutely glows, and the shine of her hide only magnifies with the swell of flightlust. Her aureate hide is not markless however, she has her own set of what could appear to be stains; traces of rose gold varying in tone and intensity practically spills down her back in what could be called careful dribbles. Against the flakey, crackled, gold leafing of skin this leaves an appearance akin to red wine splatter dried onto antique parchment.
Beauty however can be unsettling, and that will be a fact that is quickly discovered with this little lady. Lissome defined, the gold is contoured with calligraphic lines and with this sort of flowing outline comes an exceptional flexibility; when she flips or turns mid air one could believe her to be a contortionist bending into shapes seemingly painful to the eye. The length of her tail does little to dispel this notion, as the long serpentine appendage can coil and twist like a slip of ribbon trailing out from behind her. She is still, nonetheless, a sight to see, her face cut nobly, sharply even, with her headknobs sitting heavy but regally on top of that s-shaped profile like a draconic crown. Forelegs are often crossed properly in front of her as she is not above showing off her ebon talons or the fact that she just might be the exact opposite of her squatly built mother.

Quirks: Nymph-like, or perhaps even more like a ghost, it is impossible to keep tabs on this elusive creature. Without bounds, this gold is best described as free; a princess who has abandoned her destiny and denied the role of queen. Never will she be one to cling or even stick around longer than need be before she is gone again leaving only a haunting trill or flash of shine in her wake. In fact, the average acquaintance may be hard pressed to believe in her existence, and dismiss the firelizard as but figments of the imagination. Yet for all of her sprightliness she has retained a bit of her royal ways; the ability to hold herself with trained stoicism and quiet, not to mention an acute knowledge of etiquette though her frequent disappearing acts are an obvious exception to this rule.
Innocence becomes her, or at least the illusion of such. She slumbers as if she has never known what fear is and can be found easily spread out anywhere she can find, across table tops, bedspreads, or even the floor. In her waking life she ever does enjoy the art of flirting and being courted by bronzes, browns, and even the blues, though in true form she never shows favor to any particular one. Her love is fleeting and rarely returned through much more than kittenish displays and acts like the briefest touch here or a little peeping chirp there. No doubt in this way she will - intentionally or not - be the source of many a drama and broken heart. True affection however, is reserved as a gentle warmth at the back of her bonded's mind, for despite her distant ways she will not be forgotten so long as she can maintain at least that much.

Size: 19 inches long with a wingspan of 30 inches

Prepare Yourself! Bronze Shibou to Tamlin (Rainewolf)
Appearance: Is…is that a? The simple answer: no. But don't feel bad, his looks are deceiving, for all extensive purposes he seems to glitter and shine much like a freshly mined nugget of the gold. Fool's gold that is, for in slight shadows and points it is readily apparent that he has a mossy tone that belongs to none other than a bronze. Most of his hide is covered in a honey wheat color, like fields of grain under a setting sun, lending him something of a rustic, earthy air. In mimicry of the wheat heads and hemp crochet work from which he seemingly stole his color, the most attractive fishbone pattern is woven oh so subtly into his hide; barely coming to the surface and ranging from the underside of his chin - where it bunches and darkens enough to resemble a draconic beard - and continues along the soft belly like a little surprise for those who look past the lighter, shinier, tones of his shoulders and back.
And he is, without a doubt, huge. If his color wasn't enough to fool you, his size would have been, and while maybe not the same in height and length as the bigger golds, he, without a doubt makes up for it with mass…or bulk rather. He has not a bit of fat, but instead is a strapping sort of 'lizard with a broad chest and bunches of muscle just underneath his hide. Even his paws look like enough to tote around an extra bit of weight. The bronze knows that he is a strong one, and demands the proper respect of his admirers with a head raised high and proudly. Wings are more often than not pinned close to this body, but flared out when excited to reveal that they are appropriately massive in keeping with proper proportions; after all, he needs every bit of that extra drag to keep himself afloat.

Quirks: This is a tale of one firelizard with seemingly contradictory personality traits. On one hand he could be considered stately. He has no lack of confidence and like so many of his clutchmates, carries a certain sense of faux wisdom even in his young age. He isn't reserved and not particularly grouchy, but is sort of grizzled in his ways and will - for the most part - sit on his bonded's shoulder or the nearest perch with a majestic sort of quiet and calm; ever observant like the undying guardian he is. Only occasionally will he be caught snorting at the goings ons of the fellow flits and the odd two-legger that passes by. It's not that he thinks himself better than anyone - that is a level of pretentious that he simply doesn't possess - he just has an eye for the mundane and an odd appreciation for littlest things. Most of which even His won't understand.
It is not often for a firelizard, especially one of those so called arrogant metallics, to gather so many friends, but he will never be short of those who he can gather around and call comrades, partly in thanks to his ever protective mannerisms. His friends are his own, and he'd fight for them leg and limb. Cue the dark side of his personality: he is not above causing a riot in defense of His, and let there be no doubt about it, the bronze is loud, brash, and fearless in the face of danger. With wings fully unfurled and jaws pried open to reveal pearly white teeth and a greenish forked tongue, he will scream and yell with the best of them and is more than willing to cause some damage to that boy who did you wrong or the girl with the knack for eye rolling. Even that stuffed animal with the sketchy looking face…this guy has his eyes on it. For all of his serenity, it appears to be a facade, because this bronze can be quite the brawler.

