Gold Boo x Wild bronze P8T17

Flight - Off camera
Clutching - Off camera
Hatching - Early Autumn, T17, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Boo (St'yn)
Sire: Wild bronze
Totals: 8
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

Colour: Bronze
Adult Size: 17.5" wingspan of 30"

Physical Description:
This guy has a mane, and he isn’t afraid to show it off. Not only are his back ridges knobby and pronounced, falling clear down from the crown of his head to the end of his tail, but is that a bit of glimmer mixed in with the dark burnished stroke of color that streaks down with it? Ah, yes. He is a bronze firelizard through and through, glistening and shining as if he is constantly wet. Sure he may look a bit scruffy with that marled dark pattern growing on his chest and sparsely around his chin… and yes it seems like he is perpetually dirty, with all those dark oily smudges on his “arms” and legs, but nothing will take away from this guy’s sparkle. The base of his hide is a bright coppery tone, with the most prominent deviation being the before mentioned mahogany tones that starts with a widow’s peak above his eyes and ends in a point between his shoulder blades.

This firelizard has every right to be proud. In addition to his attractive coloring, he is quite the specimen in terms of his build. He’ll never the largest or most muscular, but he does have that toned appearance without looking garish or ridiculous. His chest is broad and strong, and his hind legs have all the power to propel him into the air with a single, easy, bounce. The bronze’s wings may be a bit wide to account for the extra weight - he is a dense little thing, and his owner will be surprised at his heft when she tries to carry or lug him around - but it is nothing that detracts from his appearance. Not that he would be a bit concerned even if it did. The firelizard keeps his eyes a gentle blue-green except in the most dire circumstances, and he is often seen with his head up, just basking in the warmth of the sun and the feeling of a gentle breeze rushing across his hide.

His owner will never find any greater hero than him, because from the moment he hatched and caught eyes, he determined that it was his job to defend and care for his human counterpart, treating her with a strangely fatherly manner. Feeling hungry? Here is a dead tunnelsnake. Feeling scared? He’ll flash some deadly sharp teeth on your behalf. It is really so simple to him - but then, his bonded will quickly discover that he is a pretty simple firelizard overall. Not stupid, maybe a bit foolhardy and eager to throw himself into danger, but not lacking in intelligence. He’d just a bit rustic with a deeply ingrained sense of right and wrong, resulting in something of a black and white world view and a strict adherence to his personal moral code.

Those that fall on the “right” side… well, they have his undying loyalty. One of his many personal rules is that no man is left behind, and his firelizard and human friends will find themselves with him in their corner until the very bitter end. If that means hurdling himself through a tight window, careening towards the ground at top speeds or engaged in a seemingly hopeless fight, then so be it. His life is but a small price to pay, and in this way he is rather zen like in his approach to life. While he may seem willing to put his well being on the line, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also stop to smell the roses. He enjoys the devotion and love he receives from his bonded, and flies with appreciation for the wind under his wingsails. The bronze will never want for much from life other than the knowledge he is with his one and only someone.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s Cameron Poe from Con Air

Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14" wingspan of 23.5"

Physical Description:
He may be a bit mundane in the body - he is exceedingly average in size for his color and well proportioned at that, his tail not being even a centimeter too long or claws too blunted. Everything is in it’s place and where it belongs, making for a typically sturdy and even looking brown firelizard built with a perfect balance of stamina and agility. However, there is a distinct handsomeness to this firelizard’s face. Perhaps it is just the result of perfect symmetry and poise, or maybe it is the strong eye ridges that give him his distinctively determined air, but nobody can deny that all things considered, he is one of the best looking firelizards in his clutch.

Not that he is without appealing markings as well. His coloring can be summed up as “parchment,” but he isn’t just a blank slate. On top of the tan hide is a certain patina to him, subtle little splotches can be found here or there that resemble water damage or a klah stain; all uneven along the edges. The brown seemed to have been written on as well, with the darkest of his patterns scrawled along his belly like long cursive writing, but the dark terra lines never come together into truly decipherable words - a true mystery! Warming up his appearance is a wheaten gold quality to his wing membranes, glowing especially when he opens up for flight under Rukbat’s rays or even a candle’s soft light.

Helpful, inquisitive - a true scholar. His “pet” will be proud to have him at first, finding him impressible and easy to train. As a hatchling the brown will look to his new partner as the end all be all, and will hang on every word, looking up at him with swirling blues and greens as wide and guileless as a child listening to creche stories. In some ways, this innocence will never really stop, and the light colored brown will look at every day as some new adventure, one he will take on with no lack of gusto, zipping from one place to another with the most speed that he can muster. If something is worth doing, then it must be done well after all, especially if it is a task for his favorite human.

But therein lies the catch. For all of his virtues, he is also prone to wild ‘conspiracy theories’. This brown can often be seen ferreting around into anything and everything - especially if prompted by one of his owner’s suggestions. Problem is, once you get him to start, it is hard for him to stop, that very same curiosity and thirst for knowledge which makes him a model student, also drives him to dig deeper and deeper and sometimes too deep (be prepared to save him from under piles of junk which is too thick to between out of). At the suggestion from a dragon or another firelizard he could very well be convinced that some poor soul may have an all important artifact: maybe a snack or a secret letter which needs to be delivered to the proper authorities! And that authority of course, is none other than his bonded. Hopefully he is ready for a line coming up to his weyr, because this little guy is going to be marching in weyrfolk for questioning!

Inspiration: Nic Cage's Ben Franklin Gates from National Treasure

Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 13.3" wingspan of 24"

Physical Description:
As if an injured, hobbled, left forepaw wasn’t enough. This brown is not a pretty thing to look at. His whole body seems to move as if he is afflicted with a limp, and he takes extra care to curl his body in a hunched matter as if to hide the healing limb. Even when it is good and new, it will stick out and be favored, notably being a darker shade than the rest of body. If that wasn’t off kilter enough, take a look at his face which seems to be just a tad off, one eyelid perpetually hanging lower than the other and a maw that looks crooked - is it even possible for a firelizard to have a hare lip?

He isn’t a total lost cause though. Despite what one may think at first glance he is mostly alright in terms of build, and has the strength and endurance one would expect of a brown his size. In addition, there is something unique in his coloring, an almost dusted appearance across his sandy hide. Tones of buff all around lend a certain moon-like glow to him, as if night had glossed across the desert floor. All except that odd man out of a foot of course, which is a sepia color that cuts off clear above the “wrist”. The only other markings to speak of are two strokes of bistre that arch perfectly along his eye ridges like brows… big crooked brows that when angered seem to nearly touch there above his large nose.

He isn’t the most… positive firelizard there is. In fact, he will give his owner a good run for his money when it comes to demonstrably stormy outbursts and fatalistic attitudes. As a result of his early hardships in life, he seems to just think everyone is out to get him, and that everything is someone else’s fault. It is for this reason that he needs his bonded, more than for meals and oiling, he’ll need a good steady presence that will shake him out of his morose self loathing. After all, he is unlikely to get it from any of his clutchmates, who he seems to shun out of principle. He wasn’t there for him when he was hatched, then why should he ever expect to come through for him in the future?

Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly the brightest firelizard when it comes to smarts either. He sort of plods around through life, constantly frustrated by the lack of communication skill to convey his true feelings. The only time he is remotely capable is to his bonded, whom he loves wildly, and is the only one he can trust. Their relationship is something special you see, like snowflakes or stars, and though it can never really be explained, the brown will be unfailingly loyal to his dear owner. Despite all the trouble and grief he may give - such as threats to just disappear into between forever - he will always look at his Impresee with the same adoration as the day when he hatched.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s Ronny Cammareri from Moonstruck.

Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 18"

Physical Description:
Well, he isn’t the most attractive thing ever. Certainly pretty if you have an eye for the bright and colorful. He is covered in a base coat of turquoise, with darker, flower like splotches all over the core of his body, including one square over his right eye which gives him a distinctly lopsided sort of look. Another finger length of dusty blue shades his muzzle right under his nose like a mustache. A closer inspection of his hide reveals a little more variety; flecks of a greenish tone lacing through the hibiscus markings. He could be described as looking like a drunk tourist, with his tropical air and dazed appearance - and it doesn’t help that he holds himself in a perpetual slouch, one wing seeming to hang lower than the other at all times.

His flight pattern is just as lazy, typically ambling about until forced into action. Should he be chased, his owner shouldn’t be surprised to see him shoot by with exaggerated motions; wingbeats over extended and maw wide open in a near pant. It is deceivingly efficient though, ultimately lacking nothing in speed, but devoid in endurance. A drawn out flight is likely to cause him to flop to the ground in exhaustion. The blue would probably stick out more, except he isn’t very big, decidedly on the smaller side of average. Only the stick thin nature of his build lends him a little bit of length, making him appear to be a gangly pile of barely nourished bones. All of the eating in the world does little to change this - any meal he eats sits heavy in his belly before absorbing into his body as if it was never really there.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to help out, or that he is a bad firelizard. He absolutely will do what you tell him to do, it’s just that his method is not always the most morally correct. You see this blue is not exactly a model citizen - he’s really something of a screw up! Everytime he tries to get up to fly straight, he just goes astray, seduced by one temptation or another. Sometimes it is only a matter of rationalizing his wants as needs - it’s not just that he wants that meatroll on the Lord Holder’s plate… he needs it, it’s not that he wants to lie to his bonded when he assures him that he is gonna sit right there and watch his things, it’s that he has to for his own good! Unfortunately, this also means that everyone else around him is constantly pulled into his hijinks - it is easy to be sympathetic to him, and his owner and other firelizards… maybe even some dragons will want to lend a hand, only to find themselves in some less than savory or criminal scheme.

Never expect him to reform. He is the ultimate recidivist, and when you catch him very literally trying to steal from the weyr’s cookie jar for the 100th time, he will take to flight in the most haphazard manner, running away from his punishment. One thing that he will not run away from however is love. Yes, love. He is exactly the type of creature to be a hopeless romantic, and while he seems like he’d be the type of guy that would jump from one female to the next, he is most definitely not. Once he finds the girl (and this could be a firelizard, or a human, or even a dragon) that he adores, he’ll pine after them. Shards, he will be more than willing to commit more crime for them, or maybe even be tricked into a temporary sort of truce where he will forego the more major acts of thievery he enjoys… but he still has his limits. It would be wrong to ever call him courageous. In fact this blue will continue on being something of a slippery figure, trying to avoid conflict where he can and often failing comically.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s H.I. McDunnough from Raising Arizona

**I’M A VAMPIRE! BLUE* to Meraia (pavlova)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 13" wingspan of 23"

Physical Description:
Though hatched a lighter color closer to navy, slowly, but surely, his hide darkens until it is a blackish midnight shade. Aside from this striking darkness, there is little else to comment on in regards to the actual coloring of this little guy - he is almost without markings except for a dribble of near violet that hangs off of the maw, mirroring the look of a messy, bloody, eater. Still, in spite of this, he holds himself like something to be worshipped, his nose stuck eternally into the air, and eyes smugly lidded half closed, shielded from the glances of those he deems less than worthy.

Body wise, he is remarkably trim. Not famished. Not muscled. Just exceedingly streamlined, with a tendency for length. His tail and neck, and torso all seem to be touch long, but gangly would be the wrong term for it. He has effortless control over his limbs and body, and even when lurching or dragging along in those first, freshly hatched days, he manages to do it with some degree of artfulness, often moving in broad, dramatic, sweeping motions. His tail has a serpentine quality to it that serves as an extra limb at times - it should be no surprise if he is caught time to time, hanging upside down from a limb, with only that inky appendage holding him.