Size: 18 inches long with a wingspan of 33 inches

Relationship of Command Bronze Wraith to Porictir (Mayhem)
Appearance: There is bronze, and then there is tarnished bronze, and this firelizard definitely is covered in the latter. Like a funerary monument left to too many seasons of rain and wind he is dark and blackish if anything, remarkably dull, and complete with streaks of a mossier nature spilling over his body; starting from the top and dribbling down from his spine in a spotty uneven nature, most notably gracing his maw. This muddy, deep, bronze shines very subtly and usually only with the aid of a good oiling or the brightest of light and he'd be confused for mere brown if it wasn't for those rare glimpses of copper that highlight his hide. He is best in his element though: the dark. Its in shadows he blends beautifully, his two jeweled eyes often serving as the only marker of his presence.
Good it is that he could be stealthy if he wanted to, because this flitter is not the largest bronze to ever grace Pern. He very barely even makes it to "medium", and only by way of his peculiar build. He is without a doubt, a rare sight among bronzes, for he lacks in breadth and instead is of slight and lanky build leaving him looking something like a dark, menacing, wraith amongst his kind. However, even then with all of his stringy appearance muscles are not lost on him, sinuous lines can be traced along his hind legs and right down his shoulders and back and lending some extra strength to another of his peculiar traits:his whip like tail that is dexterous enough to give his bonded a good smack. Intimidating yes? He proves that size alone will not elicit respect.

Quirks: Intense. Weird. A fascinating personality indeed, and just when you think you've got him pegged, your world is turned on it's head again. He is, without a doubt, predictably unpredictable and completely impossible to reason with. It seems sometimes that he only acts so odd simply for the sake of it, but other times it is very clearly just to get a rise out of you. He does have some kind logic even if it is hidden under all of his antics like those loud bombastic morning time wake up calls and late night dance routines that can go on and on for what seems like hours. Dance routines you ask? Why yes! This bronze is jam packed with energy and thinks nothing of swirling around your abode, hoping around on your bed, and chattering (in some of the highest pitches you can imagine) along the whole time…usually at the most inconvenient times for you (like you know, when you want to sleep).
On the flip side he can be incredibly solemn and thoughtful and like some kind of medicine man will fall out of his manic spasms or empty trances (which erm, congrats, is another odd habit of his) to settle on your shoulder and put on his best serious face. What exactly prompts these moments of serenity are not known and very well could be contributed to something in the water. Just about the only thing you can count on in regards to this flitter is his complete disregard of any training or authority. This will make it a point to undermine any expert who comes forward in the attempts to help tame his behavior as well as turn his nose up in the face of a gold's requests. It's almost a wonder how he bonded at all as opposed to choosing the freedom of the wild, but regardless, he found you and he knows a good thing when he sees it.

Size: 16 and 1/2 inches long with a wingspan of 29 inches

Gotta Stay Positive Brown Goggle to Verfon (Maiden)
Appearance: The most noticeable feature of this firelizard is - humorously enough - the markings that grace his face. Ringing his eyes in a shade of brown nearing black and considerably darker than the rest of his body is a curious mask; glasses they almost appear to be, like the perhaps the goggles the Threadfighters wear. The majority of this fellow however, is covered in a very attractive medium shade of Van dyke Brown that appears to be worn and weathered in all of the expected places like around the joints and the little creases in his hide. An almost olive, almost golden cast is captured in his wings, as light teems through the thinner membrane and highlights the ichor filled veins. Vintage he appears in coloration, like captured forever in the antique and aged hides of the archives.
He however, is not the most classically built brown ever. There is something decidedly off about him; all at once short and long and skinny and fat and it starts in his face. Long his snout is, but leaving him with something of a goofy overbite and the illusion of a big schnoz. The rest of him is not making up for it either, for this brown has something of a paunch which he takes care to hide with a careful curl of his long thin tail. His appendages you see did not get the memo to stop growing, and forelegs, hindlegs, tail, and wings alike are all quite long, unfortunately leaving him tripping over himself more often than not. Luckily the brown was hatched with the knowledge of how to make himself appear adorably pathetic, and more often than not he will off set his chubby visage with the sweetest canting of his head because firelizards, like canine puppies, are all cute in their own way.