Smug, arrogant… prone to his own little temper tantrums. He seems to be such a poorly behaved firelizard, even from his very hatching. While he may think of himself as being effortlessly cool, evidenced in the way he tries to woo greens and even golds (he likes to shoot out of his league). Others, including his own clutchmates, will recognize him as being incredibly neurotic. When things do not go his way he sputters and lashes out, blaming his issues on everyone but him. After all, he is perfect and suave and great and a whole bunch of other adjectives that further emphasize his superiority. At his worst he can get downright sadistic in his rages, picking on the perceived source of his problems mercilessly, with little nips at fingers or hair or just downright menacing screeching.

So… he might be a little bit delusional, but it would be no surprise if he owner wrote it off as the unpredictable behavior of a blue firelizard. Quirky, might be the way his bonded will describe him as he is seen sulking and moaning over his latest disappointment and dragging his wings behind him as he crawls about, emphasizing the dire straights he believes himself to be in. Luckily, firelizard memories are short enough that after one of his scenes, he will go right back to being his nose in the air self, believing that not only he is the best, but so is the human that he had picked. One of the best triggers to snap him out of his own spiral of despair is the sight of another firelizard in flight. He will always be one of the first in the air, and will go to any length to win the flitter in question.

Needless to say, his greatest quality may be that he is endlessly entertaining.

Inspiration: Nic Cage's Peter Loew, from Vampire's Kiss (Perhaps one of the best bad movies of all time.)

BELLA BAMBINA BLUE to O'od (ldypayne)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 19"

Physical Description:
There is something exceedingly average about this blue, and yet something oh so appealing. He hits the median in terms of length, wingspan… even his arms and legs and little claws fit some sort of standard written in the records and hides. Size isn’t everything though. There is a certain nobleness in his face, a strength that can be seen in the way he holds his head high and takes whatever slings and arrows life may throw at him. His countenance isn’t stern or severe, but there is an attractive broadness to his face, a slant to his eyes, that can conjure up pensiveness on demand.

One could almost say the same about his “drab”, grey blue coloring. However a closer look reveals there is nothing boring or commonplace about his shading at all. He is patterned in such a way as to look marled, as if reaching out to touch would yield a bumpy, rough texture. While the majority of his body is a light, snowy, slate sort of tone, a more crisp and vibrant cerulean flutes up from his feet, looking a lot like ocean waves crashing up onto granite cliffs. Flecks of cobalt and navy a spattered here and there too, but so small as to require a close inspection.

Always a romantic and always a lover. This blue finds something worth singing about even on the most dreary days and the middle of Threadfall and is completely unphased by the regular obstructions he may encounter. Sure, he realizes that not everyone will appreciate the way he carouses and plays, but that doesn’t stifle him in the least bit. You could even describe him as something of a free spirit, approaching each and every day with joie de vivre, and if you don’t like that - well you can just get lost, because he is going to go on living anyway and he is not making any apologies for that.

There are two things in life that truly make him happy. The first is the thrill of love… or maybe just Flights. He will chase after only the most beautiful greens and golds, but then there is very little in life that he doesn’t find beauty in, so a compulsive suitor he will be. For those very special ladies, he will stop at nothing to charm and woo, and no matter what barbs they may throw at him he will never falter or find himself distracted. After all, he always has his back up plan: to sing. Singing is his other great passion, always trilling or humming or chirping and encouraging others to join in, especially his bonded. Anticipate many a Harper be interrupted by this blue trying to cut in and give his own rendition of a song.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

THE LOW RIDER GREEN to M'aughn (Kati)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 8.25" wingspan of 12"

Physical Description:
The smallest of her clutch… maybe even one of the smallest in the Weyr, though that can never be quantifiably proven. To say that she is aerodynamic would be an understatement - even if between was not an option she would be able to get out of (or into) any situation that one could imagine. In fact, the magnitude of the danger she is found in only seems to magnify her speed, turning her only into a blur of green as she streaks by. As such, she even looks sharp, her body streamlined and face and tail coming to distinct points. She practically flies on blades instead of wings; thin, compact wedges that enable her to turn on 1/16th mark.

In terms of her hide, she looks polished and waxed, which might be a surprise considering all the messes she seems to get herself into, and even the firelizard’s claws look well kept and shiny, like pearl accents. Her “finish” is predominantly a bright green, something edging on neon and quite the contrast to her more earthy toned sisters. The blinding chartreuse is broken up by the stark contrast of the deepest pine, piped right down her back in bold “racing stripes”. The lone markings start at the headknobs and glide along either side of her back ridges before joining again at her tail.

Upon hatching her owner will come to realize that she is rather intelligent for her kind, but also bemoan the unfortunate fact that she has chosen to use her cunning for more devious plans. Her earliest days will be devoted to wild schemes - starting small at first, a stolen meatroll here, a lifted cookie there. From there, the thefts will begin to grow, evolving to the point of recruiting other firelizards - especially her own clutchmates - but the catch is that they must be subservient to her. She calls the shots in these ploys, and should some blues and browns not want to duck their head to respect to a green, that’s perfectly fine with her… she is just as lethal when working solo and unafraid to get rather creative in her methods, attempting even to pretend to be another firelizard by rolling in some dirt and disguising herself.

Of course, in time, she will learn to mellow out, and maybe even tire of the criminal games. Eventually her bonded will even assume that she has finally retired to a comfortable place on his shoulder. In particular, it would seem that music has a way of calming the creature, as she can often be seen with her eyes closed swaying to the beat of a harper’s dance pieces, but the truth of the matter is that there will always be that one heist that alludes her, the one big prize she wants to boost and couldn’t manage. This will become her drive and her eyes will always be open and swirling in thought on how she can finally pull it off.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s Memphis Raines from Gone in 60 Seconds (2000).

NOT THE GREEN! Mala to B'ram (Ivy)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 16.5"

Physical Description:
This one is a beauty, and will no doubt capture the attention of male firelizards everywhere. A rich verdant green with all the same lights and darks of the fern swaths in the Southern jungles, there is a natural, earthy edge to the creature, as if spawned straight from the life force of the forest itself. To touch along her back invokes the sight of freshly dewed foliage, while the darker patches of pine hues gather and web between the fingers of her wings and down her belly in distinct honeycomb patterns - a little touch of something alien among what is otherwise an almost understated and organic looking hide.

She isn’t particularly small, or not even delicate. In fact there is an almost masculine edge when needs demand it, if not in her coloring or build but in her presence and manner of movement. The green is steely and stern, making concise and compact wingbeats, and this makes sense, for her wings are on the shorter side in terms of span, but broad and able to generate more than enough power to propel her along. Her tail trails along behind her a bit longer, but without flourish or any fanfare - just long enough to add a touch of fluidity to her solid, well appointed body.

While portraying herself as one of the more steady and reliable of her clutch, she shares more than a few personality traits and some negative ones at that. There is a certain paranoia about her, especially in regards to those of the same sex. While it is incredibly hypocritical, she gives a suspicious glance to other greens, the women her owner may encounter, maybe even the dragon to which he is bonded, but do not get this wrong… it has nothing to do with something as simple as jealously. Oh no, she has the constant, creeping, thought that there is simply something wrong, that these females are up to something nefarious, and she is going to get to the bottom of it all. To pair with the sidelong glances expect a fair share of questioning, the firelizard managing in the way they do to prod and pry.

It is just too bad that the questions that the green is asking are kind of dumb. At best her owner’s burnt toast will result in some cornered bakers as she demands, HOW’D IT GET BURNED!? through frantic emotions and images. At worst it may result in the green assuming that a pregnant woman is smuggling a bag of tunnelsnakes under her dress, What is that? A wherry or something? Firelizards don’t have the sort of self awareness to know that this type of behavior is rude of course, nor enough of an attention span to care even if they did, and this green is no exception. She can be distracted easily in the course of her interrogations, especially by her greatest enemy of them all - those buzzing, obnoxious, Vtols.

Inspiration: Nic Cage’s Edward Malus from The Wicker Man (2006).


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