Quirks: If ever a firelizard could be described as being nerdy, as being a so called dorky little goober, well then this guy would certainly fit the bill. He is first and foremost something of a spazz, and paired with the fact that he is probably the least coordinated creature ever leaves him looking like he is constantly and forever flailing. The poor brown probably could never even achieve something of grace while in flight, but like all resourceful geeks, he makes up for his deplorable athleticism with a good and warm personality that simply exudes love. He gives it almost non-discriminately to all, but most definitely abundantly to his bonded. A little worrisome only because one might start to wonder if he doesn't love everyone else more than he loves himself. A little coy he can be, any compliment thrown his way is shaken off or shielded from his face with a wing. Sometimes he will even chatter back to the source of the kind words.
As is fitting with his looks, his voice is most definitely nasally and prone to pitch shifts and cracks. He never sings or croons so much as he will yabber. Everyone has their faults and his is talking. Believing with his every fiber that he should have been a dragon and not a flit, he responds less commonly to his bonded with images than with vocalizations that strive to mimic human speech. As chatty as he may be, he believes that his every "word" is a priceless piece of advice and that his tangents and his beer goggled visions - clarity is not exactly his strong suit unfortunately - are meant to be helpful and sometimes they are. You'll find yourself smiling around this character more often than not. Wise he is you see, and even fresh out of the egg he seems to have a plethora of experiences and stories beyond his turns. Eavesdropping on other people's lives are probably the culprit, but you needn't know this, just continue to think him as eternally knowledgeable.

Size: 14 inches long, wingspan of 28 inches

This Is Paramount Blue Cove to A'nar (Rhee)
Appearance: Perhaps this is just apropos, but in perfect synch with his personality, this little guy is a bold, bright, true blue. Ultramarine is the best description, and it covers the whole of his body from snout to tail, but lets not confuse the subject… the monochrome scheme does not make him any less interesting to look at. His blues while only one hue has many a value, ranging from the lightest washes on the membranes of his wings to the long dark streak following along his back ridges - speaking of which, these seem to be of interest too, but we'll get back to that later - the mid-ranges swirl along his forearms and legs with the same sort of intricate patterns that his clutchmates share. The random lines swirl and intertwine in a latticework that fades away as it inches up, up, up towards his torso.
This blue seems short, not small, short. Everything seems a little too compact, save for his ridges which stick up proudly and like some kind of avant garde coif - mohawk anyone? - its a wonder that seems to attract quite a bit of attention and the rest of him is so very understated in comparison. His wings are cutely small, his tail is just long enough to balance him out, and his limbs keep him low to the ground but he is just bound with little muscles…nothing gangly about this guy at all. Now only if he would leave his human-perch, then he could really show the world what little guys could do.

Quirks: For ever and always will he be the steadfast sidekick. This is the firelizard whose image resides next to the definition of loyalty, and sits always on your shoulder. Prone to hero worship, this blue had deigned you supreme the second he hatched and will mindlessly follow your every word as scripture. One would think that this would result in easy training, well brace yourself. This little guy will over-enthusiastically carry out any command to the obvious but often ridiculous conclusion, much too often progressing even further along all the logical (and illogical) steps to impress you. With his total and complete lack of subtlety and disregard for nuance, he will assume that your words - secrets included - are worthy of public forum and often this will mean parroting your voice with emphatic squawks and shrills.
Since he will stick with you through hell and high water, he'll also follow you everywhere you don't want him to go: into the baths, to wingdrills, to that important meeting with the firelizard hating Weyrleader, and yes even on a romantic night with that special someone. To try and send him away will only grant you a scolding barrage from him. It almost seems, that he forgets that he is a firelizard. He doesn't chase the rising greens and rather wouldn't play with anybody but you. Sometimes he even forgets that he can hunt is own food and even go between and relies on you to feed him. Certainly obnoxious at times, yes, but also utterly sweet and well meaning.

Size: 11 inches long, wingspan of 16 inches

Seventy Times Seven Blue Nip to Dekaran (Hikari)
Appearance: Such an odd color…certainly not a shade of blue that could be interpreted as "happy". A somber, dreary, wash of Prussian blue covers the majority of this firelizard's body; uneven in it's exact shade, it shifts between darker and lighter rather gracefully in cloudy sweeps down his neck and across his trunk. Darker it grows - and cooler in temperature too - as it nears his appendages. Feet and tail alike are covered in a color that is very near black, though glances of light reveal it's true color, a carbon blue like the dust of charcoal drawings. This shade peaks up in what could only be described as scratches. The little guy looks scarred by these ruler straight lines that subtly cut up and criss cross lightly against his body.
He isn't small and he isn't large, this firelizard fits somewhere perfectly in between as a prime example of what every blue should look like. Proportionate is a very good term for him as his legs, tail, neck and everything even down to the length of his teeth are in scale with each other. In fact, the only thing even a little bit off about him is his wings, and it is not an issue of size. Dangerously thin does his wing membranes look, like fragile blue tissue paper spread across though boney spars giving him the appearance that he is flying on but a hope and a prayer. No worries though, this blue has enough oomph in his muscles to keep him afloat for however long he very well pleases.

Quirks: He wants revenge. Suffering from what seems to be a permanent case of teenage angst, this little blue feels slighted, wronged by the world and he will just not let go. To say this makes him uncomfortable to be around is an understatement. Even his bonded will have a hard time deciphering exactly what it is that is on the blue's mind. Only one thing is for sure, it probably has nothing to do with food, oilings, or scratches behind the eyes. Wishing death? Plotting someone's demise? That is more in line with the morose images that the blue will frequently conjure up and sometimes even share with you and only you. Now whether he is serious or simply fabrications to create a cringe or frown upon your face is up for debate. Such innocent creatures couldn't truly have such a bad bone now could they?
Maybe. He seemingly hates just about everyone and thing and especially abhors women. Firelizards, dragons, and people alike. They are only there to betray you and use you and he will make this message very clear when he squawks, chitters, and swipes at any that comes too near. However, this personal vendetta against your girlfriends, female buddies, dragon, or other firelizards has no part in his decision to chase. For whatever reason, he tries and tries again to woo green and gold firelizards alike, though in the end when faced with his failures he immediately reverts to his good old self. He didn't need her anyway! Look at that…he just sent you quite the quaint little image of the green in question getting horribly fat on treats. See…she was gross. No need.

Size: 12 inches long with a wingspan of 20 inches

At The Bottom of Everything Green Jinx to Betron (Shouriko)
Appearance: While exceedingly feminine in every single way, the one thing this delicate little flower is not is stunningly colored, for if anything her hide is akin to more of a wet leaf than bright grass or emerald jewels. She doesn't glitter no, but hardly any of her kind do - save the sparkling for the gold counterparts thank you - instead a good oiling will leave her hide with a subtle sheen like puddles of water pooling up in creases and crevasses of dying foliage. Predominantly she is a shade of terre verte, with subtle undertones of a dirty yellow-brown caught where the hide seems to be stretched too thin over her bony frame, but like the greenery of nature, she has her fair share of irregularities in her coloring. What looks like venation seems to crawl across the hide, particularly on the belly while something that resembles randomly sized speckles is dashed here and there but most notably on the face…her beauty marks of course, even if they only serve to make her appear a bit odder.
She is stunningly thin - not unlike a few of her clutch siblings - skinny enough that her eyes seem to bug out, big and bright, and stare you down with a sort of pained expression regardless of the colors swirling amongst those facets. Similarly, joints stick out knobby and prominently despite attempts to stuff the girl with food. Her backridges are cocked at sharpened angles and line up right down her back and down to her long tail that she curls ever so coyly against herself in a remarkably feline manner and as for her wings? Well they are like wetted narrow blades - remarkably aerodynamic. She doesn't just fly, rather she cuts through the air; the lithe little green was made for lift. However as to how often one might see her zipping around merrily is another story altogether.

Quirks: Emotion oozes from every fiber of her being and unfortunately for her bonded this means that more often than not you may suffer from incomprehensible feelings of grief and over arching malaise on even the sunniest of spring days. Prepare for knots in your stomach then, because misery loves company, and together you shall suffer through the every dilemma that the green encounters, its just too bad this is one firelizard that can make a mountain out of a molehill. Everything is horrible and she is not afraid to warble about her upset in wrecked tones that if anything resemble Terran goats. When you won't listen, she will be sure to move on and bother the next closest person or even the person next to them as if to say, "Hello! Attention! Can't you feel my pain!?"
She is, for some, a little bit much to swallow. After all, she can have an ego to rival the metallics, and despite having all the intelligence of a domesticated cat she can come off as pompous, elitist, but above all dramatic; daring to rise at the same time as a gold, snubbing just about anything generally popular amongst firelizards (like scratches above the eye and spiderclaw snacks) or shunning commands in favor of curling up under the covers of your bed (quilts are so soft and warm after all and are the perfect comfort in this unfair, cruel world). Despite everything however, she does attempt to be cute with her bonded from time to time, doing anything from trilling for attention or rubbing against your cheek, because she recognizes the fact that needs you, and would be a complete disaster out on her own.

Size: 9 inches long with a wingspan of 17 inches


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